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Making Spaces into Places

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  • ArchIdea Interview

    Jan de Vylder

    Jan De Vylder Installation
  • Jan de Vylder, from the Office Architecten Jan de Vylder Inge Vinck, is fascinated by the frictions of daily life. He aims to see and experience its complexities. "I enjoy creating little moments of confusion".
    Read the full article

  • ESD Flooring

    in Healthcare

    Sphera_SD 550034_SD 550032
  • There are a range of different environments within a hospital that require protection from electro-static discharges (ESD) for the protection of patients, staff and equipment. But do you know how static discharge can be controlled? Garry Bateman, Head of Technical Sales at Forbo explains all here.Read the full article

  • The DSDC

    and it's Product Accreditation

    Forbo Flooring Solutions Accredited by the Dementia Service Design Centre
  • As you may know from reading our past blogs, we have had a working relationship with the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) since 2016, but do you know what the DSDC actually is and what it does? Read on to learn more about the centre and its product accreditation service. Read the full article

  • Flotex & Ski

    A Flocking Good Choice

    Flotex Naturals 010074 in Ski Resort
  • With the winter ski season just around the corner and travel restrictions starting to be lifted with restrictions, Karen Wilding our Segment Marketing Manager for Leisure & Hospitality at Forbo, explains why Flotex flocked flooring is the ideal solution for creating safe, clean and healthy interiors within ski resorts, which also have the ‘wow’ factor. Read the full article

  • ArchIdea Interview

    Benedetta Tagliabue

    Spanish Pavilion Shanghai 2010
  • The copious details – playful, colourful, joyful and often so abundant that even the term detail itself becomes blurred – are what characterizes the architecture of EMBT. Given that elaborate and meticulous detailing is today anything but a matter of course, does Benedetta Tagliabue, consider her approach to detail essential to her architecture? Read the full article

  • Alzheimer's Month

    Dementia-Inclusive Interiors

    Design for Dementia Environments
  • September marks the 9th World Alzheimer’s Month, launched by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Here, Donna Hannaway, our Segment Marketing Manager for the Care Sector at Forbo, explains the importance of designing a dementia-inclusive interior. Read the full article

  • Prison Design

    The Role of Flooring

    Tessera Cloudscape 3400 Nimbus grey
  • Good, carefully considered design is vital in any environment where people work or live, particularly prisons where those in custody will usually spend 24 hours a day inside. As such, the environment will have a significant impact on their mental state and well-being. Sharron Kapellar, National Framework Manager, takes a look at the role flooring plays in prison design. Read the full article

  • ArchIdea Interview

    Tom Emerson, 6a Architects, London

    Tom Emerson 6a Architects
  • A doorknob with a thumbprint, the elegantly rounded ending of a hand railing, like other projects of the architectural office 6a Architects, based in London and led by Tom Emerson and Stephanie Macdonald, the contemporary art exhibition space Raven Row has some eye-catching details, suggestive of sentences in a poem. Read the full article

  • Care Refurbishments

    With Minimal Disruption & Stress

    Allura Ease 63412 Blond Timber
  • There is a lot to consider when it comes to care home refurbishments; particularly how do care homes safely and effectively manage their residents without causing too much disruption and distress? We caught up with Mark Jackson, Key Account Manager – Care Sector, to find out how adhesive free floor coverings can help. Read the full article

  • Education Design

    Floored It Blog Series July 2020

    Coral Brush 5705 in School Entrance
  • As schools across the country prepare to welcome pupils back for the new academic year, Lewis Cooper, Segment Marketing Manager for Education, looks at the latest design advice from the Department for Education and explains how well-chosen floor coverings can help create effective learning environments. Read the full article

  • Meet the Maker

    Roy Schepers, Product Manager LVT

  • As part of our Allura Meet The Maker blog series, we catch up with Roy Schepers, Product Manager LVT at Forbo Flooring Systems, to find out more about his involvement in the creation of the new collection, what it means to him, and the new products within the collection designed to make installation easier and quicker. Read the full article

  • Future Workspaces

    Floored It Blog Series July 2020

     Tessera Layout 2018 with 2131 and Marmoleum solid 171 with 3741
  • The speed in which the world has changed over the last few months has been staggering, and this of course has affected the office space and the way that we work. We catch up with our Segment Marketing Manager for the Office Sector, Donna Hannaway, to discuss what the Future of Workspaces might look like. Read the full article

  • Project Rejuvenate

    Fly Forbo Winner 2019/20

    Tessera Layout and Outline in Parker Hannifin Offices
  • The 2020/21 Fly Forbo competition will soon be opening for entries, so we thought we’d catch up with our 2019/20 winner James Hopkinson, Interior Designer and Partner at Blake Hopkinson Architecture, to find out more about his winning design ‘Project Rejuvenate’ for Parker Hannifin. Read the full article

  • Bring Outdoors In

    Floored It Blog Series June 2020

    Tessera Seagrass 1640, 1647, 3200, 3201, 3224 & 3227
  • As the benefits of bringing nature into the built environment becomes increasingly well documented, Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland, discusses the soaring trend of biophilic design in the workplace and how the latest innovations in flooring can help to create spaces that reconnect employees with the great outdoors. Read the full article

  • Meet the Maker

    Arjen Roelofs Director R & D

    Arjen Roelofs
  • As part of our Allura Meet The Maker blog series, we catch up with Arjen Roelofs, Director of Research and Development and Forbo employee for over 28 years, to find out more about his involvement in the creation of the new collection, what it means to him, and what working in the Forbo R&D department really involves. Read the full article

  • Faust's Passion

    May 2020

    Faust linoleum
  • A family business, Bavarian-based Faust Linoleum emphasises the creation of high-quality, sustainable and durable furniture, using Forbo's Furniture Linoleum material. We talk to Antonia Faust, Deputy General Manager, about the history of the company and how they work with this natural material, creating hand crafted items. Read the full blog article

  • Meet the Maker

    Thomas Eurlings Senior Designer

    Thomas Eurlings Senior Designer Vinyl
  • In the first of our Allura Meet The Maker blog series, we catch up with Thomas Eurlings, Senior Designer Vinyl at Forbo Flooring Systems, to find out more about his involvement in the creation of the new collection, what it means to him, and current design trends within the flooring industry.
    Read the full article

  • Design Collective

    Behind the "Living" Experience

    MIX Design Collective
  • A celebration of cutting-edge commercial interiors, for the latest MIX Design Collective event, we partnered with workspace and residential interior design consultants, Basha-Franklin, who meticulously designed the ‘Living’ experience. We chatted to Associate, Olivia Hrojevic, to find out more about the immersive space....Read the full article

  • Designing Linoleum

    May 2020

    Marmoleum Marbled 3428 fade arctic scenery
  • What makes this material special is its scope for endless new possibilities. One of the challenges is identifying these possibilities and translating them into a new visual that is in-keeping with the modern zeitgeist. But just what goes into designing linoleum? A seemingly straightforward question, one might think... Read the full article

  • From the Ground Up

    Surface Regularity

    Installing sheet linoleum
  • The appearance, performance and durability of an installed floor covering will be determined to a large extent by the quality of the prepared subfloor and the conditions in which it is laid. Garry Bateman, our Technical Manager, discusses the importance of surface regularity in ensuring a flawless finish. read the full article

  • April 2020

    World Safety & Health Day

    Safestep R11 174922 & Surestep Wood 18802
  • As April marked the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, this blog takes an opportune moment to explore the topic of safety flooring – considering one third of all major workplace injuries are from slips and falls. Here we explain how to ensure you choose a sustainable and genuine safety flooring.
    read the full article

  • World Design Day

    27th April 2020

    Forbo Mood Boards Tessera Chroma
  • To mark this year's World Design Day on 27th April, we catch up with our Senior Designer, Sarah Foster-Smith, to find out what inspired her to become a designer and what being a professional designer really entails.

    Read the full article

  • Global Recycling Day

    March 2020

    Global Recycling Day blog
  • On Global Recycling Day (18th March 2020), we look at why it is so crucial to recycle and what the flooring industry can do to help reduce unnecessary waste of natural resources. Read the full article

  • MIX Design Seminar

    Is CAT A+ The Future?

    Mix January Cat A Roundtable Group
  • As almost all elements of the commercial workplace are being questioned, and developers are awakening to the need to provide options for tenants who don't want the costs or hassle of creating their own workplace, we teamed up with MIX magazine for a round table discussion on whether Cat A+ is the future? read the full article

  • Keeping It Quiet

    PRS/BTR Sector

    Allura Decibel 8WAU01 Pale Authentic Oak 3SL01 Mortar Slabstone
  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities, whether that is at school, at work, at home or during leisure time. Getting the acoustic comfort right in PRS is therefore paramount, after all, unwanted noise pollution could lead to countless complaints, poor sleep quality and the risk of losing tenants. read the full article

  • Dementia Design

    Do's and Don'ts

  • Carefully considering the interior design of care environments is vital in order to aid residents’ independence and avoid causing distress. To aid in your decision making, this blog looks at our top 5 ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ when it comes to designing dementia-inclusive interiors…read the full article here

  • Making a Statement

    PRS/BTR Sector

    Time Inc Forbo Flotex HemingwayXForbo
  • In today’s competitive economic environment, the PRS/BTR sector is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. In this blog Julie Haake, our Key Account Manager for the PRS & BTR sector takes a look at how the recent advancements in digital printing technologies will enable designers to push the boundaries. read the full article

  • Fly Forbo

    New York with our 2018/19 Winner

    New York
  • Filled with stunning architecture and inspiring art, each year we send our Fly Forbo competition winner on a trip of a lifetime to New York. As the deadline for this year’s competition looms, we caught up with 2018/19 winner, Michelle Hardy, Senior Creative at Honest, to hear about her time in the Big Apple. Read the full article here

  • Pantone

    The Future of Colour

    Pantone Colour Direction
  • In September last year, we organised a series of Pantone Colour Workshops across the UK, with the purpose of giving an insight into the future of colour within workplace design. If you missed it, don’t worry, as in this blog we’re taking a look at the big trends for 2020, as presented by Carola Seybold, Director of Business Development at the full article here

  • 2019

    Round Up

    Marmoleum Splash
  • As 2019 draws to a close, it has been another busy and exciting year for us here at Forbo. With the launch of eight major product collections, we were also named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework, scooped another award for our Modul’up product range, while also getting out on the road to meet you all at exhibitions across the country. Read the full article here

  • Private Rental

    Sustainable Spaces in PRS

    Flax plants used in the production of Marmoleum
  • With the Private Rental Sector increasingly asking for more ‘green’ buildings, Julie Haake, our Key Account Manager for the PRS/BTR sector looks at how manufacturers are striving to do as much as possible to help designers, architects, contractors and property developers to make more responsible choices when it comes to interior building products.Read the full article here

  • Design Series

    The Dynamics of A Building

    Tessera Chroma
  • Over time, there has been a strong shift in segment design. Before, there was clear uniformity; a hospital would look like a hospital and an office would be designed to be exactly what you would expect from an office, simply a place to work. Here, our Senior Designer, Marijke Griffioen, takes a look at how the boundaries between different segments have blurred, and buildings are adopting a variety of identities. read the full article here

  • Care

    Keeping Floor Coverings Clean

    Forbo Eternal in Care Home dining room
  • Within care home environments, many areas can be prone to spillages as well as being subject to heavy footfall and wheeled traffic, Here, Mark Jackson, Key Account Manager Care Sector at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses the various flooring options available that will help ease the maintenance of care homes.
    Read the full article here

  • Private Rental

    Improving Occupant Wellbeing

    Flotex flocked flooring in bedroom
  • On average we are spending around 90% of our time indoors, with 65 per cent of this time said to be spent at home. As part of our "Floored It" blog series Julie Haake, Key Account Manager for the Private Rental/Build to Rent Sector, looks at the various environmental factors which can have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants.
    read the full article

  • Linoleum

    Rise of Off the Floor Applications

    Peaks and Plains Furniture Linoleum
  • The naturally smooth and durable nature of linoleum lends itself perfectly to finishing all kinds of surfaces, with the versatile material being used for much more than just creating beautiful floors. Our Senior Designer, Marijke, takes a look.
    read the full article

  • Gaining An Insight

    iGov FM Survey 2019

    iGov Survey 2019
  • We recently partnered with iGov to conduct a survey of central government and non-departmental public bodies, as well as NHS organisations, to see just how important hard FM (which relates to the physical fabric or structure of a building) is to these sectors.
    Read the full article here

Want to read more? Our archive of blogs contains even more design and segment orientated here to access the Making Spaces into Places blog archive