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Defeating Disruption with Forbo

Lewis Cooper, Segment Marketing Manager for Education
December 2020

Avoiding Disruption in Education Refurbishments with Forbo

The last thing that the nation’s education providers want right now is another period of disruption, especially after a year of national restrictions. However, when it comes to flooring refurbishments, adhesive free products can reduce installation time by over 50% and can save over 20% in installation costs compared to standard, glued down products, which helps to sidestep a range of potential application and curing issues. Lewis Cooper, our Education Segment Manager, explains more here.

At the same time, it’s vital that schools and colleges work to keep their spaces looking great and suitable for occupants. The only way to achieve this is through regular refurbishments. However, such projects can often lead to lengthy periods of down-time.

Fortunately, there are now a number of product options available, which have been specially designed to minimise on-site disruption during renovations. In fact, our Fast Fit Collection represents one of the leading solutions for education buildings and covers a broad range of applications.

Sarlon Modul'up in Education
Allura Ease in College study area

Our Fast Fit collection consists of an entrance flooring solution (Coral Click), an adhesive free sheet vinyl, available in a compact and an acoustic version (Modul’up), as well as a luxury vinyl tile solution (Allura Ease and Allura Puzzle) and a permanently conductive loose lay tile floor covering (Colorex Plus), which is perfect for laboratories and specialist suites.

The innovative range has been designed for installation with minimal subfloor preparation, even over an existing floor. As such, the installation process for the range is not only quicker, but easier than standard, glued down products. With no adhesives, the collection doesn't create any lingering odours or aromatics following the refurbishment, helping education providers to create more hospitable indoor environments for students, teachers and visitors. Better still, by eliminating adhesives from the process, project teams are able to complete fittings without needing to factor in application or drying times.

Once fitted, the floor is able to be walked on immediately.

Particularly well-suited for use in high-traffic areas, such as schools, which get a real beating during term time, is our Modul’up adhesive free sheet vinyl. With its innovative "lay-flat, stay flat” design, the range can be used to conduct refurbishments quickly and on demand helping to prevent disruptions and can be installed without the need to close any part of the building.

What’s more Modul'up vinyl sheet collection can deliver enhanced impact sound reduction of up to 19 decibels, essential for areas such as corridors where you need to keep noise transference to the rooms be-low to a minimum.

At the end of its long service life Modul’up, like all the products in our Fast Fit collection, can be effortlessly removed, reducing the amount of material and energy needed to recover and reuse the solution at the end of its service life.

Offering sheet and tile options, as well as entrance solutions, the Fast-Fit collection is the ideal choice for project teams looking to achieve fast, economical and long-lasting floor refurbishments in education facilities. As with any Forbo solution, the range delivers from a design perspective, of-fering an unrivalled choice of styles. The contemporary collection features a myriad of colours and designs, including ten natural wood items and three bright colour pops.

Modul'up in University Compiler Room

Forbo's Modul'up adhesive free sheet vinyl

Allura Puzzle 2020 - Installation

Forbo's Allura Puzzle adhesive free vinyl tiles

Now, with the nation’s schools and colleges looking to move on from a year of disruption, it’s possible that solutions like Fast Fit will help those looking after such facilities to strike the right balance between refurbishing buildings and avoiding disruption.