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Forbo News overview

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Forbo celebrates 100 Years of Nuway - October 2023


Forbo Flooring Systems is delighted to announce that 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of one of its most popular entrance flooring systems: Nuway, a primary barrier matting which has been manufactured here in the UK since 1924.

Forbo began producing rubber matting made from recycled material – matting that we now know as Nuway – back in 1924. Fast forward 100 years and Nuway remains the rigid entrance flooring system of choice for commercial buildings. In fact, around 18km2 of Nuway is hand-made every year and is installed within airports, train stations, shopping centres, offices and schools – to name just a few – across the world!


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Forbo's Marmoleum Achieves Climate Positive Status - August 2023


In the face of the escalating global climate crisis, specifiers, contractors and end users are increasingly looking to reduce carbon emissions and find solutions which contribute positively to sustainable design and reduced CO2 emissions. Understanding these challenges, Forbo Flooring Systems is proud to announce a ground-breaking milestone for its market leading Marmoleum range: It has successfully achieved official climate positive status from cradle to gate, without offsetting.

Climate positive

Forbo's New Allura Collection offers contractors readily available LVT stock

Forbo's New Allura Collection offers contractors readily available LVT stock

As part of its Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection refresh, Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new offering specifically designed for flooring contractors. The specially selected collection will provide contractors with a range of ‘off the shelf’ Allura options, available in a variety of installation constructions to ensure there is a solution for all applications.

Forbo understands the frustrations flooring contractors may face when looking to find the perfect flooring solution for their customers, which not only meets their design brief and is readily available, but also offers a range of installation methods to meet the conditions of the subfloor. However, with Forbo’s new Allura collection this is no longer the case.

Allura Luxury LVT

Tessera Infused : Carpet Tiles Created To Meet The Needs Of Modern Workspace Design - September 2022

Tessera Infused : Carpet Tiles Created To Meet The Needs Of Modern Workspace Design

Tessera Infused is the latest range to be added to Forbo Flooring Systems’ workspace portfolio. Combining a soft organic pattern with natural structures, the new carpet tile range has been designed to encourage a sense of well-being within any space.

Inspired by the elements and designed to work effortlessly within commercial interiors, Tessera Infused is a multi-height loop pile carpet tile, which provides a beautiful and organic mottled aesthetic. Available in 12 natural, earthy colourways from the light grey Morning Cloud to the copper-like shade Coral Dream, the colours within the collection have been designed to blend tonally with each other, as well as to closely match other Tessera ranges to create beautifully integrated flooring schemes. Not only this, but Tessera Infused can be combined with Forbo’s Allura Flex Vinyl planks and tiles using the same adhesive, without the need for transition strips, additional profiles or inconvenient build-ups of the sub-floor.

Tessera Infused

Tessera Struktur 1: Pure. Balanced. Contemporary. - June 2021

Tessera Struktur 1: Pure. Balanced. Contemporary.

Designed, manufactured and stocked in the UK, Tessera Struktur 1 is the latest addition to Forbo Flooring Systems’ well-established carpet tile portfolio. Featuring a flat weave texture, thanks to its microtuft construction, the pure aesthetic of Tessera Struktur 1 is inspired by the growing trend for Scandinavian design. The collection will help to create a balanced ambiance within many interior spaces.

Brand new to Forbo, the microtuft construction of Tessera Struktur 1 not only provides a subtle and compact aesthetic, but it is also durable. The collection is ideal for any environment that is subjected to heavy traffic, including those in the office, higher education, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

The new collection is available in 18 colourways, comprising a host of neutral tones such as greys and beiges, as well as muted shades of green, yellow, orange and red to allow the creation of softer and warmer spaces.

Tessera Struktur 3707 jarn

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Forbo Announces New Dementia-inclusive Design CPD- February 2021

Forbo Announces New Dementia-inclusive Design CPD

Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new RIBA-certified CPD, which examines the role of flooring in dementia-inclusive buildings.

The number of people diagnosed with dementia in the UK continues to rise, with the Alzheimer’s Society predicting that almost 1.6 million individuals will suffer from the illness by 2040 . What’s more, 61% of people with dementia are also living in the community and not in care homes . As we anticipate this alarming growth, it’s imperative that we learn to construct more inclusive environments for those with dementia, to help make their lives easier. Forbo’s new CPD focuses on this and covers a range of topics including, ‘why it is important to consider dementia when designing a building’, ‘how a person living with dementia perceives the world’, as well as best practice design advice.

Developed with guidance from the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Design Centre (DSDC), the CPD is perfect for anyone who specifies flooring for commercial and public buildings, or for those that have a passion for creating inclusive environments.

Dementia DSDC accredited product

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Defining Comfortable Spaces with Forbo's New Marmoleum Linear Collection - October 2021

Defining Comfortable Spaces with Forbo's New Marmoleum Linear collection

Public buildings are beginning to move away from the traditional, institutionalised look and instead are adopting more ‘human centred’ designs to support the health, well-being and comfort of end users. In response to this, Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its CO2 neutral (from cradle to gate) Marmoleum Linear collection, with a beautiful natural colour palette, ranging from light earthy tones to cool greys.

Featuring a softly striated design, evoking an expression of wood, Forbo’s new Marmoleum Linear collection will help specifiers to bring a touch of nature inside to create warm, welcoming and relaxing spaces. The linear aesthetic will not only emphasise the softness of a space, but it can also subtly connect various areas within a building and gently navigate end users intuitively from one space to another.

Thanks to its natural colour palette, the Marmoleum Linear collection now exudes a contemporary, personal feel. Comprising 16 colourways – of which 11 are completely new – the range lends itself to four colour groups: cool greys, warm greys, earthy tones and warm browns. The cool and warm greys have a clean, fresh and composed aesthetic, while the earthy tones and warm browns possess a deep and intimate characteristic.

Marmoleum Linear in public space

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Introducing Forbo's New Acoustic Collection- February 2021

Introducing Forbo's New Acoustic Collection

With various studies documenting the negative effects unwanted noise can have on peoples’ well-being , Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new Acoustic Collection. Combining its well-established Sarlon acoustic vinyl range with its award-winning Modul’up adhesive free solutions, the new collection will be the go-to reference point for any project where impact-sound needs to be minimised. What’s more, with 94 contemporary designs to choose from, the aesthetics of an interior no longer need to be compromised when it comes to acoustic performance.

Forbo’s new Acoustic Collection offers a diverse portfolio of products available in adhesive free or traditional fully adhered formats in acoustic, compact and compact acoustic versions. It consists of Forbo’s industry leading acoustic sheet vinyl Sarlon 19 dB and Sarlon 15 dB, and its innovative adhesive free vinyl solutions Modul’up 19 dB and Modul’up Compact.

The four solutions are available in all 94 designs, which have been split into the following design families: Wood, Material, Colour and Graphic, and include new digitally printed items.

Kubik Pastel 9307 Uni Dark Blue 877

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Forbo Refreshes its Tessera Create Space 1 Range - February 2021

Forbo Refreshes its Tessera Create Space 1 Range

Forbo Flooring Systems has relaunched its popular Tessera Create Space 1 collection with a newly updated palette of 18 colour options, including 11 entirely new additions. The range of commercial carpet tiles also boasts excellent environmental credentials such as a leading 75% recycled content by weight , including ECONYL® nylon, which is produced entirely from regenerated post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

The low-level loop pile of the Create Space 1 range is ideal for any commercial interior including high traffic applications. It has an impact sound reduction value of 25 decibels (dB) for minimal noise transmission, Class 33 durability and is supplied with a 10-year guarantee.

Tessera Create Space 1

Flotex Planks: Smart. Innovative. Modular. - January 2021

Flotex Planks: Smart. Innovative. Modular.

Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its Flotex Planks range with a comprehensive collection of sophisticated designs. Inspired by two distinct themes: Surfaces and Textures, the designs allow the creation of stunning flooring schemes, ranging from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, understated elegance.

The new range consists of 96 colourways across 11 designs, all of which have been split across two design families: Surfaces and Textures. Surfaces is inspired by natural materials, and includes designs such as Wood, Concrete and Seagrass, as well as Marble, Ombré and Montage, which are new for 2021. Visually familiar yet texturally different, Marble challenges perceptions and pushes boundaries; Ombré is a strongly textile, subtly textured design shading from dark to light for a calming ambience; and the textural layers create a complex pattern with an elegant and contemporary feel for Montage.

Flotex planks ombré

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It's all Under Control thanks to Forbo - September 2020

It's all Under Control thanks to Forbo

The newly created “Under Control” collection from Forbo Flooring Systems provides specifiers with a diverse array of flooring products to help control static discharge in sensitive areas of a building. The collection features its popular Colorex tile range, refreshed to include two new products, and Sphera SD/EC, a technically advanced homogeneous conductive sheet vinyl range.

Completely new to the market, Sphera SD/EC has been designed to ease installation in critical areas thanks to the special conductive backing, which is applied directly to the sheet material, allowing the charges to flow away horizontally within the flooring. As a result, only the copper earthing strip needs to be adhered with a conductive adhesive, while the rest of the Sphera material can be applied with a regular adhesive, reducing the risk of adhesion failure and saving up to one third on adhesive costs.

 Sphera SD 550034 and SD 550032 in Scanning Room

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Flotex at it's Natural Best - April 2020

Flotex At Its Natural Best

Seamlessly blending the appeal of a textile floor covering with the practical and hygienic properties of a resilient, Flotex Naturals is the new range from Forbo Flooring Systems. Consisting of 20 realistic wood designs – ten of which are completely new – the range meets the very latest design trends, with the added benefit of impressive acoustic and slip resistance properties.

Due to the continuing strong demand for wood aesthetics, Forbo has developed the new Flotex Naturals range (part of the Flotex Vision collection) as a desirable solution for where both design and performance are key. Thanks to its digital printing technology, Forbo has managed to craft an array of contemporary and highly realistic wood-effects. From traditional timber and weathered oak, to more contemporary shades such as ash grey and black, along with new plank structures, specifiers and contractors are sure to find a colourway that will complement the overall interior design of a building.

Flotex Naturals 010071 summer chevron

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Tessera Chroma: A Fusion of Colour and Texture - April 2019

A Fusion of Colour and Texture

Fusing together organic texture with chalkier colours has led to the development of Forbo Flooring Systems new contemporary, high-end carpet tile collection: Tessera Chroma. The carefully composed colourways, which offer a colour balance when combined, allow you to playfully clash shades to create more dynamic and diverse workspaces.

Chroma is the quality by which we communicate colour; it’s how we define a colour’s purity, intensity or saturation. It also provides a measure of how we can fuse relationships between colours to bring balance and harmony to a space and Forbo’s Tessera Chroma collection has been created with this in mind.

Tessera Chroma 3604, 3618, 3602, 3606, 3623, 3607

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Fast Fit: Stress Free, Hassle Free, Adhesive Free - June 2019

Fast Fit with Forbo

Forbo Flooring Systems’ has launched a new product collection, Fast Fit, which encompasses a range of its adhesive free flooring solutions, all developed to reduce downtime by up to four days, based on a 100m2 installation.

The new Fast Fit collection consists of Forbo’s genuinely loose lay solutions, including its entrance flooring system Coral Click, its luxury vinyl tile collections Allura Puzzle, Allura Click and Allura Colour Plus, as well as its vinyl sheet range Modul’up. Each range has been chosen carefully based on its application, to ensure Fast Fit offers an array of products that are fit for purpose, when it comes to refurbishing an interior.

Allura Puzzle

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Flotex Colour: Smart. Innovative. Colourful. - May 2019

Smart. Innovative. Colourful.

Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its Flotex Colour collection with the addition of a new design and format, as well as an array of new colours that are inspired by the moods and illuminating and spectral shades of cities around the world. The comprehensive flocked flooring range now offers even more flexibility to create contemporary interiors.

There is no denying that certain cities have their own mood and identity, whether it’s the bright neon hues of Tokyo or the darker, more gritty shades of New York; every city has its own unique colour palette, which may be so subtle that perception differs from person to person. From softer, tone-on-tone shades to rich and vibrant hues, the hues found in the rejuvenated Flotex Colour collection have been inspired by the wide choice of colour found in cities and urban landscapes.

Flotex Colour (2019) - 990002, 990010, 990012, 990019

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Eternal Trust in Design, Performance and Sustainability October 2019

Eternal: Trust in Design, Performance and Sustainability

Having been the ‘go-to’ general purpose sheet vinyl collection for over 17 years, Forbo Flooring Systems’ trusted Eternal collection has recently been updated to include a selection of colourways and designs that reflect the latest trends, including a popular terrazzo and marble aesthetic, as well as an improved digitally printed offer.

Split into three categories: Wood, Material and Colour, the Eternal collection has been refreshed to align its colour palette with other ranges found within Forbo’s large portfolio, allowing specifiers, contractors and end users to create contemporary, integrated flooring schemes for a wide variety of application areas.

Eternal Colour 40062 & Eternal Wood 11912

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