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Forbo News overview

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Fast Fit: Stress Free, Hassle Free, Adhesive Free - June 2019

Fast Fit with Forbo

Forbo Flooring Systems’ has launched a new product collection, Fast Fit, which encompasses a range of its adhesive free flooring solutions, all developed to reduce downtime by up to four days, based on a 100m2 installation.

The new Fast Fit collection consists of Forbo’s genuinely loose lay solutions, including its entrance flooring system Coral Click, its luxury vinyl tile collections Allura Puzzle, Allura Click and Allura Colour Plus, as well as its vinyl sheet range Modul’up. Each range has been chosen carefully based on its application, to ensure Fast Fit offers an array of products that are fit for purpose, when it comes to refurbishing an interior.

Allura Puzzle

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Allura Puzzle: A quick and easy flooring solution for large scale spaces - June 2019

Allura Puzzle

In response to a world where 24 hour environments are increasingly becoming the norm, and the demand for flooring solutions which can be installed with minimal impact on daily business is on the rise, Forbo Flooring Systems’ has launched Allura Puzzle; a new luxury vinyl tile (LVT) collection that can be quickly and easily ‘puzzled’ together, without the need for an adhesive or tackifier.

Allura Puzzle is a collection of completely loose lay tiles that can be installed by simply using a rubber mallet to ‘puzzle’ the pieces together. With no need for an adhesive and minimal subfloor preparation required, the tiles can be installed over existing floors, including ceramic ones, and walked on immediately after installation, reducing downtime and minimising impact on daily business.

Allura Puzzle

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Allura Puzzle Press Release

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Flotex Colour: Smart. Innovative. Colourful. - May 2019

Smart. Innovative. Colourful.

Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its Flotex Colour collection with the addition of a new design and format, as well as an array of new colours that are inspired by the moods and illuminating and spectral shades of cities around the world. The comprehensive flocked flooring range now offers even more flexibility to create contemporary interiors.

There is no denying that certain cities have their own mood and identity, whether it’s the bright neon hues of Tokyo or the darker, more gritty shades of New York; every city has its own unique colour palette, which may be so subtle that perception differs from person to person. From softer, tone-on-tone shades to rich and vibrant hues, the hues found in the rejuvenated Flotex Colour collection have been inspired by the wide choice of colour found in cities and urban landscapes.

Flotex Colour (2019) - 990002, 990010, 990012, 990019

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Tessera Chroma: A Fusion of Colour and Texture - April 2019

A Fusion of Colour and Texture

Fusing together organic texture with chalkier colours has led to the development of Forbo Flooring Systems new contemporary, high-end carpet tile collection: Tessera Chroma. The carefully composed colourways, which offer a colour balance when combined, allow you to playfully clash shades to create more dynamic and diverse workspaces.

Chroma is the quality by which we communicate colour; it’s how we define a colour’s purity, intensity or saturation. It also provides a measure of how we can fuse relationships between colours to bring balance and harmony to a space and Forbo’s Tessera Chroma collection has been created with this in mind.

Tessera Chroma 3604, 3618, 3602, 3606, 3623, 3607

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Forbo's Tessera Nexus: Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. - January 2019

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Drawing on the close relationship between office layout and employee interaction, Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a new carpet tile collection that reflects the trend towards connectivity: Tessera Nexus.

With growing interest in the way physical spaces influence workers’ ability to collaborate, office design is increasingly emphasising informal environments that encourage effective communication. Product development has followed suit and the new Tessera Nexus collection has been conceived as a flexible tool to help unite multi-purpose spaces into one interconnected whole.

Tessera Nexus

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Forbo's New Marmoleum Marbled collection inspired by Mother Nature's colour palette- January 2019

Marmoleum Marbled

Inspired by the breath-taking colours and textures found within natural landscapes, Forbo Flooring Systems has re-launched its Marmoleum Marbled collection. With an independent Environmental Product Declaration confirming carbon neutral status in the production phase, Marmoleum (2.5mm) helps to minimise the embodied carbon of a building – with this latest collection designed to help users feel at one with nature.

From lush countrysides filled with vivid flowers and emerald green trees, rocky grey mountain ranges breaking into the blue sky above and miles of golden coastlines, the UK is home to some of the most incredible landscapes, each one featuring a unique blend of colours and textures. As such, Forbo’s new Marmoleum Marbled range is inspired by Mother Nature’s colour palette.

Marmoleum Real 3173

Allura Fusion: Forbo's New Award- Winning Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection- December 2018

Forbo's New Award-Winning vinyl tile collection

Forbo Flooring Systems is proud to announce the launch of its award winning Allura Fusion; a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection that uses innovative colouring techniques to create a fresh unique look, with no pattern repeats.

The trend collection, which was recently decorated with the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award, features four plank and three tile designs, with every piece of the Allura Fusion range completely unique. No two planks or tiles are the same, resulting in an organic and truly individual aesthetic.

This is made possible by the innovative manufacturing technique, which combines traditional printing methods with free-flowing, coloured PVC streams to produce the 0.7mm wear layer. The result is a flowing, expressive appearance, which is further heightened by the realistic wood embossing on the plank options.

Allura Fusion W60374 - WP60374

Environmental milestone for Forbo Flooring Systems as Marmoleum is confirmed to be carbon neutral, naturally. - November 2018

Marmoleum Confirmed to be Carbon Neutral, Naturally

Forbo Flooring Systems has quantified the environmental impact of its 2.5mm Marmoleum, with an independent Environmental Product Declaration that confirms that it is manufactured as a carbon neutral floor covering.

As each season passes, we are becoming more aware of how global warming is affecting the way we live, such as the flash floods and the extreme heat waves we are experiencing. And although the UK Government has set climate change targets, in order to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, these seem no longer to be enough to meet the goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement.

Mark Bauer, Environmental Specialist at Forbo Flooring Systems commented: “We now all need to make more conscious decisions when it comes to specifying building and interiors materials; and manufacturers too must now make a commitment to do as much as possible to help their customers make responsible choices.

Marmoleum CO2

Forbo: The Healthcare flooring specialists- August 2018

Forbo: The Healthcare flooring specialists

With a strong commitment to healthy interior environments, Forbo Flooring Systems will be showcasing its portfolio of floor coverings that are ideally suited to healthcare settings at this year’s Healthcare Estates Exhibition.

Located on stand D17, Forbo’s products are designed to be good for people, buildings and the environment, with a wide range of solutions to cater for all healthcare applications. What’s more, as a recently appointed supplier on the ProCure22 framework, specifiers, contractors and estate managers across NHS England can rest assured that Forbo’s flooring solutions are both approved and affordable for the healthcare environment.

Sphera Glan Clywd

Forbo's New Tessera Cloudscape: Expressive. Calming. Reflective. August 2018.

Forbo's New Tessera Cloudscape: Expressive. Calming. Reflective.

With many businesses looking to take health and well-being to the next level, Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new carpet tile that helps contribute to the creation of a more relaxed and reflective working environment. The soft and atmospheric patterns of Tessera Cloudscape, inspired by constantly changing cloud formations, provide end users with a comfortable workspace, which encourages mindfulness and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Tessera Cloudscape’s softly textured look and feel is delivered by the clever use of a multi-height loop design that delivers calming aesthetics and provides comfort underfoot. The collection consists of 16 naturally inspired tonal colourways, which allows the creation of light, fresh and airy spaces where mindfulness, comfort and reconnection are key.

Cloudscape 3401 3402

Cloudscape Press Release

Download the press release here

View the Collection

View the collection

Modul'up: Quick and easy adhesive free flooring solutions

Modul'up: Quick and easy adhesive free flooring solutions

Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a brand new, adhesive free sheet vinyl product category into its flooring portfolio – Modul’up. Requiring no adhesive, tackifier or double-sided tape, Modul’up can not only be installed quickly, but it can also be walked on immediately after installation, reducing downtime and minimising impact on day-to-day business. It also offers excellent dimensional stability and an unrivalled choice of colour and design, making it an attractive proposition for applications where a quick turnaround is required to minimise disruption.

Thanks to its double structural stabilisation system, which incorporates two layers of fibre glass fleece within the construction (compared to only one layer in standard vinyl), Modul’up will not curl, ruck or roll once installed. What’s more, its unique single sided tape system, which ensures the product stays tightly in place, means Modul’up is quicker to install and can also be fitted while the premises are still in use, as there is little or no noise, dust or adhesive odours. This makes it the ideal solution for application areas such as those within aged care and education buildings, where disruption needs to be kept at a minimum.

DP Modul'up

Modul'up Press Release

Download the press release here

View the Collection

View the collection

Forbo Flooring Systems announces its Procure 22 approved status- May 2018

Forbo Flooring Systems announces its Procure 22 approved status

Increasing its presence further in the healthcare sector, Forbo Flooring Systems has been appointed as an approved supplier on the Department of Health’s ProCure22 Framework for NHS and social care construction schemes in England.

This means the company’s floor covering solutions, from entrance to exit, are approved for the healthcare environment. The ProCure22 (P22) process is designed to achieve improved value for money and reduce exposure to risk through a simplified procurement procedure.

Sphera Glan Clywd

Beautiful, Versatile, Durable: Novitex is making houses into homes- May 2018

Beautiful, Versatile, Durable: Novitex is making houses into homes

Forbo Flooring Systems has launched its new hybrid vinyl collection, Novitex, in order to provide an affordable felt-backed flooring solution, designed predominantly for new build or refurbishment homes. The range consists of 25 designs, with 17dB impact sound reduction and is dimensionally stable when loose laid (up to 10m2).

The new Novitex collection includes a selection of the most popular designs from Forbo’s cushioned vinyl ranges Novilon Viva, Viva Fusion and Futura, and is ideal for projects that need to be turned around quickly, as it is more tolerant of slight subfloor imperfections.


Novitex Press Release

Download the press release here

More about the collection

Read more about the collection here

Forbo's Step: Making Spaces into Safer Places- February 2018

Forbo's Step: Making Spaces into Safer Places

Forbo Flooring Systems has improved its genuine Health and Safety Executive (HSE) compliant safety collection, STEP, offering new on-trend colours and designs to give more freedom in creating beautiful interiors, without having to compromise on slip resistance. But that’s not all; clients can now have any design they wish digitally printed onto the surface of STEP safety flooring.

The new STEP collection, which consists of 11 individual ranges and covers all relevant slip ratings, offers true design freedom, while providing peace of mind to specifiers and end users that it is genuine safety flooring, having been tested to EN13845, which guarantees lifetime slip resistance performance.

Step Digital Print ice cream

View the Collection

View the Collection

Marmoleum, the most sustainable floor covering, goes modular- February 2018

Marmoleum, the most sustainable floor covering, goes modular

Forbo Flooring Systems has revitalised its modular offering of the market’s most sustainable floor covering Marmoleum, introducing new colours, structures and embossed designs to help specifiers create simple, yet contemporary flooring schemes.

Manufactured from 88% natural raw materials, 76% of which are rapidly renewable and with a 58% recycled content, Marmoleum Modular is the ideal collection for projects where sustainable design is at the top of the agenda. The natural raw materials, such as linseed oil and flaxseed, which are harvested from annual crops, has resulted in Marmoleum having a naturally low carbon footprint, as well as being phthalate free – contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

The refreshed collection is now available in three tile and plank sizes (100x25cm, 50x50cm and 50x25cm) in over 50 colourways, across the following ranges: Lines, Shade, Colour, Marble and the two new embossed ranges Textura and Slate, which bring a deeper dimension to the offering.

Marmoleum Modular Marble-Shade t3216 t3232 t3717 t3718

Marmoleum Modular Press Release

Download the Press release here

View the Collection

View the collection here

Forbo's new Eternal de Luxe Vinyl: Realistic. Design. Quality.- February 2018

Forbo's new Eternal de Luxe Vinyl: Realistic. Design. Quality.

Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a new premium version of its General Purpose Vinyl (GPV) collection Eternal, delivering excellent performance characteristics and designed to inspire. Eternal de Luxe offers the highest design quality, opulent appearance and realism – often associated with Luxury Vinyl Tiles - thanks to its new in-register embossed structure. It also has the ease, convenience and cost effectiveness of a sheet product.

Eternal de Luxe has been designed for applications such as leisure & hospitality environments, retail boutiques, luxury homes and residential care homes, presenting the highest diversity in design and embossing on the market; creating an inviting, comfortable atmosphere in any application area. It is available in 13 wood and nine stone designs, all of which can be specified in a compact format (provides less indentation and is ideal for heavy or wheeled traffic) or decibel (17dB sound impact reduction) option, in two and four metre widths.

Eternal de Luxe 3051

Eternal de Luxe Press Release

Dowload the press release here

View the Collection

View the collection

Sphera Evolution: Taking Homogeneous Vinyl into a New Dimension- October 2017

New Sphera Evolution

The third brand new homogeneous vinyl range to be launched by Forbo Flooring Systems, Sphera Evolution offers a unique and vibrant high-end design with alluring and complex visual effects, providing specifiers with the chance to create differentiated and eye-catching flooring designs.

Evolution’s striking visual aesthetics are a result of the intricate mix of spheres, granules and colour pigments included within the manufacturing process. The luxury palette is a compendium of 24 colours, all of which contain a mixture of innovative gold, silver, glitter or transparent chips to add depth, expression and draw curiosity.

The range is split into three visual themes which have been created to work alongside each other as well as in their own right: Plain, which is a collection of striking, solid colours with silver or gold highlights; Shaded, which consists of a darker colour palette with contrasting metallic glitter effects, and Pearl, a range of lighter tones featuring transparent chips and a pearlescent effect.

Sphera Evolution 50438-50439-50440-50441-50475

Sphera Evolution Press Release

Download the press release here

View the Collection

View the collection here

Flotex Plank collection scoops German Design Award- September 2017

Flotex Plank collection scoops German Design Award

Forbo Flooring Systems is delighted to announce that its Flotex Planks collection has been awarded the 2017 Iconic Award from The German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), thanks to its modern design and construction.

The Flotex Planks collection was awarded high scores in all categories of the annual awards, which cover innovative building projects and architectural concepts, as well as building products and interior finishes.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems said: “We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious German award, especially after launching the collection less than a year ago. Combining the comfort of carpet, the durability of a resilient floor covering and the design versatility of a plank format, the collection lends itself perfectly to contemporary workspaces, as well as high traffic areas such as hotels and transport hubs.”

Flotex planks Concrete 139001_139002_139003

Download the press release

Iconic Awards Press Release

View the new Flotex Planks collection

View the Collection

Hat-trick of design awards for new Marmoleum Solid collection- July 2017

Marmoleum Cocoa Awards Release

Forbo Flooring Systems’ new Marmoleum Cocoa and Slate ranges, both from the Marmoleum Solid collection, have scooped three awards from two world-renowned design leaders; Marmoleum Cocoa won an iF DESIGN AWARD and, along with Marmoleum Slate, each product was presented with a Red Dot Design Award 2017.

Marmoleum Cocoa won over the 58-member jury at the German-based iF International Forum Design, which was made up of independent experts from all over the world, to win this year’s Product category at the iF DESIGN AWARDS. One of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, the iF logo has become recognised as a seal of excellence; a testimony of quality.

iF award cocoa

Marmoleum Cocoa Awards Release

Download the press release

View the Collection

View the Marmoleum Cocoa range

Relaxed and Familiar workspaces with Forbo's new Tessera In-touch- June 2017

New Tessera In-touch

By taking inspiration from natural craft textiles and artistic hand weaves, Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a new softly striated carpet tile collection; Tessera In-touch. Designed to help de-formalise office interiors, the new range allows designers to create a more relaxed and calming working environment.

With an increased focus on flexibility and space efficiency, many organisations are now embracing informal workspaces to encourage collaboration and Forbo’s new Tessera In-touch carpet tile planks (100cm x 25cm) have been developed with this in mind. The collection is designed to gently reflect the shift from work-life to life-work balance by promoting a harmony between the two.

Tessera In-Touch Crochet 3307 & Macrame 3306

Tessera In-touch Press Release

Download the Tessera In-touch press release

View the Collection

View the collection

Forbo's Coral Click: The first steps in protecting your building- June 2017

New Coral Click

In response to the growing demand for a hybrid entrance flooring system, Forbo Flooring Systems has launched Coral Click; a new versatile modular matting system comprising durable PVC tiles with contemporary Coral Brush textile inserts.

The new cost effective, ‘off the shelf’ modular entrance flooring system can withstand heavy traffic and effectively remove dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes and wheel treads, all the while delivering an attractive design.

Available in 12mm and 17mm depths, the 24 x 24cm Coral Click tiles are exceptionally easy to install and handle thanks to the innovative press and lock construction. And with a choice of five award-winning Coral Brush inserts, design doesn’t need to be compromised.

Coral Click 7834 (12mm) or 7884 (17mm)

Coral Click Press Release

Download the Coral Click Press Release

View the Collection

View the collection

Tessera Seagrass: Tranquil. Textured. Planks- April 2017

New Tessera Seagrass Planks Collection

Echoing the latest trend of biophilic design, Forbo Flooring Systems has expanded its delectably softly striated Tessera Seagrass carpet tile collection to incorporate a new range of naturally inspired colourways. The result is a beautiful plank collection, exuding a very natural organic aesthetic that offers comfort and tranquillity.

The relaxed linear design, with its understated linear effect, presents 12 colourways, each infused with a neutral, warm palette that delivers a natural, organic harmony to a wide range of environments. Sitting alongside the more solid favourites of black, oyster, white and indigo, are entirely new shades such as pewter, dandelion, meadow, and teal, giving a very real and earthy interpretation for interiors.

Tessera Seagrass 1644-3203-3224

Feel. Touch. Love. Forbo's Furniture Linoleum- April 2017

New Furniture Linoleum Collection

Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its Furniture Linoleum Desktop surfacing collection with a new contemporary colour palette. The rejuvenated range now offers specifiers and craftsmen a modern, natural surfacing material that delivers a beautiful high-end finish to a variety of furniture designs – unlike any other surface material available.

Renowned for its elegance, durability and finesse, Furniture Linoleum’s satin matt surface acquires a beautiful patina over time, and combined with its warm and tactile texture ensures that every object it is applied to, whether a desk, chair, door or cabinet, will have a truly distinctive and individual look and feel.

Furniture Linoleum 4164-4185 kids6 table stools portrait

Marmoleum Solid: Pure Design. Pure Material. Pure Emotion.- April 2017

New Marmoleum Solid

Marmoleum Solid is the contemporary new linoleum collection by Forbo Flooring Systems. Authentic in nature, its five individual ranges provide the foundation for creating pure, distinctive and modern spaces. Building on its exemplary natural ethos, Marmoleum remains the most sustainable resilient flooring product available and its new Cocoa range supports this profile further by introducing a new upcycled natural raw material.

Created from 97% natural, raw materials including linseed oil and wood flour, 72% of which are rapidly renewable, and with a 43% recycled content, Marmoleum already achieves a natural high performance. The introduction of the Marmoleum Cocoa range goes one step further by adding a seventh natural ingredient, upcycled cocoa shells from a Dutch chocolate producer.

Marmoleum Cocoa 3584-3581-3370

Forbo Celebrates Mid-Century Design with new Tibor Collaboration- April 2017

New Tibor Flotex Collection

Flotex by Tibor Reich is the latest creative collaboration by Forbo and the company founded by this icon of mid century design, to produce visionary printed textile flooring. Famous for revolutionising surface pattern design, and particularly in developing many cutting edge design techniques still relevant today, it is only fitting to celebrate this icon with the new Tibor collection.

Texture was the defining feature of Tibor’s textiles, which was showcased through his ground breaking 1957 “Fotexur” designs. Some of the timeless yet arresting patterns have been reproduced using the outstanding digital printing possibilities offered by Flotex flocked flooring, to provide specifiers with a premium floor covering for high-end, design led projects.

The collection consists of eight designs: Ziggurat, Mosaic, Quartz, Tessello, Onyx, Tweedy, Arbor and Atomic – all of which were inspired by photographs of various natural objects and textures, such as straw, rocks and pebbles, cracked mud and the bark of a tree. Indeed, Tibor’s uniquely innovative design style enabled him to capture the beauty in everyday items.


Tibor Collection Press Release

Download the Tibor Press Release

View the New Tibor Collection

View the new Tibor Collection

Sphera Energetic - Adding Colour to the Curriculum- January 2017

New Sphera Energetic

Hot off the heels of its very first homogeneous vinyl collection, Forbo
Flooring Systems has launched its second range: Sphera Energetic. Reflecting the latest education trend colours, with low emissions and high LRVs, the new phthalate free collection will help contribute to a stimulating, yet healthy indoor environment for any educational establishment.

Forbo’s Sphera Energetic is a bold and exciting new range that challenges traditional flooring design in the education sector. End users are presented with a fresh and playful colour proposition consisting of 52 shades: 41 ‘flecked’ colours alongside 11 complementary “vivid” hues, which feature corresponding highlight chips to create an integrated flooring solution. The colour options are ideal for zoning and way-finding through corridors, as the palette has been designed with intrinsic tint combinations to create stand out and inspiring flooring schemes.

Sphera Energetic 50213-51215

Sphera Energetic Press Release

Download the Sphera Energetic Press Release

View the new Sphera Energetic collection

View the new Sphera Energetic range

Shape and Form with Forbo's New Allura Collection

The New Allura Collection

In response to the growing trend for combining shapes, sizes and colours to create contemporary juxtapositions, Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its popular Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection, Allura. Playing with scale, direction and combinations across the range, the result is the introduction of new shapes and sizes to the market, alongside digital print options.

As Form plays an ever growing part in influencing how interior designs take shape, Forbo’s Allura collection now includes new large scale 180 x 32cm giant oak planks, 1m x 1m tiles, as well as small 50 x 15cm planks. The new XXL plank sizes are designed to help create the illusion of larger and lighter areas in buildings where space is limited, creating more spacious and social interiors and emulating the Scandinavian design trend for a neutral feel and finish. While the smaller planks are often used in smaller areas creatively or used sporadically in the body of more traditional floor design to spark interest.

Allura Wood W60353 w 60354

View the New Allura Collection

View the new Allura collection

LVT Made Easy with the new Multi-Format Collection- January 2017

New Allura Multi-Format Collection

An attractive re-fresh of Forbo Flooring Systems’ Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) range Allura, has seen the introduction of Allura Multi-Format – a nifty collection offering an appealing selection of colours, designs and sizes all available in Stick, Tack or new Click formats.

Allura Multi-Format has been specifically developed to help contractors ease the selection process, with a micro collection of 34 designs that can be installed any of three ways. Clients will now be able to choose from a range of inspiring designs and concentrate on the finish they want to achieve, leaving the contractor to choose the installation option that will best suit the project’s requirements.

Stick, Tack and Click options provide flooring contractors with complete control based on their client’s budget, subfloor condition or access time. From providing a permanent bond with ‘stick’, allowing for quick installation and post use removal with ‘tack’ or overcoming slight subfloor imperfections and offering enhanced acoustic performance with ‘click’ – the choice is made easy by this flexible range.

Allura Multiformat Natural Giant Oak

Allura Multi-Format Press Release

Download the Allura Multi-Format Press Release

View the new Allura Multi-Format Collection

View the new Allura Multi-Format Collection

Forbo's new Flotex Planks: A choice not a compromise- December 2016

Flotex Planks

As modular formats continue to increase in popularity, Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new Flotex Plank collection, allowing users to create stunning, contemporary floor designs for areas where safety, hygiene and well-being are priorities.

Combining the comfort of carpet, the durability of a resilient floor covering and the design versatility of a plank format, the new design collection lends itself perfectly to contemporary workspaces, as well as high traffic areas such as hotels and transport hubs.

Offering six new designs: Triad, Box-cross, Lava, Seagrass, Concrete and Wood, in plank sizes of 100x25cm, the collection provides endless design possibilities, from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, sophisticated aesthetics, which use shape and pile direction to create a stimulating floor pattern.

Flotex planks Seagrass 111001 111002 111004

Flotex Planks Press Release

Download our Flotex Planks press release

View the new Flotex Planks collection

view the new Flotex Planks collection

Forbo Sphera: A new era in Homogeneous vinyl - November 2016

Sphera Homogeneous Vinyl

Sphera, from Forbo Flooring Systems, has been born out of a brand new, state-of-the-art production facility, utilising all the latest insights and technology to set a new standard in homogeneous vinyl flooring. With a unique in-house chip making process and the use of innovative new colour pigment spheres, Sphera Element offers the freshest, cleanest colour palette available on the market, with a harmonious range of contemporary tones.

Heralding a step change in how homogeneous vinyl is manufactured, Forbo’s new internal extrusion process enables the creation of multiple chip sizes and shapes depending on the design effect desired. What’s more, the new production techniques and processes means that Sphera achieves best in class dimensional stability, which helps to ensure the long term appearance and performance of the floor covering.

Sphera Element

View the new Sphera Collection

View the new Sphera collection