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CPDs: Time to Learn

Forbo UK CPD Blog Header

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables architects and specifiers to proactively improve their skills and knowledge through certified learning. Over the last few years, we’ve been busy developing and refreshing our CPDs to ensure that we are providing you with the most up to date guidance. Read on for an overview of all the seminars that we can now offer – and make sure that you get booked in!

RIBA Approved

Here at Forbo, we are committed to supporting our customers in developing and enhancing their knowledge surrounding the latest issues, trends and solutions within the flooring industry.

All of our CPDs are RIBA approved and cover a wide range of topics; from flocked flooring to dementia-friendly design, linoleum to entrance flooring systems, and have been designed with architects and specifiers working on commercial projects in mind.

Each seminar is approximately one hour long and can be presented either in person or online via Teams by one of our Area Managers, who will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

If you are interested in booking a CPD, please fill out our online request form and we will contact you ASAP to arrange a booking.


The Role of Flooring in Dementia-Inclusive Design

Dementia can cause a number of different challenges for people living with the condition, and environments must be designed to enable them to navigate a space safely and easily. Our continuous work with the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) has allowed us to develop a brand new CPD which will provide you with accurate and evidence-based information to help you to design a dementia-friendly scheme from the floor up.

This CPD explores the effects and challenges of dementia when designing facilities – not only healthcare and care homes, but other commercial and public buildings too – and outlines the best practice guidance. Aimed at professionals specifying floor coverings for these types of projects, or anyone who has an in interest in inclusive design, our seminar offers you the help and information to get started.

Flotex and dementia
Marmoleum Fresco 3271 & Splash 3430

Sustainable Linoleum flooring and its contribution to the built environment

The aim of this presentation is to provide an understanding of the sustainability benefits of linoleum. Both in terms of the environment itself, as well as and the health and wellbeing of the people who use the building.

The session also considers its performance and design flexibility, in addition to the benefits linoleum offers in terms of installation, cleaning and maintenance.

Over 150 years old, Forbo has a long history of producing linoleum. In recent years, the material has become increasingly relevant as specifiers and their clients look to choose more sustainable and long-term solutions. As one of the most environmentally-friendly floor coverings on the market, it ticks all of the boxes for a wide array of application areas where hygiene and durability are essential.

Electrostatically Flocked Floor Coverings: Genuine innovation with unique design and performance characteristics

Do you know what an electrostatically flocked floor covering is? Neither a true textile, nor a resilient flooring, its unique dense fibre construction combines the best of both worlds. In order to understand how the exceptional performance characteristics are achieved, it’s important to begin by understanding how flocked flooring is constructed.

This seminar offers clarification as to the positioning of flocked flooring within NBS Plus and wider areas of use based on unique construction. At the end of the session, specifiers will have a greater understanding of the material’s benefits and its suitability for a variety of segments. Incredibly environmentally-friendly, you should also be able to explain the sustainable aspects of the floor covering and understand why flocked flooring is a choice, not a compromise.

Flotex planks ombré
Coral Brush 5705

Entrance Matting Systems: Complete Solutions to Maximise Performance and Minimise Risk

Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern building design. A well-designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolongs the life of interior flooring, reduces cleaning and maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries.

The aim of this seminar is to give the architect an understanding of the reasons for using an entrance flooring system and the benefits to the end-user. It will also advise on the factors that will affect the selection of the right solution, as well as address the importance of considering an entrance flooring system at the very beginning of the design process. Make sure that you’re leaving dirt from the outside where it belongs – outside.

Alternatively you can view our Entrance Flooring Systems CPD online by following the link to the RIBA website click here.

If you are interested in booking a CPD, please fill out our online request form and we will contact you ASAP to arrange a booking.

Please Note - all of our CPDs are available to be presented online via Teams by one of our sales representatives.