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Marmoleum stories: Jani Kristoffersen

The Architect

Discover how Marmoleum was selected for an unconventional education project at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.


Jani Kristoffersen

In April of 2020 Jani Kristoffersen established the architectural studio Campus with architects Johan Berglund and Andreas Ferm in Stockholm Sweden. Before co-founding Campus Jani headed Guise with Andreas. Guise worked with projects relating to culture in a broad sense.

Currently Campus is working with KaDeWe in Dusseldorf, with a new museum of Photography in central London and on new retail experiences for department store Nordiska Kompaniet Stockholm. They are also commissioned to transform the former meat packing district in Stockholm into a new urban destination. Projects that range from urban scales down to detailed interiors.

Jani Kristoffersen | Photo by Andy Liffner

Expressive minimalism

Campus' style is defined as expressive minimalism with a keen eye for materials. The architectural studio has a special interest in common materials, where unexplored potentials within the materials often can spark the design process.

For the photography museum in London, Campus used the galvanization process in combination with the spatial arrangement as a key feature, turning the process of developing traditional gelatine-silver film into a spatial feature.

For one of the Nordiska Kompaniet projects, Campus celebrated the brutalist movement through a series of hand casted furniture objects that were bush hammered to reveal the materials inner properties.

NK Sport - Nordiska Kompaniet photo Erik Undéhn
Berghs x Gasverksomrädet

Where interesting things can happen

In September 2019 Jani Kristoffersen and Johan Berglund were approached by Berghs School of Communication, a Stockholm based international rewarded communication school. The overall brief was to redesign an existing 3500sqm old brick building of the turn of the century into a contemporary learning environment. The project was set up as a co-creation with Berghs.

The ambition was defined to create an inspiring site that pushes creativity, an enjoyable place that generates fantastic ideas and where interesting things can happen. Campus' mission was to combine sustainability and design with learning experience.

Marmoleum was selected as a basic material for its sustainable qualities, natural connection with learning environments and for its design potential.

An unconventional narrative

When starting the project for Berghs, Campus looked at the school, its teachers and the students to find a relevant concept. Campus focused on a design narrative telling the story of Berghs, rather than the story of established individual furniture brands. With that said a range of linoleum furniture was custom made for the purpose of telling a story of a highly creative school founded from a strong set of Scandinavian values such as openness, collaboration and trust.

It tells the history of schools in Sweden in general, where linoleum is by far the most common material. Campus paid tribute to the history of schools by working with Marmoleum, and to Berghs specifically by working with the material in an unconventional and innovative way.

The short film above offers a sneak preview of the work in progress.

Berghs - Custom made furniture for Berghs

Why choose Marmoleum?

With unique characteristics and a proud heritage dating back 150 years, Marmoleum is a superb flooring choice for most application spaces. Created from 97% natural materials, it’s also one of the most sustainable floor coverings available.

To bring Marmoleum to your next project, contact us today.

Detail of a desk finished with Forbo's furniture linoleum

With special thanks to:

Jani Kristoffersen
Gal Keshet | directing, filming and editing
Simone de Vries | consultancy
Gena Haensel | transcription
Patrik Hambraeus I Berghs Learning Developer | filming
Jonas Borg I photography building

Photographs on this page are made by

Andy Liffner I portrait Jani Kristoffersen
Jonas Borg I interior Berghs School of Communication
Erik Undéhn I interior Nordiska Kompaniet