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Marmoleum stories

Marmoleum Stories is a series of filmed portraits of people sharing their unique connection or experience with our Marmoleum. Each episode has an exceptional angle offering an unexpected and inspiring perspective. We see a mid-century Marmoleum floor design come to life again through careful research. Another episode tells how used Marmoleum is magically transformed into new right before our very eyes. And the granddaughter of the Marmoleum’s factory founder shares some vivid memories.

Produced in times of the 'New Normal' and social distancing; we used online interviews, home recordings and location visits to create these stories. We closely collaborated with director Gal Keshet, who also made the edits.

Expect some more releases in the coming months. Enjoy these short stories and please feel free to let us know what you think!

Marmoleum stories

  • The Playground


    The Playground

    Marmoleum Stories - The Playground

    In 2014, architects Berta González and Alegría Zorrilla partnered with the Parisian architecture firm Des Clics et Des Calques. Together they participated in an international competition for the construction of a new nursery school for the French Lyceum in Madrid, for which they won first prize.
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  • Marmoleum Stories | Studio LA | The Lab

    Studio LA

    The LAB

    Marmoleum Stories - Studio LA

    Since its permanent location is undergoing extensive renovations, the Amsterdam Museum was temporarily relocated to the Hermitage Amsterdam in March 2022.

    The museum has taken up residence in the Hermitage's Amsterdam Museum wing, where it showcases an entirely new collection, created by Studio LA. The exhibition 'Panorama Amsterdam: a Living History of the City' offers the visitor a multifaceted picture of the many histories of the city of Amsterdam. By connecting stories from the past, present, and future, a broader perspective of the city emerges: Amsterdam in all of its facets.
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  • Francesca Sciarmella overview

    Francesca Sciarmella

    The Story Teller

    Marmoleum Stories - Francesca Sciarmella

    After graduating for her Bachelor at the Politecnico in Milan, Francesca Sciarmella continued her study at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Germany) where she got her master’s degree in Interior Architecture. In 2017 Francesca moved to Berlin to set up her Visual Design practice.

    Over the years Francesca’s focus shifted from a more technical architectural method, learned in Milan, to a gradually more free and organic design approach. Through the search for how to reach and connect with people always has been present. In her work she explores how to communicate with space and materials as tools, to build multisensorial stories and to blend research on materials into scenography and graphics.

    Currently Francesca is studying Visual Communication at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule which she combines with her work as independently scenographer and visual designer.

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  • The Team Player

    Martina Elisasson

    The Team Player

    Marmoleum Stories - Martina Eliasson

    Martina Eliasson works with spatial design in close relationships with clients and end-users. She is strongly driven by brand-building architecture, interior architecture, storytelling and design at a strategic level.

    Over the years, she has developed a broad experience regarding the design of future workplaces. Furthermore, sustainability issues and re-use are an important driving force in all her projects.

    Martina graduated from the Chalmers School of Architecture in Gothenburg in 2013 and has been at White Arkitekter since 2014.

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  • the Nomads


    The Nomads

    Marmoleum Stories - PENTA-P

    PENTA-P is an architecture and hands-on conceptual design firm founded in 2019 by Pia Phanaphet and Philip Rufus Knauf. The studio focuses on small-scale living solutions ranging from converted shipping containers, tiny houses and campervan concepts, to micro apartments and residentials.

    Both Pia and Philip studied architecture at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. Pia has worked as an architect for EFFEKT and WERK in Copenhagen. Philip has worked as an architect and project leader for BIG | BJARKE INGELS GROUP in Copenhagen, LENDAGER and UN STUDIO in Amsterdam.

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  • Daphna Laurens

    Daphna Laurens

    The Shape Finders

    Marmoleum Stories - Daphna Laurens

    "We love the Dutch word 'vormgever', literally a person who gives shape. Giving shape to thoughts, objects, products and spaces is what we do.”

    In 2008 Studio Daphna Laurens was founded with the aspiration to combine industrial design, applied art and fine art. Daphna Laurens is the unification of Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders (both associates). The Eindhoven based twosome graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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  • Portrait photography by: Vincent Mentzel

    Christien Meindertsma

    The designer

    Marmoleum Stories - Christien Meindertsma

    Since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003 Christien Meindertsma has developed a unique design approach. In her work she thoroughly explores the life of objects and raw materials. In some instances, the result of her projects may be the record of a process itself. In others, her investigations lead to commercial products. Careful investigation and documentation, themes of local production and underexplored resources characterise her work. Meindertsma seeks to reveal processes that have become distant in industrialisation and encourage a deeper understanding of the materials and products that surround us.

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  • Santje Pander

    Santje Pander

    The Detective

    Marmoleum Stories - Santje Pander

    In 2018 Santje Pander graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Currently she is employed at the UvA as a Post-Master trainee specializing in the restoration of historic Interiors, with a specific interest in post-war architecture.

    Her Master thesis research was on the 1958 UNESCO Press Room designed by Gerrit Rietveld. In 2018, she was granted the 4D Research Award from the UvA. This made it possible to continue with a digital reconstruction research of the UNESCO Press Room in collaboration with the 4D Research Lab.

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  • The Founders

    Trees Verster Kaars Sijpesteijn

    The Founders

    Marmoleum Stories - Trees Verster Kaars Sijpesteijn

    On the 8th of June 1929, Trees was born as the first daughter of Ernst Kaars Sijpesteijn, the son and grandson of the founders of de Nederlandsche Linoleumfabriek - the Dutch Linoleum factory. Trees studied English literature at the University of Amsterdam for two years. After her marriage to the renowned Dutch architect Jan Verster she dedicated herself to her family. For 40 years Trees lived in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel in a beautiful villa, designed by her husband, situated along the river Amstel. Currently Trees is living in Haarlem.

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  • Francine Houben

    Francine Houben

    The Library Whisperer

    Marmoleum Stories - Francine Houben

    Francine Houben is a Founding Partner and Creative Director of Mecanoo Architecten. With her practice, she has gained international acclaim. Her work ranges from theatres, museums and libraries to neighbourhoods, housing and parks. Each design is founded on observation of people, location, culture and climate. This analysis amounts to designs that respond to current needs yet are also prepared for (un)predictable change.

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  • Roz Barr - Bureau - Marmoleum Stories

    Roz Barr


    Marmoleum Stories - Roz Barr

    Roz Barr is founder and director of Roz Barr Architects and originally from Scotland. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art before studying architecture, and completed her education in London at the Bartlett, UCL. She has worked in Hong Kong and Vancouver and has been practicing in London for over 20 years.

    Selected works include her proposal for a new church in Norway for which she has gained international recognition. For her restoration of St Augustine’s Church in Hammersmith, London, she won many awards.

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  • Jani Kristoffersen

    Jani Kristoffersen

    The Architect

    Marmoleum Stories - Jani Kristoffersen

    In April of 2020 Jani Kristoffersen established the architectural studio Campus with architects Johan Berglund and Andreas Ferm in Stockholm Sweden. Before co-founding Campus Jani headed Guise with Andreas. Guise worked with projects relating to culture in a broad sense.

    Currently Campus is working with KaDeWe in Dusseldorf, with a new museum of Photography in central London and on new retail experiences for department store Nordiska Kompaniet Stockholm. They are also commissioned to transform the former meat packing district in Stockholm into a new urban destination. Projects that range from urban scales down to detailed interiors.
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  • Remi Versteeg

    Remi Versteeg

    The Space Maker

    Marmoleum Stories - Remi Versteeg

    Remi Versteeg is an architect, and founding partner at the Dutch architectural firm Beyond Space, which is based in Amsterdam. They design buildings, interiors, products and everything beyond. In their projects they aim to create something which is extremely grounded in logic, so that the result becomes distinctive again. An example of their unique signature was the launch of the Boring Collection in 2016 during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
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  • Pauline Esparon

    Pauline Esparon

    The Explorer

    Marmoleum Stories - Pauline Esparon

    In 2019 French designer Pauline Esparon graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL, with a project on linen. Coming from Normandy she developed a love for flax at an early age. This strong affinity inspired her to research new potentials for the discarded raw primary materials from the linen production process. With new techniques, she succeeded to create a series of unique designs that show new qualities of the flax fibre.
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  • Marmoleum stories

    The Grey Box

    Kegelbahn, the story


    In 2018 KO/OK Architektur was commissioned to design the new Kegelbahn building for the 700 inhabitants of Wülknitz, a tiny village halfway between Leipzig and Dresden. The new ninepin bowling alley, located in the village centre, attracted a lot of local visitors during the build and has even become a social venue of sorts.