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The power of the flower

Flowers in interior design can have an effect on our mood, health, and well-being. This, in particular, has inspired the Forbo design team to create a new range of printed patterns for Flotex and vinyl.

The Flowerbed | Meadow field

Floral designs in interior design have always been popular due to their versatility and adaptability. Modern flower motifs are big and bold, with exaggerated proportions and contrasting colours.

Trend report 2021 | The Flowerbed

A source of inspiration for interior design

The power of the flower is blooming! The flower is colourful and enchanting and frequently used as a source of inspiration for interior design. The flower theme is very much connected to the architectural concept of biophilic design in which building residents seek to re-establish a connection with nature by bringing nature inside.

We are even seeing the flower incorporated into digital visualizations of future healthcare environments in the form of flexible and self-sufficient buildings with integrated botanical gardens for education, research, and leisure.

New floral designs

The floral trend, which was also extensively explored in our 2021/2022 Trend Directions report, inspired our design team to create a new series of floral patterns that explore the endless possibilities of our digital print technology.

These new floral patterns, that were specifically developed for our vinyl and Flotex floors, make bold statements in an interior and go beyond the imagination. The XXL patterns are vibrant and quite outspoken, in a style that is as well graphical as decorative. The design is based on classical detailed pencil drawings of flowers visualized in an unexpected way by enlarging the scale and the use of contemporary colour combinations.

All of the following floral designs will also be available in our digital library and FloorVisualizer as of September 2022.

To the Flotex custom library
To the vinyl custom library

Dahlia bouquet XL

This enlarged flower bouquet with a hand-drawn signature is offered in a variety of colourways. In the natural ecru version, the macro-scale flowers are positioned on a neutral background, making the bright colours pop out even more. The deep terra colour is a warm, rich, inviting mix between traditional and fashionable.

In black and white, the large flower resembles an oversized floral silhouette; adding a touch of boldness to a delicate pattern.

Dahlia bouquet will be available in five different patterns. The XS Terra is only available in Flotex, the XL Terra only in vinyl.

Floral patterns | Dahlia bouquet XL black | Dahlia bouquet XL ecru
Floral patterns | Dahlia bouquet XL ecru in Flotex and vinyl
Floral patterns | Dahlia bouquet XL black

Dahlia stripe

Adding a large graphic pattern, such as a stripe in the background, anchors the flowers, and provides stability and structure to the design. This is the only directional design in the series.

Dahlia stripe will be available in two different patterns and can only be done in vinyl.

Floral patterns | Dahlia stripe ecru pink
Floral patterns | Dahlia stripe ecru-pink
Floral patterns

Meadow field

A playfully scattered and layered flower composition that creates a surprisingly harmonious flowerbed to walk upon. The subtle ikat effect gives the graphical design a tactile and woven appearance.The meadow field autumn has a variation of warm and purplish tones; the meadow field spring is fresh, gentle and light.

Both patterns can be used on both Flotex and vinyl.

Foral patterns | Meadow field autumn | Meadow field spring

Flower rhapsody

A lively layered and abundant blend of Dahlias with a touch of the past, set in the present.

Flower rhapsody will be available in pink and rust and can be used on both Flotex and vinyl.

Flower patterns | Flower rhapsody rust in Flotex
Floral patterns | Flower rhapsody
Floral patterns | Flower rhapsody
Example floral interpretation Van Gogh

Digital design possibilities

Forbo Flooring’s high-definition printing technology enables us to create a large variety of floral designs, ranging from abstract, graphic flower motifs to romantic images of roses and butterflies, suitable for many different projects and segments. We even offer some floral interpretations of the world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

Explore our digital image library