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Siegling Round Belts

Siegling Round Belts

Siegling Round belts are used for conveying in the textile, wood-working, ceramic, packaging and chemical industries.

Siegling Transilon round belts serve as efficient drive elements in both precision tool and machinery manufacturing. Siegling Round belts have also proven their reliability as drive elements for live roller conveyor repeatedly. Their great flexibility and elasticity make any turn possible.

Siegling Round Belts

Product range

MaterialColorSurfaceHardness [Shore]2*3*4*4.8*5*6*7*8*9*10*12*15*
Ugreenrough87 A
Uultramarine bluerough84 A
Ecream whitesmooth40 D
Uultramarine bluesmooth84 A
Ucolorless, clearsmooth84 A
Uredsmooth80 A
Ublacksmooth85 A
Ublacksmooth90 A

*Diameters in stock [mm]

U = Polyurethane elastomer
E = Polyester elastomer
● = Standard range
❍ = Supplementary range

Co-extruded: Surface and core are made of different materials (on request)
Other materials, colors and properties (on request)

Available as

  • roll material
  • cut to length
  • endless

Any dimension can be spliced within minutes using very simple devices.
All devices for the splicing of round belts are available in practical Combi-Sets.

Please send inquiries regarding the round belt product range to

Technical data for Siegling Transilon round belts

PU green, rough, approx. 87 Shore A

Diameter/type [mm]3456789101215
Diameter tolerance ± [mm]0/+0.20/+
Weight approx. [g/m]815233446607695135210
Pulleys Ø dmin [mm]30405060708090100120150
Shaft load factor at 20 - 30 °C and 180° arc of contact approx. [N/%]3.76.51014.7202633415992
Tensile strength approx. [N/mm2]40404040404040404040

* The dmin minimum pulley diameters permitted were established at 22 °C. Lower temperatures can require larger pulley diameters.

Acceptable working temperatures acceptable -20° to +60°C
Recommended elongation at fitting 6 - 8 %

Measuring and cutting to length

Please use our calculation program to determine the correct order length.

Siegling Round Belts

Further information

  • 229 EN – Siegling Transilon Round belts, Product range

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    Product Range Round Belts