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Up to 98% natural raw materials, climate positive– without the need for offsetting*

Marmoleum is Forbo's main linoleum brand - a natural flooring renowned for durability, sustainability, high quality and innovative design. All in all, it’s ideal for almost any type of application. Truly versatile, Marmoleum comes in over 300 colours and over 12 different structures. Available in both sheet and modular tile formats.

Read more about Marmoleum's sustainability journey

Click here for examples of our Marmoleum installed with other Forbo products

*weighted average of the Marmoleum portfolio, cradle to gate.

  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum Concrete_3732 asteroid
    Marmoleum Solid

    Marmoleum Solid

    Discover a harmonious connection with modern nature through Marmoleum Solid,
    a climate positive linoleum floor covering that fosters your well-being.
    Connect with modern nature with our 4 different Marmoleum Solid textures:
    Cocoa, Walton, Concrete and Piano

  • Marmoleum Marbled 3891
    Marmoleum Marbled

    Marmoleum Marbled

    Up to 98% natural raw materials, climate positive (cradle to gate) – without the need for offsetting*

    Inspired by the colour palette of Mother Nature, the Forbo Marmoleum Marbled range offers a spectrum of more than 90 colours across five designs – Fresco, Real, Terra, Splash and Vivace. The Marmoleum Marbled collection blends both striking and subtle marbled effects to deliver a range that is the ideal backdrop for any commercial interior.

    Read more about Marmoleum's sustainability journey

  • Close up image of Marmoleum Linear with a chair on it
    Marmoleum Linear

    Marmoleum Linear

    97% natural raw materials, climate positive (cradle to gate) – without the need for offsetting*

    Creating comfortable spaces. Our Marmoleum Linear floor coverings are designed to create a contemporary and comfortable environment with a warm and welcoming feel for informal, natural settings with a homely atmosphere. An environment where we recover faster, feel encouraged to work, share ideas and learn.

    Read more about Marmoleum's sustainability journey

  • Marmoleum Modular Textura / Shade te5217 te5235 t3717 t3718
    Marmoleum Modular

    Marmoleum Modular

    Natural & sustainable linoleum tiles and planks.

    A linoleum collection with a twist, Marmoleum Modular offers more than 50 colours and 3 different plank and tile sizes, to enable the creation of individual sustainable flooring designs. Much like Marmoleum Sheet, the Marmoleum Modular collection has six design styles – Textura, Lines, Shade, Colour, Slate and Marbled.

  • Designing with Marmoleum
    Designing with Marmoleum

    Designing with Marmoleum

    Are you looking for something unique on your floor? That is also sustainable and durable? Our Designing with Marmoleum selection offers you just that. With our Aquajet technique we can create the most precise and detailed floor designs. Take a look at some of our best reference projects and at the exciting creations of international designers.

  • Acoustic Marmoleum installed in an open plan area in a public building
    Acoustic linoleum

    Acoustic linoleum

    Thanks to a special insulating layer laminated to the linoleum sheet, Forbo’s Acoustic linoleum achieves lower dB values, with impact sound reduction of up to 18dB.

  • Marmoleum Ohmex
    Conductive linoleum

    Conductive linoleum

    Forbo’s Marmoleum Ohmex linoleum meets higher requirements for electrical conductivity. With electrical resistance improved to < 1-10 8 Ω (EN1081), personal safety is ensured and equipment sensitive to static electricity is protected.

  • Image of a desk finished with Furniture Linoleum
    Furniture Linoleum

    Furniture Linoleum

    Forbo's Furniture Linoleum Desktop’s natural surfacing material applies the finishing touches to high-end 3D furniture designs such as desks, chairs, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. Its flexible material offers an ideal surface on all kinds of constructions. Renowned for its elegance and durability, Furniture Linoleum radiates finesse and high quality.

  • Bulletin Board pinboard linoleum mounted and installed on a wall
    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    Our Bulletin Board pin board linoleum offers a practical, simple solution to collect and exchange thoughts and ideas whenever people plan, create and meet. Bulletin Board is an all-natural material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall. Its surface is tactile & colourful, creating a decorative element in your space.

Why choose Marmoleum?

Why choose Marmoleum?

Due to its unique characteristics and with a proud heritage dating back over 150 years, Marmoleum is a superb flooring choice for almost any application space.

Created from 97% natural raw materials (including rosin, wood flour, linseed oil, jute and limestone), Marmoleum is one of the most sustainable floor coverings available.

The weighted average of the Forbo Marmoleum product range is climate positive (cradle to gate), without any need for carbon offsetting. Read more.

• Versatile, authentic floor covering that comes with a long and proud heritage.
• Tile, sheet and plank formats for unrivalled creativity.
• More than 300 colours over a variety of designs, including patterned, marbled, solid and linear effects.
• The colour and design blends deliver versatility when combining with other surfaces like woods and stones.
• Forbo’s very precise Aquajet water cutting technology enables reproduction of the most intricate designs, text, logos or piece of art using Marmoleum Tailor made.
• Off-the-floor applications with Furniture Linoleum and Bulletin Board.

• Developed specially for Marmoleum, Topshield pro is a unique, advanced, two-layer water-based surface finish that protects floors, keeps them looking good and is easy to maintain year on year.
• Naturally bacteriostatic and independently proven to inhibit the growth and spread of infections such as Norovirus, MRSA, Acinetobacter baumannii and C Difficile, it contributes to a healthier, more hygienic environment.
• Approved by Allergy UK and boasting TVOCs 30 times lower than European norm, Marmoleum is independently proven to contribute to a healthier indoor environment.
• Specialist acoustic and static control versions available.
• As it lasts for so long and is easy to clean, Marmoleum has a very low ownership cost.

• Manufactured from 97% natural raw materials, 62% renewable resources and 43% recycled and reused material.
• Weighted average of our Marmoleum product range is climate positive (cradle to gate) without offsetting.
• No phthalates, plasticisers or mineral oil.
• Naturally bacteriostatic over the product's life.
• Installation offcuts and production waste is recycled back into the product ensuring optimal raw material utilisation. Back to the Floor

climate positive Marmoleum from cradle to gate

Where to use Marmoleum?

Where to use Marmoleum?

Over the last 150 years, Marmoleum has been a contemporary, sustainable and durable solution for healthcare, education, retail, commercial offices and private rental sectors.

Installed in iconic buildings and premises in the UK and all over the world, Marmoleum provides the foundation for high-quality design and healthy indoor environments. Take inspiration from our 60+ Marmoleum references.

Flooring for Healthcare
Hospitals, private clinics and aged care facilities all benefit from using Marmoleum as a hygienic, natural bacteriostatic floor covering solution that is easy to clean and maintain as well as durable, safe and comfortable for both wheeled and foot traffic.

Easy to cove and with uni and matching weld cables available, Marmoleum provides the ideal sustainable and hygienic flooring solution for all healthcare settings. To find out more visit our Healthcare Segment Section

Flooring for Education
Tough, durable and attractive, Marmoleum will stand up to the demands of daily school life thanks to its unique Topshield pro surface finish.
To find out more, visit our Education Segment Section

Flooring for Retail
Marmoleum’s vast array of design and colours options enhance the brand identity and customer experience without compromising on the practical and functional demands of the high traffic retail environment.
To find out more, visit our Retail Segment Section

Flooring for Offices
Marmoleum is a beautiful sustainable flooring solution that fits the modern office space. Our Bulletin Board and Furniture Linoleum ranges co-ordinate to provide an attractive, yet practical solution for furniture, walls, cupboards and worktops.
To find out more, visit our Office Segment Section

Flooring for Private Rental/Build to Rent
With environmentally conscious design becoming increasingly important in the Private Rental and Build to Rent sectors, our naturally CO2 neutral Marmoleum (cradle to gate) offers a wealth of colour options, superior scuff and scratch resistance.
To find out more, visit our Private Rental Sector Section

Marmoleum Marbled Splash 3430

Climate Positive Flooring

A true natural beauty

At Forbo, we have been inspired by what is all around us and we are convinced that our best engineer is nature. With its help, we have created Marmoleum.

Marmoleum is a unique linoleum floor covering made of natural raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, rosin and jute. These raw materials are obtained from their natural habitat, where they grow and renew themselves, often in just 12 months. Forbo is of course committed to work with respect with the women and men supplying our raw materials.

Linseed oil is pressed from the seeds of the flax plant. The linseed oil is heated together with pine resin to form a linoleum paste. To this paste we add wood flour, a waste product from the certified forestry industry. Limestone is available in abundance and is the fourth ingredient added to the linoleum mixture to make linoleum granules. Organic pigments and natural iron oxide provide the colouring for the granules. The fibres of the jute plant are used for the jute mesh carrier on which linoleum is calendared.

By learning to work with our planet and its organic cycles, we are able to make one of the most sustainable floor coverings. Marmoleum has been awarded a large array of international environmental certificates such as the Nordic Swan and the Blue Angel. In addition Marmoleum floor coverings improve the environmental and well-being score in building rating schemes such as LEED, BREEAM and the Well building standard. Read more about the eco labels that have been awarded to Forbo's products.

Climate Positive Flooring, cradle to gate, without offsetting

By specifying Marmoleum you are choosing a floor that is climate positive, naturally.

The volume of CO2 absorbed by the raw materials used to create linoleum as the plants, trees and crops are grown exceeds the amount of CO2 that is emitted while making the product. Our Marmoleum is produced in a modern, energy efficient environment using 100% green electricity.

All this results in a climate positive, natural, circular floor covering solution.

Thanks to its biobased raw materials and continuous life cycle improvements, every square meter of our Marmoleum flooring made from cradle to gate removes 446 grams of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, without offsetting. Marmoleum fits into any sustainable interior. We have a choice: by using durable materials in our homes, offices, schools, trains, hospitals and shops, we can create better environments!

Find out more about the sustainable nature of Marmoleum.

Marmoleum made of natural raw materials


A strong floor

Marmoleum with Topshield pro is the ultimate floor covering in many ways. Developed with the latest technologies and based on our years of experience, our Topshield pro finish features a two layer system and can therefore be repaired or refreshed in cases of damage or after years of use. The Topshield pro primer bonds with the linoleum surface, creating an initial protection layer. The second layer provides a tough scratch-resistant and dirt repellent finish. Both layers are thermally and UV cured. Because the floor lasts for so long and is so easy to clean, Marmoleum has a low cost of ownership.

Marmoleum with Topshield pro is a ready to use floor that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and that offers 3x better protection:

1. Better lasting wear resistance
2. Better stain resistance
3. Better cleaning and maintenance

For more information, please download our Topshield pro brochure

Or you can watch our Marmoleum Topshield pro video

Marmoleum with Topshield pro offers you:

Proven performance: millions of m2 sold and continuous improvement based on the latest technology
Health consciousness: Marmoleum is naturally bacteriostatic, Allergy UK approved, has low emissions and is free from toxins and plastics
No chemicals: no wax or polish needed to ensure optimal appearance for years
Water tightness: resistant to water even during long exposure, without the need for welding
Superior hygiene: bacteria such as MRSA cannot grow on the surface of Marmoleum, making it naturally bacteriostatic.
Durability and great appearance: the hard-wearing and durable surface ensures easy cleaning

Topshield pro 3x better protection logo

Making Marmoleum

We take pride in creating Marmoleum

The craft of making Marmoleum originates from the 19th century. Making linoleum was literally a handmade process, one in which the mixing, maturing and calandering of the raw materials was a trade mastered by few.

The craft of manufacturing linoleum has developed over the past 150 years into a lean, automated and energy-efficient production process. Forbo has driven this development with its Marmoleum brand. Making Marmoleum is still an art, which is not taught at any trade or craft school. In fact, only a handful of people know how to make Marmoleum. Determining the right mixture of ingredients, maintaining the right time for the raw materials to settle and applying the correct temperature and pressure are skills that our experts must master. We are proud of our experts as much as they take pride in creating every piece of Marmoleum.

To find out more about the art of making Marmoleum, you can watch our Marmoleum how it's made video:

Our proud linoleum craftsmen

Allergy UK

Creating Better Indoor Environments

Forbo's Marmoleum has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval as, with the correct cleaning and maintenance regime, it won't harbour dust mites, contributing to a better indoor environment for all.

To find out more about why Marmoleum has been awarded the Seal of Approval click here

Infection Control
Marmoleum's ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria stems from the natural raw materials that go into its production, namely linseed oil. The bacteriostatic qualities of Marmoleum are an inherent property of the product and won't diminish over time. Marmoleum provides peace of mind and constant protection from the moment it is installed.

Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Brochure & Sample Book

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