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Straight running belts l Pitch 8 mm (0.31 in)
Belts for light to medium-duty food and non-food nose bar applications

Series 13 – Excerpt from Prolink Engineering Manual

Design characteristics

  • Micro pitch belt with small transfer gaps
  • Designed to run over nosebars/knife edges or rollers with a radius down to 3 mm (0.12 in) allowing, precise transfer of even the smallest products
  • Versatile for conveying, drying and cooling applications
  • Optimal design of sprocket teeth, and belt underside pro-
    vides superior sprocket engagement, safe belt tracking and favorable cleanability
  • Belt and sprocket design ensures superior load transmission and belt pull capacity
  • Headless pin making it very easy to install and remove the belt for maintenance

Design characteristics - Series 13

Basic data

Pitch 8 mm (0.31 in)
Belt width min.102 mm (4 in)
Width increments25.4 mm (1 in)
Hinge pins3 mm (0.12 in) made of plastic (PBT)

Prolink Basic Data Series 13

S13-0 FLT | 0% Opening | Flat top

  • Closed, smooth surface
  • Flat top surface


S13-0 NPY | 0% Opening | Inverted pyramid

  • Closed surface with inverted pyramid pattern
  • Provides superb release characteristics when conveying wet or sticky products

S13-0 NPY


In different sizes with round or
square sprocket bore

Series 13 - Sprockets

Detail hinge pin

Headless pin with unique shoulder
design ensures trouble free instal-
lation, maintenance and a secure
pin retention

Series 13 - Detail hinge pin

Detail nose bar

Narrow transfer gap ensures smooth transfer of small and delicate products

Series 13 - Detail nose bar

Further Information


    Series 13
    Excerpt from Prolink Engineering Manual

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