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Homogenous Belts – Siegling Fullsan

Siegling Fullsan conveyor belts are ideal for multiple, very hygiene-critical applications. Examples include the meat, poultry, fish, bakery, and confectionery industries, as well as agricultural and dairy applications.

Homogenous Belts

Outstandingly hygienic and durable

Siegling Fullsan hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane conveyor belts excel when it comes to repelling oil, grease, moisture, and bacteria. They’re perfect for all stages of unpackaged foodstuff processing.

Homogenous conveyor belts in the food industry

Siegling Fullsan

Why you should pick Siegling Fullsan

The production width
Siegling Fullsan belts are made in production widths of up to 2 m / 78.7″ (one of the widest worldwide without a lengthways seam). As a result, wider conveyors can be made and food production output increased.

Belt surface quality
Siegling Fullsan belts have exceptionally smooth and even surfaces. Therefore, they make cleaning easy and reliable, even when belt scrapers are used. Once cleaned, the required food safety level is guaranteed. The belts are UV-C-resistant.

Stability (no elongation)
Siegling Fullsan belts comes as a fully homogenous, non-reinforced version and a reinforced Fullsan Pro version with aramid cords. As a result, however heavy the load, belt elongation is minimized and service lives are extended. Reinforced belts are cut to width in the center between the aramid cords in order to retain the belt’s superb hygiene qualities.

Our global service network and local fabrication facilities ensure fast shipments (even 24/7 in emergencies) and local service at a high level of quality.

Hygiene/product conformity
Forbo Siegling belts are made to state-of-the-art hygiene standards (NSF, FDA, EU, USDA, and in some cases even EHEDG).

Expertise and skills
Our employees have extensive belt expertise and service skills, superb tools and equipment and only use approved processes and materials.

Diverse fabrication options
Forbo Siegling Fullsan belts can be fabricated in a variety of ways with profiles, sidewalls, and perforations etc.

Forbo Siegling develops appropriate fabrication tools and processes in-house.

Siegling Fullsan documentation (printed/digital) on products and tools is extensive and easy to understand. As a result, you obtain a full package of information with documentation that’s easy to follow.

A one-stop shop
Homogenous belts are now joining the product portfolio alongside fabric-based and plastic modular belts. You benefit from end-to-end belting solutions.

Service staff in a consultation

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