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Conveyor belts for dough processing

Processing belts for every step

All types of dough are unique. Each mixture and consistency places exceptional demands on the whole process, particularly the conveyor belts.

Each type of dough has its own recipe and composition and needs the conveyor belts to match and support each processing phase.

We’ll help you find the conveyor belt that’s right for you – whether it needs special release properties, profiles for inclined or steep conveying, or markings to boost efficiency. And particularly important for dough processing, our belts are always made of durable and hygienic materials.

Dough processing

Belts for cookies and bread

Dough-processing conveyor belts – which is the right one?

Conveyor belts play a key role in dough processing and really help to make the whole production process smoother and more efficient. It takes hygienic conveyor belts in bakeries, patisseries, and other food-processing sectors to automate processes and increase productivity.

But how do you find the right belt for your applications, process steps and other any other needs?

Imke Brandes, global segment manager food/tobacco

“Once we know your requirements, we can help you pick the belt that’s right for you. Because each type of dough has different characteristics. And these are important for conveying the dough on the production line. We’re happy to help find the belt for your processes.”

Imke Brandes, global segment manager food/tobacco

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Our conveyor belts for dough processing

Siegling Transilon for dough processing
Siegling Fullsan for dough processing

Plastic modular belts

Siegling Prolink plastic modular belts allow you to tailor conveying and processing operations to your needs. The materials used, the designs, spacing, surface patterns and levels of permeability make our modular belts the go-to options for your food production processes.

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Siegling Prolink for dough processing

Additional products for particular production phases

Conveyor belts for stringent hygiene requirements

It’s vital to prevent lint forming on conveyor belt edges. We do so via a special fabric, a unique bond and optimized fiber lengths so that there's no fraying – even on unsealed belts.

As a result, our Frayfree belt types guarantee safety, so crucial in the food industry, and meet all hygiene standards.

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Conveyor belts for stringent hygiene requirements in dough processing

Conveyor belts with belt edge sealing

Do you need superior hygiene in plastic conveyor belts with fabric tension members? Firstly, our Smartseal belt edge sealing prevents oil, grease, water, and bacteria from penetrating the fabric. Secondly, this sealing method prevents lint from forming on the belt edges.

Information about our belt edge sealing

Conveyor belts with belt edge sealing for dough processing
Belt scrapers for dough processing

Hygienic belt marking for your conveyor belts

Special hygienic markings on conveyor belts improves process efficiency in a targeted way. These are used in areas requiring exact positioning. Laser printing allows you to add any shapes and symbols to the conveyor belts.

Hygienic belt marking

Safety in inclined and steep conveying

In the food industry, bulk materials, such as confectionery, flour or sugar, need to be conveyed very hygienically and without any product loss. We do so by providing side walls, which are easy to clean and can withstand oil and grease.

Information about the side wall range

Side walls for the food industry

Incision-resistant cutting belts

Our cutting belts’ unique design are guaranteed to withstand processes involved with cutting out dough. These HACCP belts’ durability makes them a high-quality and economically attractive solution.

Click here for more information about cutting belts

Incision resistance

Elastic belts for packaging tasks

Our homogenous, elastic belts made of urethane are ideal for check-weighers, labeling equipment, packaging machinery on spreader conveyors, or as acceleration belts and machine tapes. They stand apart for their very good release properties, troughability and dimensional stability. They can also withstand animal fats, detergents, and UV-C light.

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Elastic belts

Conveyor belt solutions with superb release properties

Each type of dough behaves differently on conveyor belts. It sticks, is greasy or sugary. Therefore, the processing belts need appropriate release properties to ensure products come off the belts.

Depending on the top face’s physical properties and patterns, as well as the type of product conveyed (greasy or watery), we can offer a conveyor belt with ideal release properties for any product. For Instance, coatings with low surface tension are naturally nonstick and ideal for conveying sticky, sugary products.

Release properties

Further information about dough processing

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