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Century Pulp & Paper

Lalkua (near Nainital), India

The customer

Century Pulp and Paper (CPP) is a producer of excellent quality writing and printing paper, and a leading manufacturer of tissue and board, as well as Rayon Grade Pulp (RGP) products in India. A division of Century Textile and Industries Ltd (CTIL), Century Pulp and Paper has achieved significant efficiencies in various disciplines, all within a short time.

Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in Lalkua (Nainital), Century Pulp and Paper is a committed employer of the local community. The company is proud to attain these international standards as a leading producer of pulp and paper:



This belt is used to convey packed A4 Paper reams with a total weight of 150 kg (60 reams at one go) to be conveyed over the entire length.

Customer faced issues like breakage of modules within 6 months of operation of a new belt and were looking at a solution where they would not face any problems for at least one continuous running year.

Customer was also facing a problem of sourcing the belt modules as there was no local contact available to them to place their orders for spares.


Our belting solution

We recommended to use Prolink S4.1-0 FLT POM BL (5800mm (L) x 4500 (W) with S4.1-Z35 SPR POM WT SQ60mm sprocket.

Prolink S4.1-0 FLT POM BL could be supplied in exactly the same width as was installed in their existing system. This would make it easy for them to replace the entire belt with the sprockets in the existing frame of the machine. Also POM modules in S4.1 would provide them with better life and decrease the downtime of the machine.

Since Forbo has a local presence, the customer felt more confident in dealing with us and providing us the PO for the belt as we could support them in installation as well as spare replenishment when required.



Our belt has performed as per customer’s expectations.
After successful trial of the first belt, we received another enquiry to replace more belts at their production site.

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