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Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl

Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and low maintenance cost. Our heterogeneous vinyl flooring is perfectly adapted for almost all application areas and we offer specialized flooring solutions like acoustic vinyl, slip resistant vinyl and loose lay vinyl. Go to the images below and explore our extensive range.

  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Eternal Material 12742 light cement | 11442 washed beech
    Eternal design vinyl sheet

    Eternal design vinyl sheet

    Experience Eternal vinyl, all day, every day.

    Forbo’s Eternal vinyl sheet collection is ideal across a wide variety of areas. Our varied palette of designs and colours delivers an infinite range of possibilities for every space – at work, at school or in the gym. Flooring where your feet feel connected, even when you are far away.

  • Image of Eternal de Luxe vinyl flooring installed in a commercial setting
    Eternal de Luxe

    Eternal de Luxe design vinyl

    Renowned for its wide variety of designs and outstanding performance across a range of demanding applications, our Eternal de Luxe flooring is an excellent example of Forbo’s uniquely premium design capabilities. The collection, which features stone and fresh wood effects, is enhanced by authentic embossing structures to add even greater realism to the designs. PUR lacquering maximises the durability and performance of the floor covering. Available in both compact and acoustic versions.

  • Hemingway x Forbo - Fresh Cut Graph
    HemingwayDesign x Forbo

    HemingwayDesign x Forbo

    The HemingwayDesign x Forbo Flooring Systems collaboration reinvents the relationship between shape and pattern by reimagining the floor as a surface for geometric design and graphic art.

    Four of the Hemingway designs (Hemingbone, Hopscotch, Fresh Cut Graph and Mix & Match) are available in Eternal digitally printed vinyl. Hemingbone, Fresh Cut Graph and Mix & Match are also available in Flotex flocked flooring.

    HemingwayDesign x Forbo Brochure
    HemingwayDesign x Forbo Video

  • Vinyl custom flooring - moon
    Vinyl Vision library

    Vinyl vision library

    Our advanced digital printing technology enables striking floor visuals that cannot be achieved with conventional print techniques. It enables you to design your own unique floor in the high quality of our heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring. In our digital library you will find a large pool of to be printed design of which some can also be recoloured. You can use the recolouring option in the tool.

Why Choose Eternal General Purpose Vinyl?

Eternal General Purpose Vinyl

A proven track record of delivering beautiful, reliable solutions

The Eternal collection combines authentic and convincing visuals with a natural feel and unique identity, direct from the Forbo design team. Eternal's high tech PUR Pearl finish and PVC wear layer underpin the collection's ability to maintain its as-new appearance - even following years of intensive use.

Trust in Design
• Highly realistic Material and Wood designs created to bring stylish aesthetics to any project
• PUR Pearl finish ensures a natural, matt and authentic look
• Coordinated design offer with Step safety flooring and other Forbo ranges
• Ability to customise specific signature designs for your project requirements
• New PUR Concrete embossing for true-to-life realism

Trust in performance
• Lowest possible residual indentation due to balanced construction and calendared backing
• Best protection against scratching and scuffing with our embossing protection techniques and PUR Pearl lacquering
• Easy to handle at installation and stays flat and stable in use due to the high-tech product construction
• Pigmented coloured wear layer in Eternal Colour for permanent, vivid colour intensity

Trust in Sustainability
• At least 60% recycled material in the backing, with all production waste put to good use
• Low emission levels and 100% phthalate free
• Manufactured with 100% green electricity from renewable resources meeting all applicable quality and environmental standards
• Micro embossing technology minimises the need for chemical cleaning and increases the lifespan of your floor

Eternal Colour 40672 & Eternal Wood 12802

Where to use Eternal?

Where to use Eternal?

From spills and tumbles of a nursery through to the large scale thoroughfares in a modern university, there is a common need for attractive, functional vinyl products. Eternal and Eternal de Luxe have the performance and product properties to satisfy such a diverse range of needs.

Forbo’s innovative on-line FloorVisualizer allows you to visualise Forbo's Eternal sheet vinyl flooring in a selection of room shots.
To play with our FloorVisualizer click here

Flooring for Education
Bright, stimulating colours contribute to good learning environments, while contrasting colours can help designate different parts of the classroom, libraries or study halls. Eternal de Luxe is available in a 17dB acoustic version which is ideal for creating functional learning environments.
To visit the Education segment page click here

Flooring for Healthcare
The caring and soothing characteristics of healthcare interiors were kept in mind during the colourway design process and Eternal´s PUR Pearl easy-to-clean, stain resistant, low maintenance surface fits the demanding cleaning regime essential in this segment.
To visit the Healthcare segment page click here

Flooring for Retail, leisure and hospitality
Benefit from a flooring solution with striking yet complementary aesthetics. As one of the largest interior surfaces, the floor can also be used to enhance the branding or maybe identify zoning. Eternal’s digital printing technology allows you to create a unique, standout floor to enhance your guests’ experience.
To visit the Retail segment page click here
To visit our Leisure & Hospitality segment pages click here

Flooring for Offices
Today’s offices are designed to offer a more relaxed, welcoming and homely feel to help improve well-being. They also now include many different textures of floor coverings. Eternal can be used alongside our Tessera carpet tile or Flotex flocked flooring to provide the required balance of aesthetics and functionality.To visit the Public Building segment page click here

Eternal Wood 10842 + Eternal Wood 10852 + Eternal Colour 40562


Making vinyl better

We are constantly striving to improve the environmental profile of our vinyl products through local and international initiatives.

How it's made
• Our Eternal and Eternal de Luxe sheet vinyl ranges contain at least 18% recycled content
• All our vinyl is manufactured in Europe and is REACH* complaint
• Of all the electricity we buy, 100% comes from renewable sources.
• Our vinyl products are manufactured under an environmental management system that is certified to ISO14001

How it performs
• We use smart material constructions and durable finishes on Eternal and Eternal de Luxe
• A micro- embossing technology reduces the need for chemical cleaning and increases the floor's lifespan
• Through our Back to the Floor scheme we can collect clean installation off-cuts of our smooth vinyl and reprocess them to avoid landfill

*Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impact on both human health and the environment

Social accountability
We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. That’s why all our UK manufacturing facilities and most of our sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®. The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain and we are the only UK flooring company to have achieved this certification. Forbo was also involved in the development of BES 6002 (BRE’s Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard) and became the 1st flooring company certified to this standard.

Green certification
We provide Environmental Data Sheets for all our products. To download our EDS sheets and our independent EPD’s, please click here
For more details on how we’re helping to Create Better Environments click here

Eternal Wood 10322 & Eternal Material 12752

Proven Performance

Proven Performance

Calandered backing, consistent and dimensionally stable construction, colour fastness and unique embossing; it's a combination of these elements along with the PVC wear layer and PUR surface layer treatment that make the Eternal and Eternal de Luxe collections stand out from the crowd.

Quite simply, guaranteed performance over time is the significant difference. The cleaning and maintenance regime is simple and efficient, maintaining Eternal’s “as new” appearance over many years.

PUR pearl lacquering technique
The proven PUR pearl lacquering protection technique is used in most of our designs. The application technique for the lacquering layer assures an even amount of lacquering both on top and in the deeper areas of the embossing. This matt embossed lacquer layer ensures the highest level of chemical and scuff resistance. The use of a specially developed ‘flexible lacquer’ helps to prevent the surface from scratching and maintains the long lasting appearance.

Product construction
A transparent wear layer, ensures maximum wear resistance and maintains the integrity of the design. A non-woven, fully impregnated, glass fleece layer functions as the backbone of the product. It ensures the dimensional stability and allows a lean-development approach. Adding to stability and the high quality is the optimised calandered backing, a firm but flexible and embossed layer allowing easy installation, even if coving. The backing layer, which is a substantial part of the product construction, contains at least 60% re-used content.

Eternal PUR Pearl logo

Designer Quality

Designer Quality

Distinctive in every application

When you turn to the Forbo Eternal and Eternal de Luxe general purpose vinyl collection you'll discover a superb combination of state of the art designs in strong, durable, fit-for-purpose ranges - whatever your application.
When you’re looking for a flooring solution, you’ll find the Eternal collection offers the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

Whether you’re an architect or interior designer looking for a distinctive design, or a facilities manager or contractor seeking a functional solution, the design elements of the Eternal collection can be blended together to achieve the perfect end result.

For the new Eternal collection, Forbo’s design team has developed convincing, authentic visuals with a unique identity and a natural feel. Eternal’s high tech PVC wear layer and PUR Pearl finish are key to the collection’s ability to keep its as-new appearance even after years of intensive use.

Eternal Colour 45132

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