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Leisure & Hospitality

The ultimate visitor experience

A visitor's experience at any leisure venue is about much more than just the activities they get involved in whilst there. The impact of the interior scheme and the overall ambiance play a crucial role in giving them the ultimate visitor experience.

Hospitality flooring example at a cricket museum venue

Expertise in Leisure & Hospitality

The ideal floor for the leisure & hospitality & sector

The leisure and hospitality sector is a branch which covers more or less everything we can do with our spare time. From theatre or stadium visits, hotels or camp sites, dinner or lunch in a restaurant, to relaxing at the spa.

A visitor's experience at any leisure venue is about much more than just the activities they get involved in whilst there. The impact of the interior scheme and the overall ambiance play a crucial role in giving them the ultimate visitor experience.

From their initial impression on entering the building, right through to where they eat or shop, Forbo's portfolio of products makes it easy for you to choose the perfect flooring to set the tone in your venue.


The impact of the interior scheme and the overall ambiance play a crucial role in giving a visitor the ultimate experience.


Hotels, Cafes, Hospitality Flooring

  • Coral Brush

    Entrance Areas

    First Impressions Count

    Entrance Areas

    In constant use, entrance areas to buildings can quickly become wet, dirty and potentially hazardous to visitors and staff alike. Our Coral and Nuway entrance systems are tough and resilient, and can play a critical role in reducing the potential for slips and trips by preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked in. By keeping out dirt and moisture at the entrance, cleaning costs can be cut by up to 65%, interior floors protected and the potential for slipping greatly reduced.
    Find out more about our solutions for entrance areas

  • Dolphin Discovery Centre - Western Australia

    General Circulation Areas

    Overall ambiance

    General Circulation Areas

    From receptions areas and corridors, to large open plan museums and even children's soft play areas, corridors and circulation areas can be subjected to a constant onslaught of foot traffic.

    Our portfolio of floor coverings for the Leisure & Hospitality sector offers a wide selection of design lead resilient and textile solutions with the durability to stand the test of heavy traffic circulation areas.
    Find out more about our solutions for general circulation areas

  • Simply Fish restaurant

    Travel, bars and restaurants

    Take a break

    Travel, bars and restaurants

    Taking time out travelling, a bite to eat and time to relax is often top of visitor's priority lists, and so creating a chic yet comfortable place for them to take a break can ensure they make the most of their time with you. Whether you want to bring the outside in with the natural look of wood and stone, or if you want to create a cosy, warm atmostphere, Forbo Flooring has a wide choice of products to suit your needs.

  • Avalon Wellbeing Centre Treatment Room Marmoleum Walton

    Health & Well-being


    Health & Well-being

    From creating a tranquil atmosphere to ensuring a safe and hygienic space in barefoot and gym areas, we have a selection of design lead yet wholly practical flooring solutions for all areas of health and well-being facilities.
    Find out more about our solutions for health and well-being facilities

  • Zoomers

    Hotels & Accommodation

    Acoustics & Comfort

    Hotels & Accommodation

    For hotel owners, transfer of noise to neighbouring rooms and rooms located below must be limited where possible. The less you hear of chairs being moved around and the noise of footsteps from the floor above, the better it is. In addition to the acoustic performance of a floor, floor coverings need to add a sense of comfort and style to complement the overall interior design.
    Find out more about our solutions for hotels and accommodation

  • Safestep 17499

    Back of House

    Staff safety

    Back of House

    At Forbo we understand that, away from the customer's eye, an efficient Back of House is what keeps all Leisure & Hospitality businesses running smoothly. And of course, ensuring employee health and safety in these busy, fundamental areas is a paramount concern. Our portfolio of flooring solutions delivers both durability and performance to keep these all important functions running efficiently, while ensuring staff safety in the workplace.
    Find out more about our Back of Housing flooring solutions


Products to use in Leisure & Hospitality

Custom flooring - you choose what it looks like

With our Custom flooring collection you can design your own unique floor with our digital print techniques in Flotex flocked flooring, Eternal and Step project vinyl and Coral entrance flooring and the refined Aquajet cutting technique for Marmoleum flooring.
Discover the possibilities

Bespoke Digital Printed Vinyl
Coral Logo Ammonite Hotel

Nuway & Coral - entrance systems

By keeping out dirt and moisture at the entrance, cleaning costs can be cut by up to 65%. Our Nuway collection is the recognized market leader in engineered entrance flooring systems. Nuway entrance systems provide an outstanding first line of defense against soil and moisture entering a building, on the soles of shoes and the treads of wheeled traffic. It helps to keep your interior floor coverings dryer and cleaner whilst also preventing slips.

Our Coral collection has been the market leading, textile entrance flooring brand for 50 years. It offers more choice than ever before with attractive and sustainable clean-off systems and is available in styles and constructions to suit all applications, budgets and aesthetic requirements. Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk of slipping.
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Flotex – flocked flooring

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor, and being completely waterproof, it is also a truly washable textile floor covering.

There are over 70 million fibres per m² in Flotex, which provide a slip resistant surface in both wet and dry conditions. Flotex fibres are flexible and comfortable underfoot and thanks to their density and strength they return to their original shape.
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Golf Rijk van Margraten NL
Tessera Chroma Camisole 3621 -Tangerine 3623 -Tuxedo 3606

Tessera – carpet tiles

Tessera has an wide range of multi-construction carpet tiles. Various formats are available including planks and tiles enabling creative floor design. It reduces the impact noise to up to 30 dB. Random lay ranges are available, reducing installation waste to 2%.
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Marmoleum – linoleum sheet and tile

Our Marmoleum floor coverings are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative designs.

Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials and is the most sustainable flooring choice. The weighted average of our Marmoleum portfolio is Climate Positive, cradle to gate, without the need to offset. There are more than 300 colours & designs allow for beautiful, colourful floor designs.

All Marmoleum floors have a Topshield pro finish, meaning they are scratch and scuff resistant, which makes it an easy to maintain flooring with long lasting appearance retention.
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Eureka Museum Marmoleum Aquajet
Alegro Montijo food court

Allura – luxury vinyl tiles

Are you looking for the aesthetics of natural wood and stone floors with the advantages of strong and comfortable vinyl tiles? Explore our Allura LVT collections. Warm underfoot, excellent dimensional stability, easy installation and maintenance. We offer our LVT designs in several constructions to make sure there is always a suitable choice for your application.
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Eternal – general purpose vinyl sheet

A general purpose vinyl is perfect for waiting areas where a durable solution is key. Eternal is available in realistic wood effects, stone and abstract designs, a broad palette of colours and some digitally printed visuals which are designed to inspire.
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Eternal de Luxe 3047
Sarlon & Modul'up acoustic sheet vinyl

Sarlon & Modul’up – acoustic vinyl sheet

Forbo Flooring has over 30 years experience and industry knowledge in this specialist field and has produced over 100 million m2 of acoustic floor coverings. Sarlon & Modul’up are just two of our acoustic sheet vinyl ranges. Both are phthalate free and offer a wide range of colours and designs.

Sarlon & Modul’up are excellent all-round performers ideal for areas where noise pollution can be an issue. Sarlon offers an impact sound reduction of 15-19 dB. It requires minimum cleaning and maintenance and is available in an extensive range of colours and designs. Modul'up offers an impact sound reduction of 19 dB and is adhesive free, helping to reduce downtime by over 50%.

● Downtime reduced in busy buildings
● Immediate use of the building (no adhesive, no odors)
● Easy to remove after installation
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Step – safety vinyl sheet

Step is perfect for areas prone to spillages, the Step collection offers varying levels of slip resistance from R10-R12. PUR pearl finish means Step is resistant to scuff marks and improves the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Particles in the wear layer of all Forbo Step safety floors guarantee lifetime sustainable slip resistance. Step is available in over 60 designs in wood and stone effects.
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Surestep Laguna trout 181262
Fabscrap F50004 & F50037

Sphera – homogeneous vinyl sheet

The SMART-top surface finish ensures that Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains, which makes it a perfect flooring solution for high traffic environments. Sphera is a homogeneous vinyl which is easy to clean and phthalate free, which provides a hygienic indoor environment. The in-line coating and subsequent embossing ensure superior appearance and durability.
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Marmoleum: Climate Positive, Naturally

A truly Climate Positive floor covering

With the UK Government recently setting a new target for net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the use of Marmoleum in the Leisure and Hospitality sector has never been more relevant.
Find out more about Marmoleum

Forbo’s Marmoleum is made from an average of 97% natural raw materials.

So it’s no surprise that it is the world’s leading, sustainable resilient flooring.

The weighted average of our Marmoleum product range is also Climate Positive (cradle to gate) without offsetting.

Eureka Museum Marmoleum Aquajet
Coral Logo Ammonite Hotel

Entrance Flooring Systems

Keeping the world outside, outside
Sustainable flooring starts at the door, with our Coral textile entrance flooring systems. Many of our Coral collections are made from ECONYL® – a high quality yarn made from 100% regenerated polyamide. regenerated from recyclable material such as abandoned fishing nets and even old carpet fluff! In addition, the primary backing of Coral Welcome is made from recycled plastic PET bottles.

We make Coral in a factory that runs entirely on green electricity and sends virtually zero waste to landfill and 100% of our aluminium, steel and rubber waste from our Nuway production is recycled.

And for those customers wanting a ‘natural’ entrance system, we offer Nuway Tuftiguard with Bamboo scraper bars. Bamboo is a sustainable species of grass and one of the fastest growing plants on earth.
Find out more about our EFS products

Tessera - carpet tiles

As part of the production process of our Tessera carpet tiles we are always looking to reduce the amount of virgin materials we use. For example, instead of throwing away yarn ends, we rewind them and tuft them into our Tessera range.

All of our UK-produced tufted carpet tiles have at least 56% recycled content (by weight), with some containing an impressive 75%.

We even have a range made with up to 100% ECONYL® regenerated yarn.
Discover the Tessera range

Tessera Chroma Camisole 3621 -Tangerine 3623 -Tuxedo 3606
Forbo's Marmoleum factory in Holland

Social Accountability

We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. That’s why all our UK manufacturing facilities and most of our sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®. The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain and we are the only UK flooring company to have achieved this certification.

Forbo was also involved in the development of BES 6002 (BRE’s Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard) and became the 1st flooring company certified to this standard.

Back to the Floor Recycling Scheme

We collect clean installation off-cuts of Forbo products through our ‘Back to the Floor’ programme.

It’s good for us as it provides material to recycle back into our some of our products and it’s good for contractors as it saves money rather than landfilling it. We collect Marmoleum, Eternal, Sarlon and Sphera smooth vinyl, Allura LVT, Novilon cushioned vinyl, Flotex and Tessera carpet tile off-cuts.

To find out more just contact Back to the Floor on 0161 925 8760,

Download: Back to the Floor leaflet

Back to the Floor

Custom Flooring

Make it your own

Turning your floor space into a unique interior statement has never been easier thanks to Forbo Flooring Systems wide range of bespoke design and print options. There are virtually no limits to what can be achieved in terms of aesthetic design, colour and intricate detailing.

Download our Bespoke Design Brochure

So decide beforehand how long your furniture and floor must last. Are you looking for a floor for the next 20 years? A timeless design floor such as Marmoleum is the ideal choice. If a shorter life cycle is acceptable, a more outspoken flooring can also be an option.

When designing a digitally printed floor, it can be quirky as you like. A fairytale landscape, champagne bubbles or motorway cutting across your restaurant? No problem. A floor with a unique print certainly reinforces your identity. It can also contribute to routing, which can be very advantageous, working constructively and sometimes also lowering thresholds. The quality is extremely important, what could be worse than seeing the design which is your heart and soul becoming shabby because the print is not properly protected?

Within our Custom Design flooring you can design your own unique floor with our digital print techniques in Flotex, Eternal project vinyl, Step safety vinyl, Coral entrance flooring and the refined Aquajet cutting technique for Marmoleum flooring.

For more information just contact your local Forbo representative or email

Fact: First impressions are crucial in this sector.

Flotex Vision digital print

Flotex is the ideal blank canvas for designers to create flooring concepts with the ‘wow’ factor. We have a collection of more than 500 designs that can be recoloured.

You can also create something bespoke for a truly individual solution from just 60m2. Whether it be photography, commercial branding or specific Pantone references, we can work to match your requirements.
Explore Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision

Digitally printed vinyl flooring

For those looking for something even more striking, our Eternal tailored flooring service allows you to create a completely personal floor from as little as 12m². Graphics, photographic images, in fact any print or design that you would like (copyright permitting) can be used.
Explore Eternal Digtally Printed Vinyl Flooring

Our Digitally Printed Step range takes safety flooring into a new design dimension. Still featuring all the product performance benefits of our standard Surestep ranges, Surestep Digital Print allows you to create custom safety flooring. Choose from our two stocked Ice Cream or Moon designs, or create your own design.
Explore Step Digitally Printed Vinyl Flooring

Digital printed vinyl

Designing with Marmoleum

Our unique Aquajet water cutting technology enables reproduction of the most intricate designs and allows for endless creativity. You can create your own flooring with use of standard models or create your own design. Whether it is a thematic floor, a work of art, a company logo, the possibilities are limitless. You can choose your own colours from the Marmoleum range for each standard Aquajet model.

View our Marmoleum Aquajet pages

Marmoleum Aquajet

Coral Logo entrance flooring

That all important impression can even start at your threshold as our Coral Logo range offers bespoke design possibilities while still providing a first class line of defence against dirt and moisture being brought inside.

From company logos and crests to quirky images or messages, our insert and digitally printed Coral Logo mats make a unique feature of your entrance areas.

View our Coral logo pages

Coral logo entrance flooring

Designer Flooring Collections

Forbo Flooring has been very privileged to team up with some amazing designers including Phillippe Starck, Wayne Hemingway and Tibor Reich. Many have found inspiration from our advanced production methods, which in many cases, allow high definition digital printing, enabling the designers to achieve an exact translation of their design vision.
Click here to find out more about our exclusive designer collections

Philippe Starck



The acoustic performance of spaces undoubtedly plays an important role right across the leisure & hospitality segment, with acoustic requirements varying from establishment to establishment. In hotels and accommodation, transfer of noise to neighbouring rooms and rooms located below must be limited where possible, while in experience venues such as theatres and cinemas, acoustics is a total package which is essential in raising visitor perception to a higher level.

Carpets are therefore a popular choice in hotels, because they can help to greatly reduce impact sound from one floor to another. However with heavy footfall and a constant flow off guests in and out of rooms, carpets can often become visibly dirty. Providing the perfect alternative solution is our Flotex flocked flooring; a floor covering which feels soft and warm to the touch and underfoot and delivering up to 22 dB impact sound reduction. It gives the look and feel of a carpet but is suitable for wet cleaning like a hard floor thanks to it's nylon fibres and waterproof backing.

Fact: People talk even more loudly when there is a lot of noise.

Linoleum marmoleum hotel
Marmoleum Walton 3359 restaurant

Flotex flocked flooring is also increasingly used in cinemas and theatres thanks to of it's ease of maintenance and cleaning. As already mentioned, such flooring helps contribute to good acoustics, especially in terms of absorption of walking noise.

Contact noise often also plays a role in restaurants and pubs. The less you hear of chairs being moved around and/or ‘clickclack’ stiletto heels, the easier a conversation becomes. A hybrid product is a good flooring solution in these areas, being easy to clean thanks to the vinyl back, and absorbing noise through the textile top layer. Flotex is an example of such a hybrid floor: a high-tech flooring which looks like carpet and feels warm and comfortable.

Where the look and feel of natural materials such as wood and stone are required, vinyl floor coverings offer an ideal solution, with acoustic products offering up to 19 dB impact sound reduction. Vinyl floors offer no end of possibilities in terms of looks: wood, concrete, colours; virtually anything goes. It can even be digitally printed with any image, pattern, logo or artwork of your choice.

Fast Fit Flooring

Reduce downtime, choose Fast Flooring

Increasingly, speed of installation and minimising downtime and disruption can be an important factor when choosing a floor, particularly in Leisure & Hospitality environments . With our Fast Fit flooring collection your floor can be fitted in no-time, so you can stay open for your customers.

Many of the products can be fitted over existing floors and as they don’t need to be installed with adhesive, they can reduce installation time by over 50%. The floor is ready for immediate use after installation, no need to wait 48 hours before using with heavy traffic.

Our Fast Fit "click" solutions simply click together using a mallet and, as no adhesive is required on any Fast Fit product, they are easier to install. There are no adhesive odours, frequently less disruption and dust, and floors can be walked on immediately after installation.

A reduction in downtime can mean substantial savings, and as there’s no need for adhesives, there’s a potential saving on installation costs.

Go to our Fast Fit collection

Fast Fit logo UK Dec 20

Fast Fit Entrance Systems

Coral Click is an exceptionally versatile modular entrance matting system that can be assembled on site. Coral Click can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Coral clean-off textile ranges to provide an integrated entrance system.
Visit the Fast Fit Entrance collection

Coral Click
Allura Click cc60664

Fast Fit Planks & Tiles

Are you looking for realistic wood or stone designs that are easy to install? Our Allura Click, Ease and Puzzle collections offer you just that. The planks of Allura Click & Allura Ease are easy to install without the need for adhesives, and thus also easy to remove, re-use and recycle. The Allura Puzzle tiles are, as the name already says, puzzled together. It is that easy. Protected by our exclusive lacquering system your floor will not only look great, it will also stand the test of time.
Visit the Fast Fit Planks collection
Visit the Fast Fit Tiles collection

Fast Fit Sheet

Forbo's Modul'up adhesive free vinyl sheet collection is a ground-breaking floor covering, and is suitable for both new build and for renovation applications in health care facilities , schools and offices as well as residential buildings.

The Modul'up vinyl sheet collection heralds a technological innovation as a "lay-flat, stay flat" floor covering solution that does not require any adhesive. As such it reduces the amount of material and energy used for a flooring installation and ensures that the product can be recovered easily and safely at the end of its service life.

In addition, the usual constraints associated with adhesives are removed, such as drying times and lingering odours.
Visit the Fast Fit Sheet collection

Modul'up 539 x 404

Inspiration & Downloads

Bishkek restaurant - Russia


To create your floor and make up your mind what would fit best we have several tools and services. Our online FloorVisualizer helps you to place our floors in any environment. Upload a picture of your room to the FloorVisualizer and combine several floors so you can see how it looks.
Start playing with our FloorVisualizer

FloorVisualizer guide