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Coral & Nuway Entrance Matting and Flooring

Coral entrance matting

Entrance matting is the first step for protecting your building. By stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, our Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk for slipping. With almost 50 years of commercial flooring experience, Forbo Coral offers you the best entrance flooring solution for your entrance area. Check out our different Coral ranges below.

  • Coral entrance matting
  • Coral entrance matting
  • Coral entrance matting
  • Coral entrance matting
  • Coral entrance matting
  • Coral Welcome 3208
    Coral Welcome

    Coral Welcome

    Coral Welcome is available in 27.5 x 2.05 metre rolls (cutting charges do apply) and in 105 x 155cm mats.

    Where design meets environment. With its contemporary linear design and rich, deep pile, Coral Welcome packs the style and aesthetic appeal of a luxury carpet.

    Besides looking fabulous, Coral Welcome is an environmentally advanced entrance flooring with its use of Econyl® 100% regenerated yarn, which is made from regenerated industrial and postconsumer waste, and the use of recycled PET bottles in its primary backing.

  • Coral Logo Forbo B
    Coral Logo

    Coral Logo

    Great looks for a great welcome. Forbo offers a bespoke print and cut-out design service to create your own unique entrance mat. Coral Logo is designed to the same standards as our regular Coral entrance flooring, which means it will retain its looks whilst keeping out dirt and moisture for years to come.

    Depending on your design, you can choose between a printed mat or a mat with a cut inset logo.

  • Coral Click
    Coral Click

    Coral Click

    Coral Click is an exceptionally versatile modular entrance matting system that can be assembled on site. The interlocking mechanism is simply ‘clicked’ together using a rubber hammer.

    The tiles are supplied in 24 x 24cm connectable tiles formats. Each box contains 24 tiles, sufficient to cover an area of 1.37m².

  • Coral Interior 1521
    Coral Interior

    Coral Interior

    Coral Interior is only available in a mixed plank and tile format. Each box contains 6 of each 50 x 50cm tiles and 25 x 100cm planks.

    Innovative new modular format. Coral interior is a unique concept that completes your entrance flooring system. A product that is designed to be installed in zone 3, being the area behind the entrance like lounges, corridors and elevator spaces. The colours of the Coral interior range coordinate with the other Coral ranges ensuring a cohesive design (or similar).

    Coral interior comes in a mix of planks (100x25cm) and tiles (50x50cm). Per box there are 6 tiles and 6 planks. There is no pattern so you can simply lay the tiles and planks randomly to create a unique design. It is extremely easy to install with a minimum of installation waste.

  • Coral Brush 5714
    Coral Brush

    Coral Brush

    Coral Brush is available in 50 x 50cm tiles, 27.5 metre rolls in 3 different widths and 4 different sized mats (dimensions listed below).

    A good all-rounder that keeps out dirt and moisture. Coral Brush is suitable for all types of entrance areas, absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling as the weather demands. With it's simple, solid colours, this entrance flooring works well with any interior design.
    Coral Brush is made of three yarns: capillary yarns to absorb moisture, active dirt-scraping yarns and heavy duty texture yarns that can withstand intensive use.

    The whole Coral Brush range is also available in tile format.
    The colours 5710 and 5721 are available as Fast Flooring loose lay tiles.

  • Coral Grip HD 6128
    Coral Grip HD

    Coral Grip HD

    Coral Grip HD is available in approx.10 metre rolls in 2 different widths and 1 size of mat (dimensions listed below).

    The robust and ultimate dirt and grit remover. Coral Grip HD is a versatile, nonwoven clean off barrier mat for outdoor and indoor use that is ideal for areas leading to and from sports or leisure environments. Coral Grip HD’s patented, embossed design and durable, pliable filaments ensure a highly effective dirt-scraping action which is perfect for areas susceptible to footfall containing enhanced levels of dirt and moisture.

  • Coral Classic 4768
    Coral Classic

    Coral Classic

    Coral Classic is available in 50 x 50cm tiles, 27.5 metre rolls in 3 different widths and 4 different sized mats (dimensions listed below).

    The ultimate moisture absorber. Research shows that taking just 2 steps on Coral Classic’s moisture absorbing yarns is enough to absorb half of the foot-borne moisture that would otherwise be carried inside!

    Coral Classic will maintain its performance and appearance for years to come thanks to the use of solution dyed yarns that guarantee its appearance throughout its lifespan.

    The whole Coral Classic range is also available in tile format.
    The colours 4701 and 4730 are available as Fast Flooring loose lay tiles.

  • Coral Duo 9708
    Coral Duo

    Coral Duo

    Coral Duo is only available in 27.5 x 2.05 metre rolls and cutting charges will apply.

    Coral Duo entrance flooring is the ideal solution when you need maximum dirt removal, unrivalled dirt retention and exceptional moisture absorption, all in just a couple of paces. Research has shown that Coral Duo retains 10% more dirt in the first few metres than any other textile entrance flooring solution on the market. Which makes it the best choice for small entrances.

    With its ribbed construction, Coral Duo is not only functional, but also gives an aesthetically pleasing look to any entrance. In larger entrances, Coral Duo combines well with our Coral Brush and Classic collections.

  • Brush loose lay tile
    Coral Pro-Fit Quattro loose lay tiles

    Coral loose lay tiles

    We have enhanced our Coral tiles offering by introducing a new, adhesive free format which is perfect for jobs that require minimised downtime and a quick turnaround. Available in two stocked colours in Classic and Brush, the adhesive free, Pro-fit Quattro tiles use a ‘hook and loop’ system which securely connects the tiles to small patches placed on the subfloor. Although adhesive free, these tiles still offer the same level of performance as
    traditional Coral tiles and are suitable for any environment.

    Two colours of the Brush and two colours of the Classic collection are available from stock.
    Other colours from the Coral Classic and Brush collection are available on request.

    To order samples from this range please fill out this online sample order form

About Coral

Stop dirt in its tracks

Coral is designed with a unique combination of yarns that contribute to scraping off dirt and retaining moisture.

By achieving this, Coral products are able to keep to the 4R principle:

1. Removes soiling
2. Retains soiling
3. Releases soiling
4. Recovers as new after cleaning

Testing by Cleaning Research International shows that by stopping up to 95% of walked-in moisture and dirt, Coral will reduce the time spent cleaning your interior floor coverings by up to 65%.

The savings made in the first 6 months of use mean product and fitting costs will be recouped within these 6 months!

Coral Interior

Technical & Environmental

Technical & Environmental

You can download the following Coral documents here:

Technical Specifications
Forbo Coral Technical Specification
Forbo Coral Click Technical Specification
Forbo Coral Logo Technical Specification

Environmental Datasheets
Forbo Coral Brush Environmental datasheet
Forbo Coral Classic Environmental Datasheet
Forbo Coral Duo Environmental Dataheet
Forbo Coral Welcome Environmental Datasheet
Forbo Coral Click Environmental Datasheet
Forbo Coral Interior Environmental Datasheet
Forbo Coral Grip HD Environmental Datasheet

Download here the Coral LRV & NCS document

Fire Class
All vinyl-backed Coral entrance floors comply with fire class Bfl-s1. This is vital, because every entrance and exit is a fire exit too.

Document download centre
Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link download centre

Coral technical specifications are also available on our download centre

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Coral installation & floorcare

Architects and interior designers spend a lot of time and money on the visual appearance of a building. It is often forgotten that this design can only be retained when the floor stays clean and undamaged. The Coral collections are designed with our own yarn system that helps scrape dirt and absorb moisture, keeping the entrance floor looking good even after years of use.

Here you can download the cleaning & maintenance advice and the installation manual:

Coral cleaning & maintenance instructions
Coral sheet, tiles & planks installation instructions
Coral Click Installation Guide
Coral loose lay tiles installation instructions
Coral Grip Installation instructions

Forbo Coral Product Guarantee

Coral cleaning & maintenance

Entrance zones

Choose the right entrance system

When choosing the correct entrance flooring system for your building, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, the location of the building determines the type of dirt and moisture the EFS needs to combat, secondly there is the expected footfall, followed by the type of traffic (e.g. office workers, school children) and finally, the size of the entrance area. Each sector has different demands and requirements, from office flooring to school flooring, so it’s important to select the right entrance flooring to match your needs.

The good news is that for every factor or consideration, there is a Coral product that’s perfect for the job.

We have defined 3 entrance zones.
For each zone we offer a selection of products that best fit the entrance area.
Zone 1: External primary matting
Zone 2: Internal primary matting
Zone 3: Circulation zone matting

Please click on the zones in the image below for more information.

Coral leave dirt at the door

Images & Video

Coral Images & Video

Please click on any image below to open our Coral image gallery.

Brochure & Sample Book

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