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Public buildings

Every solution. One supplier.

Working together with many government estates, local authorities and facilities managers - Forbo Flooring Systems currently helps clients in the public sector to continually achieve value for money by offering a fully integrated portfolio.

An example of flooring for public buildings installed

Expertise in Public buildings

Flooring solutions in Public buildings

Forbo partners those who are seeking to simplify the floor covering selection process and to lighten the project management burden, ultimately helping clients to meet continually challenging timeframes and tightening budgets.

From entrance to exit, we can help you find the ideal flooring solutions for all your project flooring requirements, no matter what the purpose of the building is. A fully integrated product portfolio, delivered by one trusted supplier and supported by an experienced account management team.

Forbo is the only flooring manufacturer on the Crown Commercial Service framework agreement for ‘Building Materials & Associated Services’. (RM 3837). This framework can be used by organisations across the UK public sector.
Reasons to choose Framework RM 3837
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Sarlon | 9309 Dark Kubik | 4804 Copper Stardust


Flooring for Public Buildings

  • Entrance Flooring Nuway


    Protect interior floor finishes


    Entrance flooring is fundamental in the Public building environment. A well designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolonges the life of interior flooring, reduces cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slips and injuries. With both textile (Coral) and rigid (Nuway) Entrance Systems in our portfolio, we can offer an entrance solution for every situation.

    Choose a floor that:
    ● Is easy to clean
    ● Reduce slips and trips
    ● Protect your interior floor finishes

  • Circulation areas

    Circulation areas

    Durability & Noise reduction

    Circulation areas

    Durability & Reduces noise
    Corridors are busy, noisy places and demand durable and safe flooring. We have a range of products that can offer sustainability, sound reduction and quick installation whilst also having superb durability and slip resistance. This ensures your circulation zones not only look great, but are safe and practical.

    Choose a floor that:
    ● Is durable
    ● Reduces sound
    ● Is slip resistant
    ● Is easy to clean and maintain

  • Primo Small Goods Head Office - Allura flex

    Kitchen and Canteen

    Hygienic flooring

    Kitchen and Canteen

    Canteens and restaurants are a vital part of any Public building as they act as the place where members of staff can recharge. In kitchens and canteens safety is the main concern. In environments like this a floor with excellent non-slip properties is crucial to minimize the risk of accidents. Durability and ease of cleaning are also main concerns in these areas. Our Step safety flooring offers lifetime slip resistance performance and provides safety solutions for a wide range of applications.

    Choose a floor that:
    • Good slip resistance to avoid slips and trips
    • Durability
    • Excellent acoustic properties to reduce and contain the noise where possible
    • Flooring that cleans up as good as new and is hygienic

  • Forbo Surestep Laguna 181592 Lava

    Sanitary facilities

    Safety and Hygiene first

    Sanitary facilities

    In sanitary facilities, slip resistance is of paramount consideration as areas with water or spillages could affect safety underfoot. Staff and visitors should not worry about slips and trips when entering your sanitary facility. Our Step range significantly reduces the risk of slips in wet areas whilst still creating a modern, fresh interior.

    Choose a floor that:
    ● Is slip resistant
    ● Is durable
    ● Is easy to clean and maintain

  • office

    Meeting rooms

    Acoustics & Comfort

    Meeting rooms

    Meeting rooms should provide a comfortable yet inspiring place in which staff and visitors can express themselves and share thoughts and ideas with each other. Therefore, comfort and aesthetic capabilities are important to consider when creating a meeting room.

    Choose a floor that:
    ● Provides an inspiring atmosphere that promotes concentration
    ● Is easy to clean and maintain
    ● Is durable
    ● Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
    ● Reduce the noise level

  • Main workspace

    Main workspace

    Comfortable and inspiring

    Main workspace

    The perfect workspace is an environment where your employees can feel comfortable, safe and inspired. Colour, light, acoustics, it all affects the level of attention and concentration of your employees in the workspace. Forbo can offer a range of solutions which fulfil all of these requirements. When looking for the right floor in the workspace environment, these are the most important elements to consider.

    Choose a floor that:
    ● Provides an inspiring atmosphere that promotes concentration
    ● Is easy to clean and maintain
    ● Is durable
    ● Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
    ● Reduce the noise level


Products for use in Government & Public buildings
Click on the product links below to request samples

Flotex – flocked flooring

Flotex flocked flooring is the perfect solution for public buildings where foot traffic and movement of chairs requires a durable floor covering. It is slip resistant, comfortable and has an excellent sound absorbency up to 22 dB. Flotex is available in a wide range of colours and stimulating designs and is offered in a sheet, tile and plank format. Flotex also holds the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and it contains up to 49% recycled content.
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Flotex planks frameweave

Tessera – carpet tiles

Tessera has a wide range of multi-construction carpet tiles. Various formats are available including planks and tiles enabling creative floor design. It reduces impact noise to up to 30 dB. Random lay ranges are available, reducing installation waste to 2% and all Tessera carpet tiles contain a minimum of 56% recycled content.
Go to the Tessera collection

Marmoleum – linoleum sheet and tile

Our Marmoleum floor coverings are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design, which makes Marmoleum an ideal floor covering for Public buildings.

Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials and is the most sustainable flooring choice. The weighted average of our Marmoleum portfolio is CO2 neutral without the need to offset, helping public estates reach the net zero target set by the UK government.. The 300+ colours & designs allow for beautiful, colourful floor designs.

All Marmoleum floors have a Topshield pro finish, meaning they are scratch and scuff resistant. This makes Marmoleum
an easy to maintain flooring with long lasting appearance retention. Go to the Marmoleum collection

City office Venlo
The Gem

Allura – luxury vinyl tiles

Are you looking for the aesthetics of natural wood and stone floors with the advantages of strong and comfortable vinyl tiles? Explore our Allura LVT collections. Warm underfoot, excellent dimensional stability, easy installation and maintenance. We offer our LVT designs in several constructions to make sure there is always a suitable choice for your application.
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Eternal – general purpose vinyl sheet

A general purpose vinyl perfect for areas where a durable solution is key. Eternal is available in realistic wood effects, stone and abstract designs, a broad palette of colours and some digitally printed visuals which are designed to inspire.
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Eternal de Luxe 3047
Sarlon | Modul'up 2021

Sarlon – acoustic vinyl

Forbo Flooring has over 30 years experience and industry knowledge in this specialist field and has produced over 100 million m² of acoustic floor coverings. Sarlon is phthalate free and offers a wide range of colours and designs.

Sarlon is an excellent all-round performer, ideal for areas where noise pollution can be an issue. It has an impact sound reduction of 15-19 dB and requires minimum cleaning and maintenance and is available in an extensive range of colours and designs.

We also offer acoustic flooring options in the following ranges:
Modul'up 19 dB - adhesive free vinyl
Eternal de Luxe 17 dB - sheet vinyl with realistic wood effects
Step 17 dB - a genuine safety floor
Marmoluem Decibel and Acoustic - 18/14 dB respectively.

Go to our acoustic flooring collection

Modul'up - loose lay vinyl

Modul’up is the best in class adhesive free floor covering available for high traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives, saving valuable downtime in government and public buidlings that are operational 24 hours a day. It's is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement.

As it's adhesive free, Modul'up can be easily taken up and reused in another area. helping to contribute to the circular economy model.

Modul'up is available in an acoustic (19 dB), Compact and T.E. versions, with the latter allowing for the installation on damp subfloors with up to 97% RH. All formats offer the best possible quality and durability. Modul'up 19 dB and Compact offers over 90 colours in 4 design directions: Wood, Material, Graphic and Colour.

Modul'up is just one of the ranges in our Fast Fit collection of adhesive free products, available in sheet, tile and plank format for flexibility.
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Sarlon modul'up 337 indigo blue canvas

Step – safety vinyl sheet

Step is perfect for areas prone to contamination or spillages, the Step collection is a genuine HSE compliant safety floor, offering varying levels of slip resistance from R10-R12. The PUR pearl finish means Step is resistant to scuff marks and improves the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Particles in the wear layer of all Forbo step safety floors guarantee lifetime sustainable slip resistance. Step is available in over 60 designs in wood and stone effects.
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Fabscrap F50004 & F50037

Sphera – homogeneous vinyl sheet

The SMART-top surface finish ensures that Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains, which makes it a perfect flooring solution for high traffic environments. Sphera is a homogeneous vinyl which is easy to clean and phthalate free which provides a hygienic indoor environment. The in-line coating and subsequent embossing ensure superior appearance and durability.
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Nuway & Coral - entrance systems

By keeping out dirt and moisture at the entrance, cleaning costs can be cut by up to 65%. Our Nuway collection is the recognized market leader in engineered entrance flooring systems. Nuway entrance systems provide an outstanding first line of defence against soil and moisture entering a building on the soles of shoes and the treads of wheeled traffic. It helps to keep your interior floor coverings dryer and cleaner whilst also preventing slips.

Our Coral collection has been the market leading, textile entrance flooring brand for over 50 years. It offers more choice than ever before with attractive and sustainable clean-off systems and is available in styles and constructions to suit all applications, budgets and aesthetic requirements. Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your interior floor coverings as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk of slipping.

We're so confident in the performance of our Coral entrance products, that if you install Coral with another Forbo interior floor covering, we will increase that product's warranty by 2 years.
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Aviva Stadium Nuway

Health & Education

Healthcare & Education

Whether it's infection control or ease of cleaning, our independently tested solutions for healthcare can help to provide peace of mind. We also have a wide range of floor coverings to suit every sector of education whether it be nurseries, schools or universities.

For Public buildings with specific requirements, such as Healthcare or Education, visit our dedicated segment pages to see the most appropriate flooring requirements for your needs.


With millions of square metres of our floor coverings installed in healthcare establishments around the world every year, Forbo is at the forefront when it comes to understanding the needs and concerns of the health sector in regards to flooring.

From areas such as sterile environments requiring effective infection control, to relaxing and welcoming areas where patients can recover, Forbo's wide portfolio of products offers ideal flooring solutions for healthcare institutions.
Visit our Healthcare pages



From nurseries to academies and universities, educational establishments demand attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance, safe and sustainable flooring solutions.

We make entrance systems, resilient and textile products so Forbo understands the impact of a total solution and can offer advice to ensure the correct product is installed to meet the demands of that particular area.
Visit our Education pages

Fast Fit flooring

Reduce downtime, choose Fast Fit adhesive free flooring

In public buildings, speed of installation can be an important factor when choosing a floor. With our Fast Fit collection of adhesive free sheet, tile and plank floor coverings, you can change your floor in less than 50% of the time of fully adhered floors, so you can stay open for your visitors. The Fast Fit collection is Quick, Easy and Economical.

Many of the products can be fitted over existing floors and as they don’t need to be installed with adhesive, they can reduce installation time by over 50%. The floor is ready for immediate use after installation, no need to wait 48 hours before using with heavy traffic.

The Fast fit tiles and planks simply click, butt or puzzle together using a mallet and, as no adhesive is required on any Fast Fit product, they are quicker to install. There are no adhesive odours, frequently less disruption and dust, and floors are suitable for use immediately after installation.

A reduction in downtime can mean substantial savings for a public sector client, and as there’s no need for adhesives, there’s a potential saving on installation costs.

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Forbo Fast Fit benefits for public sector clients

Fast Fit adhesive free flooring
Coral Click

Fast Fit - Entrances

Coral Click is an exceptionally versatile, modular entrance matting system that can be assembled on site. Coral Click can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Coral clean-off textile ranges to provide an integrated entrance system.
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Fast Fit Planks & Tiles

Are you looking for realistic wood or stone designs that are easy to install? Our Allura Click, Ease and Puzzle collections offer you just that. The planks of Allura Click & Allura Ease are easy to install without the need for adhesives, and thus also easy to remove, re-use and recycle. The Allura Puzzle tiles are, as the name already says, puzzled together. It is that easy. Protected by our exclusive lacquering system your floor will not only look great, it will also stand the test of time.
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Allura Fast fit floor coverings

Fast Fit Sheet

Forbo's Modul'up adhesive free vinyl sheet collection is a ground-breaking floor covering. The product is suitable for both new build and for renovation applications in healthcare facilities, schools and offices as well as residential buildings.

The Modul'up vinyl sheet collection heralds a technological innovation as a "lay-flat, stay flat" floor covering solution that does not require any adhesive. As such it reduces the amount of material and energy used for a flooring installation and ensures that the product can be recovered or re-used easily, and safely at the end of its service life.

Modul'up is available in acoustic, compact and TE versions, the latter being suitable for damp floors with up to 97% RH.

In addition, the usual constraints associated with adhesives are removed, such as drying times and lingering odours.
Go to Fast Fit Sheet collection


Creating better environments

From how they’re made to how they perform, we make outstanding floors that are truly sustainable. That’s because our floors are good for people, good for buildings and good for the environment. So, from the building they’re in to the world outside, we’re helping our customers work, live and relax in better environments.

From how we run our factories to how we choose our ingredients, the way we make our floors is a big part of how we meet our mission to create better environments. We include the whole life of a floor when we think about its sustainability performance. Which means we make sure our floors start performing from the moment they’re fitted.

Forbo's Sustainability Strategy has a horizon: we have the ambition to have mastered the challenges of the circular economy and to become a zero-waste company. At this moment it is not yet clear how governments and legislation will influence the pace in coming years. But for sure, in order to meet our long-term ambitions, steps are required now.

Therefore we have started our Sustainability program 2025. This program lays out the actions that need to be undertaken until end 2025 to make the desired progress in the goals we have set ourselves. Click on the link below to find out more about our sustainability strategy.

Find out more about our sustainability strategy

Sustainability program logo
Plant growing

Inspiration & downloads

Be inspired by our references

Many Public buildings throughout the UK have Forbo Floor Coverings installed. Visit our reference section and be inspired by how UK customers have used our products in their public sector projects.
Explore our public sector references



To create your floor and make up your mind what would fit best we have several tools and services. Our FloorVisualizer helps you to place our floors in any environment, and even combine them, so you can see how it looks.
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