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Siegling Prolink Series 8.1: Stable and Robust, Easy to Clean and Very Quiet

Hanover, October 11, 2018 Forbo Movement Systems is adding an easy-to-clean and exceptionally low noise modular belt to its robust series 8

Designed for superior levels of power transmission and durability, series 8 is the right choice for numerous industrial applications. Series 8 can meet virtually any challenge whether it comes from pallets, crates, beverages, vehicles or any other heavy unit goods. The new Prolink 8.1-30 FLT type with a 25.4 mm pitch and an open area of 30% is a new generation of this tried-and-tested series and can be used in especially hygiene-critical food applications. The stable and robust belt with its extreme strength and tensile force is perfect for conveying full or empty plastic crates in the meat and dough industries.

The focus of the newly developed Prolink series 8.1 was placed on making cleaning easy and minimizing noise. These characteristics are achieved by a combination of three design attributes:

  • The belt’s underside has an enhanced contact surface with the slide rails and the pinion contact that’s open towards the top makes cleaning the modules simpler
  • The special design of the module’s shape ensures what is (for modular belts) unusually quite operation minus any rattling
  • A small lug on the hinge minimizes play in tracking direction

News Oktober S8.1-30_FLT

The Prolink series 8.1 offers two multipurpose modules, in 76 mm (3 inches) and 191 mm (7½ inches). These can be combined in a bricklaying pattern so that each belt width can be supplied in ½-inch increments. With its guiding tabs (GT = guiding tabs) an additional series 8.1 multipurpose module in 191 mm ensures better chain guidance. The guiding tabs also mean that guide rails at the sides aren’t necessary so that belts can even be used in long hygiene-critical conveyors. Series 8.1 and 8 are compatible with one another, in other words, all series 8 sprockets can also be used for the new series 8.1.

Due to its robust, open and therefore hygienic design, the new series 8.1 is a unique product on the market.

News Oktober S8.1-30
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