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Move it with Forbo: The conveyor belt specialists at Logimat 2022

Hannover – Forbo Belting products generate significant energy-saving costs and boost efficiency: Hall 3, booth 3B01

Belting specialist Forbo Movement Systems is adding elastic conveyor and processing belts (the EL line) to its product range. The belts in the new EL line are ideal for short centre distances like those encountered in cross-belt sorters.

Major cost savings due to simple designs

Due to the innovative belt design with semi-elastic fabric tension members, the belts can be stretched or pre-tensioned by 1.5 to 5.0%. The material property ensures the belt can self-track. As a result, it's virtually impossible for belts to mistrack at the sides. EL line belts lie totally flat and are laterally stiff at the same time. As a result, even lateral forces have virtually no influence on how straight the belt tracks.

Logimat 2022

Take-up devices are not needed for these types of design. Therefore, these are costs that can be saved. Profiles on the belt, grooves in drums and slider beds are not required either. The EL line makes designing machinery straightforward and therefore cost-efficient.

Special surface pattern

The EL line currently offers a choice of three surface patterns: a longitudinal groove (LG), an inverted pyramid (NP) pattern and matt (MT). The LG pattern has very good grip – particularly for inclined conveying or acceleration applications. NP has friction coefficients which are equally high in all directions. This pattern is primarily used on cross-sorters. The matt finish is recommended for accumulation and horizontal conveying.

All designs are of course flame retardant, as specified in EN 340 (SE).

Small returns possible

Because of the thin, single-ply belt design, especially small returns with very small drum diameters are possible. Even small products can be transferred reliably from one belt to the next.

References from renowned OEMs are available and very positive. More elastic types will join the product range in the near future.

Siegling Transtex: Heavy-duty specialists

Siegling Transtex starts when typical conveyor belts for light-materials handling reached their limits. With four product series, the Siegling Transtex range offers top performance in the most diverse of applications. They are extremely robust, abrasion- and puncture resistant and ensure long service lives, even when subjected to heavy usage.

Logimat 2022 Transtex

50 % energy savings at no extra cost

Amp Miser™ 2.0 is the second generation of energy-saving conveyor belts from Forbo Movement Systems. The new belts have drastically lower friction coefficients. Therefore, they are safe to use – even on galvanised slider beds – and generate energy efficiencies of up to 50 per cent. These products are already being used successfully in numerous logistics centres, as well as in baggage sorting areas at international airports. For example at DHL and UPS and on numerous airports including Sydney, Hongkong, Schiphol and many more. The Amp Miser™ 2.0 belts feature cutting-edge tension members made of polyester and enhanced Texglide technology. As a result, the friction be-tween the underside of the belt and the slider bed (therefore the energy consumption) are much lower.

Logimat 2022
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