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New Additions: Four Amp Miser™ 2.0 Belts Launched for Parcel Conveying and Airports

Hanover, March 2019 – New even more energy-saving, robust and quiet additions to the tried-and-tested AmpMiser™ 2.0 range.

Following close collaboration with major US end users and OEMs from intralogistics, Forbo Movement Systems has developed new and innovative belts based on the proven Texglide fabric design, growing the Amp Miser™ 2.0 product range by four new types.

The new product’s underside friction coefficient of 0.15 (measured in compliance with ISO21182) allows them to track even on galvanized slider beds in an energy-efficient manner. They offer both technical and economic benefits to OEMs and end users. All belts are flame retardant in accordance with the ASTM 378D standard and developed for fast conveyors (v > 1.2 m/s). They stand apart for their quiet operation, very hard-wearing fabric design and superior resistance to tearing at the sides and punctures.

Four Amp Miser™ 2.0 Belts Launched for Parcel Conveying and Airports

E 12/2 TX0/V2 MT-M-FR-AMP black (907224) – the standard conveyor belt
This conveyor belt is standard for shifting parcels. With its very laterally stiff and hard-wearing fabric, this Amp Miser™ 2.0 belt offers exceptional resistance to punctures and tearing. Operational noise has been minimized and energy savings of more than 30% achieved when the belt runs over a slider bed.

E 12/3 TX0/TX0 FR-AMP grey (907206) – the collection and accumulation belt
In addition to the energy-efficient design of its underside, this Siegling belt has a Texglide top face to make sliding parcels on and off the belt easier. The E 12/3 TX0/TX0 FR-AMP grey already has a good track record as a collection and accumulation belt. It also scores top marks on fast conveyors because it operates very silently.

E 12/2 TX0/V10 LG-M-FR-AMP black (907229) – the inclined conveying belt
The Amp Miser™ 2.0 conveyor belt is suitable for large angles of incline of up to 22°. This belt’s superior lateral stiffness and resistance to forces acting from the sides are excellent. The top face has a PVC coating with a longitudinal groove and 45 Shore A hardness.

E 12/2 TX0/V1-M-FR-AMP black (907230) – the belt for sorters
The laterally stiff fabric design and its very smooth top face make the E 12/2 TX0/V1-M-FR-AMP black the ideal belt for sorters and guarantees parcels and baggage easily slide on and off. It’s also suitable as a collection belt for high-speed conveyors.

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    New Additions: Four Amp Miser™ 2.0 Belts
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