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The Right Place and Right Time at iba 2018: Forbo Siegling’s Showcase in Hall B6, on Stand 400

Hanover, July 2018

When conveyor and processing belts are used in dough and baked goods production, they have to be hygienic, reliable and able to handle products carefully. Forbo Movement Systems’ specialized conveyor and processing belts comply fully with these criteria: they’re easy to clean, product friendly – even in the most complex of processes – and reliable because they offer long service lives, superior product results and are economical. And they also support HACCP concepts too of course.

As the world’s premier trade show for baked goods, iba 2018 is the perfect place to present relevant product developments to industry professionals. Forbo Movement Systems is showcasing the following highlights:

ProsanTM belts
The new Prosan™ range was developed for hygiene-critical applications in the food industry. Prosan™ are belts with new underside patterns and coatings on both sides. The advantages lie in their low friction coefficient against the slider bed and the fact that they’re easy to clean. This special feature has been submitted for patent. The combination with Smartseal belt edge sealing means they provide superior support to hygiene concepts.

Belt edge sealing: Frayfree and Smartseal
Due to the special design of Frayfree belts, the belt edges hardly fray at all. On the one hand, Smartseal belt edge sealing prevents oil, grease and water from penetrating and therefore bacteria from forming and on the other, reliably stops the belt edges from fraying. Both types of sealing meet the stringent hygiene demands in the food industry perfectly.

Elastic belts
These homogeneous elastic urethane belts stand apart for their tracking capabilities and release properties, they’re troughable and come with excellent dimensional stability, making them ideal for a diverse range of machinery like spreader conveyors or check-weighers.

Prolink modular belts
With closed surfaces all the way round and homogeneous materials, hygiene is already an integral feature of Siegling Prolink plastic modular belts. And they comply with EU, FDA and USDA requirements of course. Special HACCP types and easy-to-clean designs are further factors that minimize any safety risks and ensure efficient production at the same time. New series 4.1, 13 and 15 modular belts are designed with impressive practical details.

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    The Right Place and Right Time at iba 2018
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