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Two New Prolink Series 18 Module Variants – Powerful Performers for Even Greater Distances and Compact Spaces

Hanover, February 18, 2022 – Prolink series 18 stands apart for its comparatively low weight. Belts from this series are ideal for straight and curved conveying. Forbo Movement Systems presents two new variants. Due to their smart design, they tap into new applications where space is at a premium, or tight curve radii are required.

The new S18-44 HDK 2.2 (High Deck) and S18-44 GRT 1.7 have surfaces with a 44% open area, which enable excellent airflow and drainage (important for cooling, drying, and washing).

At the same time, the openings are so small (9 x 7.9 mm) that even very tiny products won’t slip through and are easy to convey. Series 18 is also predestined for curved conveyors, but ideal for straight ones too. It’s suitable for a very wide range of applications in the food industry. The new variants increase the options to include conveying and returning trays, baking trays and product bowls, or products that are very wide.

Curved Conveyor

The special High Deck design of S18-44 HDK 2.2 guarantees products can be pushed off at the sides and has sufficient width to convey products, which extends beyond the actual belt width. The belt edges are the same thickness as the standard modules, while the center is 10.1 mm (0.40 in) thicker. This design enables the use of hold-down bars to guide the belt at the edges and prevent it from lifting up in curves.

The belt can be used to convey packaging, crates, product bowls and lots of other products requiring a large belt width. The products can also protrude over the sides.

S18-44 HDK 2.2

The S18-44 GRT 1.7 variant is primarily chosen in applications where there’s little space. The small curve radii keep the space required by the conveyor low.

A new S18-44 GRT 1.7 variant can be combined with the familiar S18-44 GRT 2.2 in curved conveyors (that curve to the left or right – not S-shaped curves). In this case, the tight curve radius of the 1.7 is married with the exceptional tensile force of the 2.2. This special belt design is found in combo belts series 18.

All Prolink series 18 belts have an innovative and unique pin system to allow fast and easy opening and closing. The hinge pins are made of highly robust and laterally stiff PLX and perform consistently well, exhibiting high levels of durability, even in wet applications. What’s more – in contrast to most comparable products – the system requires no small closures, therefore reducing the risk of product contamination due to small parts that have been damaged or gone astray.

S18-44 GRT 1.7
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    Two New Prolink Series 18 Module Variants
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