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Creating a differentiated, fun yet functional 'home away from home'

Student accommodation needs to create the ‘home away from home’ and both students and parents have high expectations. Students, particularly those from overseas want ‘comfort rather than quirky’ so universities need to invest in floor coverings that are functional, comfortable, easy to maintain and robust. Cheaper floor coverings often can’t stand up to the thrashings that students give them.

Tessera Layout
Westbond carpet tiles

Students expect the best

Accommodation rent costs can be as much as £1,000 a month in London for a studio with a kitchen. Students paying these high rents demand better quality finishes and as a result, our luxury Westbond fusion bonded carpet tiles have been used by quite a few campuses.

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Functional yet stylish

Corridors need to be durable and stylish and carpet tiles are an ideal solution as they also offer better acoustic properties than resilient floors. Several colours of Tessera’s Layout carpet tiles have been used at Fresh Student Living – New Bridewell to create interest along the corridor.

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Tessera Layout carpet tiles
Flotex Vision and Allura Flex

Sensory social areas

Social areas are now frequently zoned and sensory with student lounges being divided into a games zone, quiet zone, X box zone etc. Flotex Vision offers over 500 digitally printed designs in high definition photographic resolution along with the durability needed in student accommodation. At Roman House, Newcastle Flotex Vision has been installed alongside Allura Flex loose lay vinyl planks

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Health and Wellbeing

Most student accommodation now also offers an area for exercise. Flotex is ideal for this area as its soft underfoot, offers good impact sound reduction and with Flotex Vision, is available in over 500 designs. Flotex is also the only textile floor covering to have been awarded Allergy UK's prestigious seal of approval.

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Flotex Vision
Allura Wood luxury vinyl tiles

Creating differentiation

With Universities competing to attract students, using standard products in a creative way can be a major differentiator. For example, wood effect flooring such as Forbo’s Allura range of LVT is very popular, particularly the new Hungarian point design.

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Communal kitchens

The flooring in these areas needs to be durable and easy to clean but also needs to provide a homely and comfortable atmosphere for students. At Roman House in Newcastle, Novilon sheet vinyl was used which is available in a choice of 2,/3/4m widths.

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Novilon sheet