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Social Environments

Communal areas not only have to provide comforting and stimulating social areas for residents, they also need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily life in a busy home. Residents should be able to enjoy their social areas without worrying about the floor.

Our Flotex, Step & Sarlon ranges can help transform living spaces from functional areas to the heart of the facility.

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Flotex Colour Penang 482014


The High Tech Textile

Flotex allows care facilities to have the benefits of a carpet and a resilient floor covering. It is comfortable to walk on and warm underfoot, easy to clean and durable whilst also having excellent slip resistance and acoustic properties.

Our Flotex Vision range has over 500 designs so you can create a truly unique home for your residents.

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Safety. Design. Confidence.

The social areas of any home are high traffic areas so choosing a safety floor with a guaranteed lifetime slip resistance is key. Thanks to our Step Crystals which also ensure clean, fresh designs and easier cleaning, the whole Step collection has lifetime slip resistance.

Available in modern wood and stone designs Step is the safety floor which does not look like a safety floor.

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Sarlon 433713


Turn Down the Volume

As the communal areas of care homes can be noisy places achieving lower noise pollution is essential in reducing the stress and promoting the well being and comfort of residents

Our Sarlon acoustic vinyl absorbs sound therefore creating a calmer environment for residents.

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Bulletin Board

The All Natural Solution to Hold Your Thoughts

Bulletin Board is an all natural pin board linoleum that can be applied in framed pin boards or directly to the wall. Bulletin Board does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties making it ideal for care environment.

It can be used in public areas for communication with residents, staff and visitors as well as in individual rooms to display personal mementos.

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Bulletin Board
Allura w62485 taupe sand


Convenience and Style

Create an interior with personality without compromising on durability with our Allura planks and tiles. Practical and easy to clean Allura offers high quality aesthetics with low maintenance costs.

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Design Vinyl Sheet

Eternal flooring helps transform community spaces by offering the natural look of a home with a highly practical and easy to clean surface.

Use Eternal for a floor that feels like home whilst also being durable and chemical resistant.

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Sphera Element


Homogeneous vinyl

Forbo's Sphera homogeneous flooring is produced with the latest technology and offers two ranges. Sphera Element provides a sophisticated palette of 62 colours, many of which offer high LRV:s Sphera Energetic offers a fresher and brighter palette and features complementary colour banks.

Sphera is a great flooring choice for use in the care segment as not only is it extremely durable but it also has a SMART-top surface finish ensuring a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains. It's also 100% phthalate free and has very low emissions helping to ensure high indoor air quality.



Marmoleum can be used to create a vibrant social area as it is offered in a wealth of colour.

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Our wide range of Tessera carpet tiles can be replaced individually when required.

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Fast Fit

Fast Fit is Forbo’s collection of genuinely loose lay products, including entrance products and interior flooring ranges in sheet, tile and plank format for maximum flexibility.

All Forbo Fast Fit interior products are ideal for refurbishment projects, especially where the speed of installation and minimum disruption is crucial.

• Dementia (DSDC) accredited designs available
•The speed of installation can reduce downtime by over 50% which is crucial in a 24-hour care environment
• Floors can be used straight after installation so there’s no need to wait 48 hours after installation before using wheelchairs, trolleys, etc
• As no adhesives or subfloor preparation is needed, in most cases, the clinical cleaning requirements are reduced & there are no lingering odours, improving well-being for staff and residents

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