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Making Spaces into Places

  • Safety Flooring

    World Day for Safety and Health

    Safestep R11 174922 & Surestep Wood 18802
  • As April marked the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, this blog takes an opportune moment to explore the topic of safety flooring – considering one third of all major workplace injuries are from slips and falls. Here we explain how to ensure you choose a sustainable and genuine safety flooring.READ THE FULL ARTICLE

  • Finding Magic

    Blending Materials February 2019

    Marmoluem Marbled Mood Board 3
  • With an increasing focus on creating interiors that have a more ‘lived in’ look, many designers are breaking down pre-conceived conventions by juxtaposing seemingly disparate materials, finishes and styles to create more fluid spaces. read the full article

  • Dementia Design

    Do's and Don'ts

  • Carefully considering the interior design of care environments is vital in order to aid residents’ independence and avoid causing distress. To aid in your decision making, this blog looks at our top 5 ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ when it comes to designing dementia-inclusive interiors…read the full article here

  • Care

    Keeping Floor Coverings Clean

    Forbo Eternal in Care Home dining room
  • Within care home environments, many areas can be prone to spillages as well as being subject to heavy footfall and wheeled traffic, Here, Mark Jackson, Key Account Manager Care Sector at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses the various flooring options available that will help ease the maintenance of care homes.
    Read the full article here

  • Linoleum

    Rise of Off the Floor Applications

    Peaks and Plains Furniture Linoleum
  • The naturally smooth and durable nature of linoleum lends itself perfectly to finishing all kinds of surfaces, with the versatile material being used for much more than just creating beautiful floors. Our Senior Designer, Marijke, takes a look.
    read the full article

  • Flocked Flooring

    The Proven Cleanability Benefits

    Flotex Colour Planks
  • With a combination of performance attributes that is hard to beat, flocked floor coverings have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, thanks to advances in technology. As part of our "Floored It" blog series, we look at the versatile floor covering and demonstrate how it offers an unrivalled cleanability compared to other constructions of flooring. Read the full article

  • BIM

    The Rise of BIM in Healthcare

  • It is clear that Building Information Modelling (BIM) is steadily taking its place at the forefront of the construction sector. Here, we look at how the many benefits of BIM are becoming most apparent within the healthcare sector, assisting in the efficient construction of our country’s new, modern and technologically advanced medical facilities.
    Read the full article

  • Caudwell ICC

    Autism-Friendly Design

    Caudwell Childrens Hospital Flotex Penang
  • Upon the recent launch of the Caudwell International Children’s Centre (CICC), we caught up with Trudi Beswick, CEO at Caudwell Children, and James Pass, Director and Architect at C4 Consulting Ltd, who worked together to meticulously design the building, to find out more about designing autism-friendly environments.
    Read the full article

  • Design for the Mind

    CHP Roundtable - May 2019

    CHP UK Roundtable
  • Organised by Care Home Professional, we joined experts from the world of care home design, specification, research and operation to discuss the development of a fit for purpose dementia design framework. Read the full article

  • Sensory Experiences

    Bespoke Flooring - May 2019

    Alura Fusion WP60405
  • In today’s competitive economic environment, businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out. Whether it’s unique branding or clever marketing campaigns, Dorothé Kessels, Head of Vinyl Design, looks at how companies continually seek out opportunities to set themselves apart from the competition.
    Read the full article

  • CO2 Neutral

    A Conscious Choice - March 2019

    Marmoleum Splash
  • With slow progress being made on the Paris climate agreement, Mark Bauer, Environmental Specialist at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains why we should all be striving to make a conscious choice when it comes to choosing building and interior products – as well as taking a closer look at the difference between carbon offsetting and carbon neutral manufacturing. Read the full article