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Polyurethane Line

Flexible foil

Extremultus flat belts from the polyurethane line have tension members made of highly elastic polyurethane foil.

Flat belts with highly elastic polyurethane foil tension members are particularly flexible and stand apart for their excellent damping characteristics.

Polyurethane foil tension member

  1. Top Face
  2. Tension member
  3. Underside

Polyurethane foil tension member

Tension member characteristics

PropertiesPolyurethane foil
Elongation at fitting *3.0% - 8.0%
Flexibilityvery high
Damping characteristicsvery good
Splice typeButt splice or Z-splice (without adhesive)

* Material based standard range. Depending on the application, different ranges could be recommended.

Top face materials available

Top face materialsPolyurethane foil
Top faceUnderside
Elastomer (G)xx
Polyurethane (U)xx (only black)
Fabric (T)x
Nonwoven polyester material (N)x
High Grip / Medium Grip (R)x

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