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Siegling Fullsan – Homogeneous Belts for the Food Industry

A Powerful, More Hygienic Solution

Siegling Fullsan conveyor belts are very easy to clean and ideal for exceptionally hygiene-critical food applications.

Hygienic conveyor belts

Outstandingly hygienic and durable

Siegling Fullsan conveyor belts are made of high-quality, thermoplastic polyurethane. They’re outstandingly durable due to their superior chemical and mechanical resistance and excel when it comes to repelling oil, grease, moisture and bacteria. They are perfect for all stages of unpackaged foodstuff processing.

Pick premium protection for your application thanks to:

  • Superior hygiene
  • Exceptional easy-to-clean capabilities
  • UV-C resistance
  • Ability to withstand mechanical load
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Products from the Fullsan series

Fullsan Flat (FLT)

Siegling Fullsan Flat belts are friction driven using a pulley. The belts’ undersides have no teeth/rows of teeth and are therefore flat.

Flat Pro (FLT+)

The Pro version (FLT+) comes with embedded aramid cords running the length of the belt. The cords increase the tensile force, minimizing belt elongation in the process. As a result, the belts are ideal for long conveyors and heavy loads.

Fullsan Flat Pro


The non-reinforced version of the Fullsan Flat belts stand for superior hygiene and very easy splicing. They stand apart because they track superbly, are consistently elastic and therefore easy to tension. Their exceptional lateral stiffness means they can also be used for inclined conveying on S-type conveyors.

Fullsan Flat

How Siegling Fullsan benefits your HACCP concept

All Fullsan products meet the current FDA and EU regulations to ensure first-rate, food-safe production and consistent support of HACCP concepts.




Our air-cooled Blizzard SHP heating press, custom developed for homogeneous belts, offers maximum hygiene, reliability and durability. It also ensures that the belt operates without any problems.


Blizzard SHP
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Product Range

  • 197 EN – Fullsan Flat

    Fullsan Flat
    Lower cleaning costs, better hygiene

  • 443 EN – Engineering Manual Fullsan Flat

    Engineering Manual
    Fullsan Flat

  • 444 EN – Flights and Sidewalls Fullsan

    Flights and Sidewalls
    Siegling Fullsan