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How it performs, your footsteps

We include the whole life of a floor when we think about its sustainability performance. Which means we make sure our floors start performing from the moment they're fitted.

We understand that floors have different roles to play within a building. Because we make a wide range of flooring, we’ll start by recommending the best floor for the job, and then always make sure it’s as sustainable as possible.

We’re always finding ways to provide you with the lowest cost of ownership for our floors. They’re always easy to install and require less maintenance, using less cleaning chemicals, throughout their life.

Which, by the way, will be a long and happy one, saving money and reducing waste.

Creating Better Environments brochure
Creating Better Environments infographic


Back to the Floor

We collect clean installation off-cuts of Forbo products through our ‘Back to the Floor’ programme.

It’s good for us as it provides material to recycle back into our some of our products and it’s good for contractors as it saves money rather than landfilling it.

We collect Marmoleum, Eternal, Sarlon and Sphera smooth vinyl, Allura LVT, Novilon cushioned vinyl, Flotex and Tessera carpet tile off-cuts.

Collections are FREE and as landfill taxes are now £91.35 per tonne, you can make substantial savings by using Back to the Floor. To check how much you can save, just use our handy savings calculator:BTTF SAVINGS CALCULATOR

To read how many contractors are benefiting from the scheme, please download our case study. Back To The Floor Case Study

Back to the floor recycling
Allergy UK

Allergy & Infection control

Forbo's Flotex and Marmoleum have been awarded the prestigious “Seal of Approval” from Allergy UK as with the correct cleaning regime, they will not harbour allergens or house dust mites. Further information on Allergy

When it comes to infection control and stopping Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), what better place to start than from the flooring up?

Our Marmoleum product has been independently proven to inhibit the growth and spread of infections such as MRSA, Norovirus, Acinetobacter baumannii and C Difficile helping to contribute to a healthier and more hygienic environment in any area of a hospital.

Flotex has also been proven to effectively combat the development of stale odours that are associated with bacterial growths feeding on absorbed liquids and soil.

Committed to The Health of One

As our floors are part of the indoor environment in which people live, meet and work, it is our mission to design and offer products that contribute in a positive way to the health and comfort of the individual.

“Committed to the health of one” introduces a focus in our commitment to sustainability that centres around all aspects that concern your health, well-being and comfort in relation to our products and services, today as well as for future generations.

Read more about 'Committed to the Health of One'

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  • Forbo Creating Better Environments brochure

    Environmental brochure
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    Forbo Flooring Sustainability report
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  • Forbo Creating Better Environments Infographic

    Environmental Infographic
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