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The Wellbeing Lab: Retail (or Retail Lab) was a six month, highly bespoke, collaborative research and learning programme, tackling the topic of health, wellbeing and productivity in retail environments.

The participating teams, composed of different combinations of retailers, landlords, consultants and other stakeholders, each undertook a deep dive piece of research into a specific element of the topic. The overarching goal of the project was to strengthen the business case for sustainable design and investment decisions in the sector.

View & download the full report here:Retail lab full report

Retail lab - proud sponsors


• There is a need to articulate the value proposition behind issues arising differently for different stakeholders;

• A potential conflict exists between improving public realm/common areas to increase customer well-being possibly reducing dwell time in adjacent shops;

• It is generally easier to understand and measure employee experience than customer;

• Peoples’ wellbeing is disproportionately impacted by the ‘simple’ things, e.g. safety and security;

• Landlords and tenants generally want similar outcomes in this area (high performing retail spaces), so this is a huge opportunity for breaking down the traditional divide between the two.

Retail lab - key facts
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