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19 db

Modul’up is a proven adhesive free floor covering suitable for high traffic applications. Millions of m2 have been sold around around the world, proving that the Modul’up adhesive free concept is trusted and reliable. Modul’up is available in an acoustic (19 dB) and compact version. Both have the benefit of not having to use installation adhesive and are very suitable for busy areas.

Modul'up 19 dB is available in 94 colours across 4 design families.

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Modul'up 19 dB

    Technical & Environmental

    Sarlon | Modul'up technical specifications table

    Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

    Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

    Modul'up 19 dB is suitable for installation over the following existing subfloors:

    Underfloor heating
    Ceramic/porcelain tiles
    Painted Concrete
    Finished Stone
    Existing Linoleum/vinyl

    For further guidance please read our Fast Flooring Brochure

    Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions for the Modul'up range can be downloaded below:
    Forbo Modul'up Compact & 19 dB Installation Guide UK
    Forbo Modul'up Floor Care
    Forbo Modul'up Product Guarantee

    Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. To visit our full Acoustic Flooring Installation and Floorcare section, please
    click here

    Image of Modul'up 19 dB installed over a variety of subfloors

    NBS & BIM

    Images & Video

    Sarlon | Modul'up Images & video

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    Brochure + Sample Book