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Textile Printing Blankets

High quality printing blankets are required in rotogravure and flat bed printing in order to achieve perfect printing results on any quality of material.

You can find detailed information in our brochures at the bottom of this page under “further information”.

Siegling printing blankets fulfill the following requirements in textile printing:

Textile Printing Blankets

High level of repeat accuracy

  • Minimal manufacturing tolerances regarding belt thickness and pitch line
  • Even propulsion due to accurate belt thickness and pitch line

High level of resistance to solvents

  • Specially developed polyurethane surface permits the use of all widely available cleaning agents
  • Possible to have brief contact with acetones and similar ketones

0259H Drucktuch
0706H TR Huangsi

Minimum downtimes

  • Simple and easy welding of belt ends on the machine
  • Short lead time
  • Extremely durable and reliable splicing method
  • Minor belt damage can easily be repaired

Precise printing results

  • Permanent longitudinal stability after short lead time
  • Consistent, precise printing results

Further Information

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