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Grip Star™
Siegling Extremultus

Grip Star™ flat belts are gentle with products, but still convey reliably. They take hold of and release products at precisely the right times. Grip Star™ flat belts can process paper, boxes, corrugated cardboard and tissue-based products dependably and efficiently.

Flat belts that hold on tight

Grip Star Titelmotiv

Function & Construction

Better than rubber

Grip Star™ leaves no marks and has all the benefits of rubber. However, it doesn’t include the typical disadvantages of rubber such as brittleness and cross-cracking. Due to its excellent characteristics and good value, Grip Star™ is the better alternative to rubber. This is particularly the case when good grip, precise positioning, high levels of acceleration and high-performance braking are required.

Customized grip

Grip Star™ is produced in High Grip or Medium Grip versions in different thickness and with specific surface patterns. As folder gluer belts, drag belts, live roller belts and machine tapes, the range’s belts fulfill exacting demands and offer a wide range of uses. The majority of the Grip Star™ belts comply with the (EC) regulations 1935/2004, (EU) 10/2011, as well as the FDA’s 21 CFR for conveying unpackaged foodstuff.

    High Grip
  1. Tension member made of polyester fabric or elastic polyurethane
  2. Innovative High Grip coating on one side with tried-and-tested patterns on the top face
  3. Patterned polyurethane coating or fabric on the underside

  4. Medium Grip
  5. Tension member made of polyester fabric or highly oriented polyamide sheet
  6. Innovative Medium Grip coating on both sides with tried-and-tested patterns
  7. Symmetrical layer structure up to 6 mm thick for long service lives

Grip Star Properties

The propertiesThe advantages
age-resistant coating with virtually constant gripapplication-driven grip over the entire service life
available in Medium Grip or High Gripa wide range of applications
coating in neutral greynon-marking
EU- and FDA-compliantideal for hygiene-critical areas
mechanically durable, highly abrasion resistant, edges on P types are especially stronglong service life
maintains tensionno retensioning necessary

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Very robust

The decrease in thickness of the Medium Grip coating is significantly lower than that of rubber.

* Established in standardized testing conditions.

Grip Star Very robust

Long service lives, no cross tears

The pattern on the Medium Grip coating doesn't wear off and the surface characteristics virtually don't change. In contrast to rubber, the surface doesn't tear.

** Established under standardized testing conditions.

Grip Star Service Lives

Perfect splicing

Sophisticated Forbo tools and processes ensure Grip Star™ belts are given perfect splices:

  • fast and reliable splicing
  • short dwell times due to appropriate pressure applied
  • almost invisible splices without any faults

Grip Star Splicing

Areas of Application

Typical applications

    Printing industry
    • in compensating stackers and bundlers
    • in feeding and discharging
    • in foil sealing

    Postal / letter sorting
    • as reversing belts
    • as carrier belts

    • in franking machines

    Paper processing
    • in enveloping machines
    • in tissue processing
    • in packaging machinery
    • in winding cardboard tubes

    Industrial production
    • in the solar industry for wafer conveying

    Letter sorting

    Almost all Grip Star™ Medium Grip products are EU- and FDA-compliant. They can be used during the manufacture of packaging and in the process of packaging foodstuffs.

    Areas of Applications
    Areas of Application
    Areas of Application