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Flash Star™
Siegling Extremultus

Flash Star™ flat belts play a major role in containing static electricity in power transmission and conveying systems. With excellent conductivity in all three directions, they help to ensure ESD (= Electrostatic Discharge) compliance of the machinery and to prevent unwelcome side effects.

A firm grip on static electricity

Flash Star

Function & Construction

If you use power transmission and conveyor belts, it’s impossible to avoid static electricity building up. This phenomenon is called triboelectric charging. It occurs when different materials come into contact with one another and then separate again. During conveying, the products concerned can also have the same impact.

Flash Star™ flat belts make designing ESD-compliant machinery easier. Typical consequences of electrostatic build-up and uncontrolled discharge can be as follows:

  • malfunctions when processing foil and paper products because they stick to one another or to the belt
  • soiling due to dust, lint etc.
  • electric shocks
  • damage to electronic components (i.e. the products conveyed and machine components)
  • fires and explosions

  1. Alternative tension member material: polyamide sheet or elastic urethane
  2. Polyester fabric tension member with conductive elements
  3. Application-driven surface patterns
  4. The whole belt is conductive in all three directions
  5. Durable coatings with a large proportion of conductive particles

  6. Blue arrows = directions of conductivity

Flash Star

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Special Conductivity

Flash Star Aufladung
Flash Star Gefahren

Conductivity right through the belt significantly enhances the controlled discharge of static electricity. Electricity in the belt is discharged directly via electrically conductive components on the machinery (e.g. rollers, supports). Extra mechanical components like metallic idlers, or brushes to discharge the build-up of static electricity aren’t necessary.

The propertiesThe advantages
conductive in all three directions, even through the beltimproves discharge, facilitates ESD-compliant machinery design
supports the controlled discharge of static electricityenhances process reliability and safety, e.g. for paper and foil
minimizes the risk of uncontrolled dischargeprevents electric shocks, sparks and damage to electronic components
also available in High Grip and Medium Grip versionsa wide range of applications

Flash Star

ESD-protected product: this product can discharge electrostatic build-up in a controlled manner. The belt’s resistance is under 109 Ω and compensates for differences in electricity potential in a short space of time.

ESD protected product

Electrostatic Characteristics

Classification of our products’ electrostatic characteristics

(Measurements compliant with DIN EN ISO 21178)

Non-antistatic (NA)
Belt material with isolating properties.
Antistatic (no special abbreviation)
Belt material with electrically conductive components within the belt or on the surface. Conductivity of the whole belt lengthways RDi < 3*108 Ω.
Highly conductive (HC)
Conductive top face, usually conductive underside too. Must be antistatic as well. Conductive on the surface lengthways ROB < 3*108 Ω.
Highly conductive plus (HC +)
Conductive top face, underside and through the belt too. Has to be highly conductive on both sides. Conductive right through the belt RD < 109 Ω.Flash StarTM