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The perfect floor for the perfect location

Taking time out when travelling, a bite to eat and time to relax is often top of visitor's priority lists, and so creating a chic yet comfortable place for them to take a break can ensure they make the most of their time with you. Whether you want to bring the outside in with the natural look of wood and stone, or if you want to create a cosy, warm atmosphere, Forbo Flooring has a wide choice of products to suit your needs.

Our online floor planner allows you to experiment with all our floor coverings in a variety of room settings to help you find the perfect floor for your venue.
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Flotex Tibor Arbor 980610
Allura LVT Hungarian point

Allura luxury vinyl tiles

Our Allura luxury vinyl tile collection provides all the beauty of natural products such as wood and stone, as well as stunning digitally printed abstract designs, but with the durability and ease of cleaning associated with a Forbo floor.

The modular format of the planks and tiles mean quicker and easier installation with less wastage than traditional sheet vinyl, and the opportunity to mix and match designs and colours makes creating a unique floor easier than ever.

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Marmoleum, our sustainable flooring solution, offers a wealth of colour options, superior scuff and scratch resistance, coupled with the possibility to repair damaged surfaces.

With over 160 colours to choose from in the sheet collection, whether you are looking for a subtle marble or a modern take on striated linear design, our palette is sure to provide the perfect backdrop to your interior design.

To make a statement with your floor our new Marmoleum modular collection offers the opportunity to create your own bespoke floor design by simply mixing and matching different colours and tile sizes.

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Marmoleum Striato
Flotex Vision flocked flooring - bars and restaurants


Flotex flocked flooring gives you all the warmth, slip resistance and sound absorbing properties of carpet, yet it can be cleaned using standard cleaning equipment - ideal for heavy traffic areas which are put through their paces by a constant stream of guests.

With impact sound reduction of 20dB, guests can enjoy their meal in a quiet and relaxing environment whilst Flotex’s cleaning properties make upkeep and maintenance easy.

What's more, it is the first textile floor covering to be awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, helping to create a better indoor environment for your visitors and staff alike.

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The Forbo Eternal general purpose vinyl collection presents a balanced range of wood, stone and abstract designs, alongside a comprehensive, modern colour palette sure to complement your interior design.

Eternal's high tech PVC wearlayer and PUR Pearl finish are key to the collection's ability to keep it's as-new appearance even after years of intensive use.

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Eternal wood
Step safety vinyl


For food service areas in bars and restaurants where food and drink spillage can pose potential slip risks, our Step safety vinyl collection provides a selection of design orientated, Health and Safety Executive compliant safety floors to guarantee safety underfoot.

For back of house and food preparation areas, the collection also offers R11 and R12 rated floor for additional security and peace of mind.

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Turn Down the Volume

The floor coverings in the Forbo acoustic collection have been developed and tested to maximise impact sound reduction while meeting the needs of heavy traffic commercial areas.

Forbo acoustic flooring contributes to lowering noise disturbance within a building in a number of ways. The result is a more comfortable environment.

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Sarlon Wood XL Modern