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Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Flooring

Achieving lower noise pollution is essential to reducing stress and promoting the well-being, comfort and efficiency of people working or learning. That’s why acoustic floors are key when it comes to reducing noise in buildings.

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Forbo is a specialist in acoustic floors with more than 30 years’ experience. In our acoustic vinyl ranges you will find floors with an impact sound reduction of 15, 17 & 19dB.

  • Acoustic Flooring
  • Acoustic Flooring
  • Acoustic Flooring
  • Acoustic Flooring
  • Acoustic Flooring

Why Choose Acoustic Flooring?

Turn Down the Volume

Maximise Impact Sound Reduction
The floor coverings in the Forbo acoustic collection have been developed and tested to maximise impact sound reduction while meeting the needs of heavy traffic commercial areas. Forbo acoustic flooring contributes to lowering noise disturbance within a building in a number of ways. The result is a more comfortable environment.

Residual Indentation
Each one of our acoustic floors takes two key criteria into account:

• Impact sound reduction
• Residual indentation

Depending on installation location, residual indentation is a vital consideration when selecting an acoustic floor. Compact acoustic products deliver a performance similar to compact products in terms of indentation and easy rolling floor.

Always look at both criteria when choosing an acoustic floor and find the right balance for your application between acoustic performance and indentation resistance.

Acoustic Flooring


Quietly Green

We are constantly striving to improve the environmental profile of our vinyl products through local and international initiatives. For example, we repurpose our vinyl waste (and that of other flooring manufacturers) to make new products-such as the backing for Flotex and Westbond carpet tiles.

How It's Made
• We produce all our vinyl in Europe where it meets the highest possible current and future REACH compliance standards for chemical content.
• Of all the electricity we buy, 100% comes from renewable sources. This means our vinyl production sites are part of an effective environmental management system and achieve ISO14001 certification.
• Plasticisers give Vinyl its flexibility. These are usually inorganic, but we've started using a more natural bio-plasticiser that can grow back within a year. It may be a small step, but we're always looking for ways to make things better.

How It Performs
• Through our Back to the Floor scheme, we can collect installation off-cuts from our vinyl floors and recycle them back into Forbo products at our plant in Ripley, Derbyshire.

Find out more about Back to the Floor

Sarlon Nuance 436611 & 436637

Sound Reduction

Sound Reduction Explained

Impact Sounds Reduction
Impact sound made on the floor in one room is transmitted through the floor into rooms below. In order to measure the impact sound reduction achieved by a floor covering, impact noise is generated with a hammer machine directly onto the concrete floor slab in an emission room and the sound level (S1) is recorded. The floor covering is then laid onto the concrete slab, the same impact noise is made on the floor covering, and the new sound level (S2) is recorded. The impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) is the difference, measured in decibels, between the two sound levels recorded. The impact sound reduction of Forbo's acoustic ranges from 15 to 19dB.

In-Room Impact Noise

Airborne sound inside a room – ambient noise – is generated by impact noise in the room itself. To measure in-room impact noise, noise pressure is measured inside the room where the impact sound is generated, according to the standard NF-S 31-074. The measurements are classified into various categories, with Class A defining the best-performing floor coverings. All Forbo’s acoustic collections are in Class A.

Acoustic Flooring


Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl Construction

In recent years, Forbo has made significant strides in developing acoustic vinyl products which offer the optimum balance between impact sound reduction and indentation performance. The resulting product structure combined with a specialist PUR finish ensures that the Sarlon range of acoustic vinyls is very durable and will retain its appearance for many years.

PUR Varnish

The PUR varnish applied to the surface of the product provides a high level of stain resistance. The finish is easy to clean and does not require polish, helping to reduce the cost and environmental impact of maintenance over the product's life.

Product Structure
The PVC wear layer, present in all the products in this collection, ensures a very durable product while a non woven, fully impregnated glass fleece layer ensures dimensional stability. The unique foam backing provides the acoustic sound reduction (from 15dB up to 19dB) whilst ensuring the "best in class" indentation performance.

Sarlon 15dB
1. PUR lacquered surface, slip resistance rating R9
2. Pure PVC wear layer of 0.7mm – abrasion group T
3. Design printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks
4. Double compact layer with non-woven glass fibre carrier achieving indentation of 0.05 mm
5. Foam backing achieving an outstanding impact sound reduction of 15dB

Sarlon 19dB
1. PUR lacquered surface, slip resistance R9
2. Pure PVC wear layer of 0.67mm for printed designs – abrasion group T
3. Design printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks
4. Double compact layer with non-woven glass fibre carrier achieving indentation of 0.08mm
5. Foam backing achieving an outstanding impact sound reduction of 19dB

Sarlon Construction

Acoustic Marmoleum

Acoustic Marmoleum Construction

Acoustic Marmoleum provides a linoleum floor that achieves lower dB values due to a special insulating layer that is connected to the linoleum sheet. In this way impact sound reduction up to 17dB can be achieved.

Acoustic Marmoleum

Surestep Wood Decibel

Surestep Wood Decibel Construction

The first multiple width acoustic safety floor.

1. PUR Pearl™, PUR coating with matt embossing for easy cleaning and maintenance and a natural appearance

2. 0.7mm 100% PVC wear layer with aluminium oxide or carborundum for durable slip resistance

3. Design layer, UV light resistant against fading

4. Flexible carrier for optimal dimensional stability

5. Mechanical foam backing achieving a 17dB impact sound reduction

Surestep Wood Decibel Construction

Where to Use?

Peaceful Environment

Visualise how our acoustic flooring will look using our Room Planner

For schools, proper acoustic performance contributes towards a quiet atmosphere to help children learn. In offices, it reduces stress and tension. And for hospitals and elderly homes, more peaceful environments help people recover – even if the medical staff are active and noisy.

Sarlon Cristal 433824