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Dynamics of a building

There is an increase in demand for transitional environments; spaces need to be able to evolve and adapt to new functions. These changing spaces require walls and floors that can perform as a chameleon, with timeless colours and basic materials.

Marmoleum Walton_3378 stucco

Global Colour Card

Trends and changing mindsets inspired the Forbo Design team to develop a Global Colour Card. Instead of defining segment-related colour ranges, the team analysed the different dynamics taking place within a building. The Global Colour Card framework represents the dialogue between the selected colours and the way they are grouped together to set the tone, rather than the individual colour. As it is the overall expression of the selected colours that represents the defined atmosphere, the individual colours can easily be updated when needed whilst keeping the total feel intact.

The following themes were identified: Receiving, Moving, Connecting, Concentrating and Recharging. Each theme refers to the different identities a space can have. They express a particular state of a person or an activity taking place within the building.

Marmoleum Concrete 3733_Marmoleum Fresco 3251
Moodboard receiving_Marmoleum Concrete 3760


The theme Receiving describes the scenario of a person entering a building, making a transition from the outdoors to the indoors. A space where one should feel welcome and which is accessible and transparent as first impressions are key.

This is the area of the building that should clearly represent the ‘feel’ of the brand and meet the customer's expectations so that they feel comfortable and at home. A range of natural and neutral colours could provide the base to create a warm and welcoming ambience.


Moving represents the move towards the destination and the purpose of why someone is in a building. Getting from A to B, for example from the reception desk to the person you want to meet or the transition between departments.

Orientation is priority, so these areas should be clearly readable and offer guidance even when one is stressed. The space needs to be legible and aid with wayfinding.

Moodboard moving_Marmoleum Fresco 3883
Moodboard connecting_Marmoleum Cocoa 3587


The dynamic of a Connecting space signifies areas where you will connect with other people within a building, such as open public spaces for spontaneous interactions or semi-open spaces for dialogues or brainstorms. These areas allow for an extrovert energy boost or to give the brain time out.

Here, colours and materials can be more complicated, such as layered colour schemes with unexpected combinations, to spark interest and curiosity and to inspire thoughts.


Within the Concentrate theme, the focus is on the individual and avoiding unwelcome distractions.

It concerns secluded spaces for privacy and focus, and while concentrating, people need a muted ambiance. Therefore, colour palettes in this part of a building should be subtle and quiet.

Moodboard concentrating_Marmoleum Concrete 3759
Moodboard recharging_Marmoleum Cocoa 3585


Recharging is connected to mindfulness and describes relaxed environments where people can retreat and be themselves.

This area of the building should reflect a homely atmosphere, allowing people to refresh and recharge and enabling a sense of temporary ownership. Light and fresh shades should be used here to encourage people to take a break, breathe and escape.