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Allura LVT

Allura Flex

With tackified installation and high quality dimensionally stable tiles, Forbo Allura Flex LVT delivers answers to many of today's key issues, such as limiting downtime, re-using floors and minimising environmental impact. Allura Flex offers Allura Flex Wood, with a range of natural wood designs and Allura Flex Material , which delivers a selection of robust concretes and modern stones.

  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex Wood 60374 natural collage oak
    Allura Flex Wood

    Allura Flex Wood

    The 34 Allura Flex Wood designs offer large design freedom.

    The planks are available in 4 sizes depending on the design, including an XL plank of 150x28cm and the Hungarian Point sized format. The matt surface has a natural looking and characteristic fine wood grain with a true to life embossing. Please note the plank sizes differ by design, see the table below for sizes available in your chosen design.

    The Forbo exclusive combination of functional layers, including a strong glass fleece carrier, makes Allura Flex unprecedented in dimensional stability, strength, performance and quality. The planks are easy and quick to install using tackifier.

    MORE FROM FORBO: Have you seen our full range of Allura Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

  • 62522 natural concrete
    Allura Flex Material

    Allura Flex Material

    The Allura Flex Material collection offers interesting marbled, metal and cement textures as well as robust concretes and stones.

    The subtle colours give you design opportunities for all types of spaces. The designs are available in tiles of 50x50cm and 100x100cm. Please note the plank sizes differ by design, see the table below for sizes available in your chosen design.

About Allura Flex

Allura Flex premium loose lay tiles

Allura Flex are top quality, dimensionally stable, heterogeneous loose lay planks and tiles that are adhered with tackifier. Their tackified installation solves a range of modern challenges by as minimising valuable downtime, optimising the re-use of floors and reducing environmental impacts.

Allura Flex is made with passion for quality design and easy use.

● The 65 item range includes highly realistic Wood and Material designs and colours, all exclusive to Forbo.
● The range of sizes, including XL options and the Hungarian Point shape, means endless possibilities to create your own unique flooring solution.
● Allura Flex LVT can be installed alongside our Flotex and Tessera tile and plank ranges using the same tackifier and without any need for transition strips, enabling integrated flooring designs.

● A stable floor covering due to its functional layers which are all centered around a very strong glass fleece carrier.
● The 1mm wear layer option delivers the best possible specification for strength and durability.
● Special backing construction for improved impact sound reduction and extra comfort.

● Quick and easy installation, needing only tackifier to install the tiles for a long lasting performance.
● 100% phthalate free, very low indoor emissions and produced with 100% renewable electricity.
● At least 25% controlled recycled content in the backing; minimises the impact on the environment .

Allura Flex is made with passion and knowledge by our Forbo professionals. Watch the stories of our proud Forbo employees who tell your about their passion for creating our Allura luxury vinyl tiles

Allura Flex product construction

Technical & Environmental

Allura Technical specification

Installation, cleaning & maintenance

Installation, cleaning & maintenance

Allura Flex Loose Lay Tiles are recommended to be installed with a tackifier. Our recommended adhesive for the Flex Design collection is Eurofix Tack Plus 542. Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions for the Allura Flex collection can be downloaded below:

Forbo Allura Flex Installation Guide
Allura Flex Floor Care
Forbo Allura Guarantee Statement
Forbo Adhesive Guide

Allura Flex Installation Video

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. To visit our full Vinyl Installation and Floorcare section, please Click here

Allura Flex installation

Images & Video

Allura Images & video

Allura Flex contains a balanced range of Wood and Material designs in various plank & tiles sizes, which allows for great design possibilities. Allura LVT is also perfect to combine with other Forbo floor coverings, like Tessera carpet tiles and Flotex flocked flooring. Open the image gallery below and get inspired by the possibilities that Allura Flex loose lay tiles offer.


Brochure Downloads

If you would like to read more about Allura, please visit the Allura section in our Digital Portfolio:
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If you would like to read more about Forbo's portfolio of products please download one of the following brochure(s):
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Allura Packaging Information

Allura Packaging Information

Find out the packaging information for your chosen Allura product

As we have so many different constructions, shapes and sizes within our Allura collection, the packaging quantities per box can vary for each product.

Click below to view or download our handy Allura Packaging Guide which tells you how many pieces and m2 you can expect to receive per box, for each product.

Allura Packaging Guide