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Walk this Way

Whether you want to help your customers navigate their way or make the most of prominent display areas, your chosen floor design can play a crucial role in guiding your customers around any store.

From creating natural flowing walkways to making an eye catching or unique feature, Forbo's diverse portfolio will make sure your flooring makes an impact on your customers.

Eternal Concrete 13022


Extraordinary Design and Exceptional Performance

Our Eternal general purpose vinyl collection offers a range of beautiful floor coverings guaranteed to stand up to the demands of a busy retail environment.

The high tech PVC wearlayer and PUR Pearl finish ensure easy cleaning so your Eternal floor will stay looking good for years to come.

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A new era in homogeneous vinyl

Sphera,Forbo's new homogeneous vinyl collection, is a great flooring choice for use in the retail sector as not only is it extremely durable but it also has a SMART-top surface finish ensuring a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains. It's also 100% phthalate free and has very low emissions helping to ensure a healthy environment for shoppers.

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Sphera Evolution 50441 & 50475
Marmoleum Modular


The Most Sustainable Resilient Floor

With over 160 colours to choose from in the Marmoleum sheet collection, whether you are looking for a subtle marble or a modern take on striated linear design, our palette is sure to provide the perfect backdrop to your store design.

To make a statement with your floor our new Marmoleum Modular collection offers the opportunity to create your own bespoke floor design by simply mixing and matching different colours and tile sizes.

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The Art of Flooring

Our Allura luxury vinyl tile collection offers a vast choice in colour, design and most importantly, performance. The flexible PUR layer ensures it can be easily maintained and keeps looking good over time, even when walked on by thousands of customers.

Due to its modular format it is possible to install Allura quickly with minimal downtime, ensuring the store can reopen after the weekend, or even the next day.

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Allura a63499 ochre + w60308 vintage oak
Flotex flocked flooring - retail


The Art of Flocking

Flotex gives you all the warmth, slip resistance and sound absorbing properties of carpet, yet it can be cleaned using standard cleaning equipment - ideal for heavy traffic areas which are put through their paces by a constant stream of shoppers.

Flotex tiles can be installed with tackifier, they provide the retailer with maximum flexibility for layout changes of the retail floor space.

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Turn Down the Volume

The floor coverings in the Forbo acoustic collection have been developed and tested to maximise impact sound reduction while meeting the needs of heavy traffic shopping areas.

Forbo acoustic flooring contributes to lowering noise disturbance within a building in a number of ways. The result is a more comfortable environment.

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Sarlon Topography
Digital Print

Bespoke Digitally Printed Flooring

Vinyl & Flotex

Bespoke Digital Print is a revolutionary printed flooring for vinyl and Flotex that presents a dramatic and bespoke opportunity to create one off flooring designs that are focal points for stores.

Choose from thousands of images that are licensed and ready to be reproduced or design your own floor. Whatever the type, size, scale or complexity of design, our Digital Print delivers pin sharp and vivid images as a result of 6 colour, 600dpi (high resolution) digital printing.

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