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Cleanroom flooring

In ISO standard cleanroom environments in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and manufacturing industries, airborne particles can be a major source of contamination. Not only can they cause yield loss, the particles can also lead to corrosion and product degradation. ISO standards and cGMP regulations for air purity require complaince by presenting consistent results that can be verified on a regular basis. Because of these requirements, we recommend our Colorex and Sphera SD/EC ranges. Suitable products are Colorex SD, Colorex EC, Colorex Plus EC, Sphera SD and Sphera EC.

Sphera EC 450036 water

Sphera SD | EC homogeneous vinyl

Sphera SD | EC is our homogeneous vinyl collection with conductive properties in sheet format. The collection is specifically designed to control static discharges and particles in the most sensitive environments.

Available in both SD and EC perfomance options, Sphera SD | EC ensures the highest hygienic properties and provides permanent ESD control.

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To complement this collection our standard Sphera homogeneous vinyl adds character and style to floors across numerous applications where ESD functionality is not required.. Whether in demanding, hygienic healthcare environments, in flexible, multi-purpose modern public buildings or in education facilities and offices where durability and colour are key.
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Sphera SD 550000 550049


Ideal for cleanrooms
Colorex satisfies the strictest requirements for particle release behaviour, helping to reduce any threat of contamination. What’s more, following a comprehensive programme of testing, its suitability in ISO standard cleanroom applications has been certified by the renowned Fraunhofer IPA Institute in Germany
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Colorex certification

The cleanroom suitability certification of Colorex actually consists of two independent qualifications:

The CSM qualification, which defines the suitability of Colorex EC for a specific cleanroom class, based on particle release and outgassing behaviour. This is the main qualification for pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

The TESTED DEVICE certification, where the action of chemical and biological stresses on Colorex EC, as well as its decontamination capabilities, have been assessed. This test series will be typically dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, to life science applications and to healthcare in general.

CSM stands for Cleanroom Suitable Materials. CSM is an industry alliance that was initiated by the Fraunhofer IPA institute in 2003. The CSM alliance develops testing methods based on international standards dedicated to assess and validate the cleanroom suitability of anything that is used or is entering a cleanroom environment. Today, some 30 leading names of the contamination control industry worldwide are part of the alliance. Forbo Flooring Systems joined the CSM alliance in 2009.

The qualification highlights of Colorex EC are:

● Airborne particle emission test and cleanroom suitability (ISO 14644-1)
● Outgassing analysis and classification (ISO 14644-8)
● Adhesion of micro-organisms
● Assessment of microbial metabolic potential (ISO 846)
● Chemical resistance (ISO 2812-1)
● Cleanability rating (VDI guideline 2083 Pat 4)
● cGMP classification complying to Class A