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Safety First

In care facilities, slip resistance is of paramount consideration in areas where water or spillages could affect safety underfoot. For residents, using bathroom facilities without worrying about slipping will provide peace of mind.

Our Step wetroom and Flotex ranges significantly reduce the risk of slips in wet areas whilst still creating a modern, fresh interior.

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NHS Fife Victoria Hospital

Surestep Laguna

Barefoot and Footwear Areas

Combining functionality with beautiful design, Surestep Laguna is available in a fresh, contemporary palette. Surestep Laguna was developed specifically for barefoot and footwear use and is also suitable for wheelchair use.

Typical areas include changing rooms and bathrooms.

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Safestep Aqua

Barefoot and Soft Soled Shoe Areas

The modern, organic design with a new and unique embossing is designed for barefoot and soft soled shoe areas and is also suitable for wheelchair use. Safetstep Aqua is proven to be safe and comfortable underfoot.

Typical areas include wetrooms and hydrotherapy areas.

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Flotex Stone 010048


Bionic Flooring Performance

Flotex can be used for en-suite bathrooms that require a more homely feel. 100% rot and water proof it can withstand the daily rigours of areas which are subject to water spillages while inhibiting odours.

Available in wood and stone designs to help create a more personal interior.

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