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Marmoleum in Commercial Offices

Commercial offices

Flooring solutions for commercial offices

Marmoleum is a beautiful, sustainable solution for modern offices that are revitalising their office flooring. Installed in iconic buildings in the UK and all over the world, Marmoleum provides the foundation for high-quality design and healthy indoor environments.

Marmoleum Modular, our linoleum plank and tile range, is ideal for office environments. Easy to store and install, Marmoleum Modular allows you to create individual and stunning floor designs.

Our Bulletin Board and Furniture Linoleum ranges co-ordinate to provide an attractive, yet practical solution for furniture, walls, cupboards and worktops.

✔ Natural raw materials
✔ Phthalate & PVC free
✔ Allergy UK approved
✔ Low emission
✔ Tile & plank options

A commercial office Marmoleum flooring solution from Forbo

Natural raw materials

Marmoleum is a flooring product made primarily from renewable natural resources. The top layer is linoleum, a bio-based, ecologically produced material made from 97% natural raw materials.

The craft of manufacturing linoleum has evolved over the last 150 years. Forbo has been driving this development through its Marmoleum brand. Making Marmoleum is an art, which is not learned at any trade or craft school. In fact, only a handful of people know how to make Marmoleum.

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raw materials

Marmoleum collections

A natural winner! Our Marmoleum floor coverings are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Discover the natural beauty of Marmoleum with over 300 colours and designs, ranging from marbled to linear and concrete, available in sheet, planks and tiles.

Discover our Marmoleum collections

Commercial offices

CO2 Neutral (without offset)

Improve the world, start with the floor. The weighted average of our Marmoleum product range is CO2 neutral (cradle to gate) - without offsetting.

Marmoleum combines ecological values with contemporary design and offers an important contribution to a sustainable world.

Discover why marmoleum is CO2 neutral (from cradle to gate)

CO2 neutral

Installation & Floor Care

Marmoleum is made to last. Through our installation and floorcare section, we aim to help you with your upcoming Marmoleum installations. Our installation and floorcare pages have comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and installation advice along with a series of YouTube video guides.

More information about installation & floorcare
Marmoleum FAQs

Cleaning marmoleum

Design & Inspiration

Marmoleum has over 300 colours across a variety of designs and formats. The blend of colours and designs offer the versatility to combine with other Forbo products.

View our latest Marmoleum projects, or visualise your ideas using our interactive FloorVisualizer.

Marmoleum design & inspiration
Marmoleum projects


Creating better environments

Inline with our sustainability strategy, we use various transparent certification systems from independent third parties (worldwide) to have our floor coverings regularly checked and evaluated.

Marmoleum has multiple characteristics that contribute to a healthy indoor environment. Through our flooring solutions, it is our ambition to make a positive contribution to your health and wellbeing.

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Acoustic Marmoleum

Acoustic Linoleum

The best way to reduce sound is at the source. Acoustic floors have an important contribution to make in reducing noise in buildings. Our acoustic linoleum floors create a healthy environment by combining sustainability with excellent sound reduction properties.

Acoustic - Turn down the volume

"Poor acoustics equals 24 absenteeism days per year."

Acoustic Linoleum

Our acoustic linoleum floors create a healthy environment by combining sustainability with excellent sound reduction properties. We offer 2 acoustic linoleum solutions:

Marmoleum Decibel
Marmoleum Decibel provides an impact sound reduction of 18dB. It is 2.5 mm Marmoleum laminated onto a 1 mm layer of polyolefin foam. Marmoleum Decibel is available in 27 colors from the Marmoleum Marbled and Marmoleum Solid collection.
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Marmoleum Acoustic
Marmoleum Acoustic has a total thickness of 4mm and reduces impact sound by 14dB. It is a twinlayer linoleum built up from 2mm of Marmoleum and 2mm Corkment backing and is available in 6 colours. Using Marmoleum Acoustic reduces installation costs as it can be installed in one go, avoiding the need to first lay Corkment and the Marmoleum.
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How does it work?

The best way to reduce sound is at the source. That’s why acoustic floors are key when it comes to reducing noise in buildings.

Sound is generated by almost all everyday activity. Impact sound is generated by traffic contacting the floor surface. The floor is therefore also the main area where acoustic performance can be influenced.

Impact sound made on the floor in 1 room is transmitted through the floor into rooms below. To measure the impact sound reduction achieved by a floor covering, impact noise is generated with a hammer machine directly onto a concrete floor slab in an emission room and the sound level (S1) is recorded in the reception room below.

The floor covering is then laid onto the concrete slab, and the same impact noise is made on the floor covering, and the new sound level (S2) is recorded. The impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) is the difference, measured in decibels, between the 2 sound levels recorded.

The impact sound reduction of Forbo's acoustic project vinyl and linoleum floors varies from 14 to 19 dB.

Sarlon acoustic flooring