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Marmoleum - Topshield Pro

A new surface finish for Marmoleum

When it comes to sustainability, design and functionality, Marmoleum is second to none – and it just got even better.

Marmoleum flooring installed in a museum and art gallery

3x better - A stronger floor

Marmoleum with Topshield pro is the ultimate flooring in many ways. The improved surface finish, developed with the latest technologies and based on our years of experience, maintains the appearance of Marmoleum for longer and enables easier cleaning. With the latest innovative step from Topshield 2 to Topshield pro, we can proudly say that Marmoleum is the best natural floor.

What makes Marmoleum with Topshield pro 3x better?

Better wear resistance - Our thicker surface finish makes Marmoleum even more resistant to wear, ensuring greater design appearance retention for longer.

Better stain resistance - The new and improved surface finish technology makes Marmoleum even more resistant to stains, to evolve with the changing requirements such as the use of hand disinfectants in many places.

Better cleaning & maintenance - The innovative application and the improved surface of Marmoleum with Topshield pro ensures uniform and consistent protection for your floor. As a result, the surface is less susceptible to dirt build-up and is easier to clean.

The core of an improved surface finish

Our floor finish features a unique two-layer system and therefore can be repaired or refreshed in cases of damage or after years of use, delivering long-lasting performance over time. It has been designed to create a ‘ready to use’ floor that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application.

A two-layer system is the norm in many industries to ensure superior performance.; for example when painting wood or metal, a primer is first used to ensure the durability of the top coat. In a similar way, the Topshield pro primer bonds with the linoleum surface, creating an initial protection layer. The second layer of Topshield pro is applied to create function where it belongs giving a tough, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent finishing layer.

Images showing Topshield pro surface finish compared to standard linoleum surface finish

Topshield pro - Extensively tested

Marmoleum with Topshield pro is the ultimate flooring choice. This has been tested thoroughly; both in our own laboratory, in practice and with external experts. We test the floors to the limit, simulating situations that would almost certainly not happen in real life – but to assess the floors' level of resilience. In this case, we compare the well-proven Topshield pro against the new finish of Topshield pro.

Wear resistance

In our wear test, we discovered that sanding Topshield 2 50 times gave the same result as sanding Topshield pro 150 times. This shows a 3x better performance.

Topshield 2 was already good and Topshield pro is even better.

Stain resistance

As the world changes we continue to innovate our products, raising the bar each time. For example, nowadays we see a wide use of hand sanitizers across all public buildings. The exposure time for the stain resistance test is traditionally 30 minutes and 2 hours. However, we tested Topshield Pro for 24 hours and 96 hours, using several brands of hand sanitizers. After cleaning, Marmoleum with Topshield pro did not show any remaining stains. Proving that Topshield pro has excellent stain resistance.

Real-life testing

In addition to laboratory tests, Marmoleum with Topshield pro is also tested in day-to-day settings. For this Marmoleum with Topshield pro and other products in the linoleum, rubber and homogeneous vinyl categories are compared to see how the new finish performs. An example of such a test is a primary school classroom where a patchwork floor has been installed and used for almost a year.

The test results reflect the positive findings in the laboratory and show that Topshield pro performs best when it comes to wear, stain resistance and cleanability.

External testing

TÜV is an expert laboratory in building technology and has conducted testing to verify our findings by means of simulating floor damaged caused by furniture legs.

Again Marmoleum with Topshield pro comes out as best. The test shows performance under laboratory conditions and is done for comparison reasons only. In practice many more factors can influence the result.

Download wear test report
Download furniture leg test report

Why choose Marmoleum?

Marmoleum with Topshield pro:

✔ Has a proven performance - with millions of square meters installed all over the world.

✔ Is health-conscious – Marmoleum with Topshield pro has anti-bacterial properties, is Allergy UK approved, has low emissions and is free from toxics and plastics.

✔ Contains no chemicals. No wax or polish needed to ensure optimal appearance for years.

✔ Is resistant to water even during long exposure, without the need for welding.

✔ Has superior hygiene properties - Bacteria such as MRSA cannot grow on the surface of Marmoleum, making it naturally bacteriostatic.

✔ Is durable and has a great appearance – The hard-wearing surface ensures easy cleaning.

Checklist Marmoleum - EN

Better for longer

While Marmoleum with Topshield pro is designed to keep its appearance, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines that will help maintain the beauty of your floor for longer. When you consider all elements of the triangle, Marmoleum with Topshield pro will do the rest.

Cleaning and maintenance
One element of the triangle is ‘cleaning and maintenance’. When you take care of your floor and clean it when necessary, it will stay beautiful for longer without the need for wax or polymer. Good cleaning & maintenance will save time and money. Topshield pro also reduces the need to use chemicals and harsh cleaning agents.

Entrance systems
Installing a Nuway or Coral entrance system is fundamental to modern building design. Not only can it prevent up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture from being tracked in, thereby prolonging the life of interior floor coverings, but it can also reduce the time spent cleaning your interior floor coverings by up to 65%

Furniture protection
Using the right furniture leg protection for tables and chairs will safeguard your floor at all times. Applying protection to the base of your furniture will help retain the appearance of your floor for longer.

Choice of colour and pattern
The design and even the colour of your chosen floor covering can influence its appearance over time. For example, in a school with heavy footfall and little time for cleaning, it is recommended to use a Marmoleum floor covering with a stronger design in softer tones.