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The Flotex Floral flocked flooring collection contains floral designs ranging from abstract, graphic flower motifs to romantic images of roses and butterflies. We even offer some floral interpretations of the world famous painter Van Gogh.

Forbo's high definition printing technology enables you to create the wellbeing benefits of natural environments and contributes to more engaging and healthier interior spaces.

Each design is available in various colour combinations.
To view examples of Floral designs installed in various applications such as schools, offices and leisure facilities, or to order samples please visit our Flotex digital library


Flotex Floral

    Technical & Environmental

    Flotex Wonderlab

    Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

    Flotex Installation & floorcare

    Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions for the Flotex flocked flooring range can be downloaded below:

    Flotex Sheet Installation Guide
    Flotex Floor Care
    Flotex range guarantee statement
    Forbo Adhesive Guide

    Forbo also offers a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. To visit our full Installation and Floorcare section, please click here

    Click here to watch our ‘Clean and Care’ video to see how a floor was quickly and simply cleaned to look just like a new floor:
    Flotex Cleaning & Maintenance Video

    Click here to watch our 'Installation' video:
    Flotex Installation Video

    Click here to watch our 'Repair' video:
    Flotex Repair video

    Flotex installation instructions

    Soiling classification

    Flotex soiling classification

    In circumstances where the design of the entrance system is inadequate for the level of traffic or unsuited to the type of soiling entering the building, dirt and moisture may be carried onto the surface of the interior floor covering.

    Hiding dirt
    Flotex is able to 'hide' soiling to a greater or lesser degree depending on its colour and design. Using objective testing methods, we have graded each of the Flotex designs on their ability to hide 'general' dirt. The result of this testing is a soiling classification, which is shown alongside each product reference number.

    Soiling behaviour - appearance rate

    Images & video

    Flotex Floral images and videos

    Here you can find a couple of photos of the Flotex Floral designs and videos with more information about custom flooring and Flotex flocked flooring.