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FAQ - Recyling and end of life

Recycling and end of life. We believe in not just providing durable and sustainable flooring solutions but also ensuring that they have a responsible end of life. On this FAQ page, you will find information about the recycling and end-of-life options for our flooring products. If you don't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

Which of your products are adhesive free?

Truly adhesive-free (also, no tackifier advised): Coral Click, Modul’up, Allura Flex, Allura puzzle, Allura click, Colorex Plus, Enduro Click, Colorex Plus, and Marmoleum Click. Eternal de Luxe and Surestep Fast Fit can be adhesive-free within clear boundaries. See our fast flooring solutions here

What is your vision or future target regarding adhesive-free?

We aim to have adhesive-free in all of our product categories (textile, vinyl, and linoleum) so that every customer has a choice.

What is your recycling target or vision for the future?

We would like to have a minimum of 20% recycled content in all our products , in accordance with our sustainability program. We would also are setting up take-back schemes for installation cut-offs for all our products. Our best performing product today is Tessera Create Space with a stunning 75% recycled content.

Do you have any take-back or recycling programmes in place? Can you guarantee the take-back of my newly purchased flooring?

We have various takeback schemes in our "Back to the Floor" program. The extent to which these programmes are active depends on the local organizations; some have had a take-back programme for years, whereas others have just recently started.

Please contact your local sales organization for information on country-specific take-back programs and agreements on take-back of recently or newly purchased floorings.

What are you doing with the take-back material?

We have multiple repurposing options for our taken-back material and are exploring more and more options. Unfortunately, recycling material back into our own products is not always possible. Current solutions include:
• Recycling in our own products (Our preference. After takeback, the material is sorted).
• Recycling in other products by collaborating with external partners.
• Recycling materials as filler in other industries (For example, in the cement industry).

If no other solution is available, we bring the material to environmental partners who generate as much energy out of the waste as possible.

Do you recycle samples and/or sample books?

We are currently investigating how we can take back sample books and recycle them. However, sample books are made of cardboard with our products glued on. For proper recycling, the three should be separated and recycled separately. At the moment, we do not have a proper recycling process in place, but we would like to encourage you to send back any sample books that are no longer needed.

Please also return any old samples that you might have, so that we can either reuse them or recycle them.