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IMO Tested & Approved Marine Flooring

For cruise, passenger ferries, river boats and offshore facilities, one of the most difficult areas in which to maintain a high standard of appearance is the flooring.

The flooring material sets the tone for the overall look and feel of a vessel with many criteria influencing the specification including aesthetics, durability, maintenance and the requirement of IMO/MED certification. Add to this other performance requirements such as slip resistance, sound absorption, comfort, anti-static properties, cleanability and it becomes obvious why flooring choice is a complex one.

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Coral Marine FR - IMO certified entrance flooring

Coral Marine FR Entrance & Corridor Flooring

Coral Marine FR entrance & corridor floor covering
Effective entrance flooring stops dirt and moisture being tracked on board. By removing wet and dry soiling from the soles of shoes and wheel treads, an effective entrance system reduces premature wear and tear to interior floor coverings, minimizes cleaning and maintenance costs and protects passengers by reducing slip hazards. Coral Marine FR is an IMO/MED certified textile entrance system.

• Stops up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture
• Excellent dirt storage/soil hiding
• All 8 references stocked for quick dispatch

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Flotex FR Flocked Flooring

Flotex FR is a unique, textile, flocked floor covering, combining the cleaning properties and durability of a resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textile flooring. Flotex Vision FR is the HD digitally printed collection that allows for large endless pattern repeats and vivid lifelike colours.

• Fully IMO tested and approved & Lloyds Register approved
• Lightweight at approximately 1225g/m²
• Excellent acoustic properties up to 22 dB
• Bespoke design service
• Easy to clean/ Quick drying
• Cut to size/shape option

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Flotex FR Marine