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IMO Certified Marine Flooring

For cruise & passenger ferry operators and offshore facilities, one of the most difficult areas in which to maintain a high standard of appearance is flooring. The sheer volume of intense traffic and IMO certification are the key determining factors when specifying a floor covering. Below are three recommended flooring products specifically suited to the marine environment.

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Marine Flotex FR Image
Westbond FR - IMO certified carpet tiles

Westbond FR IMO Carpet Tiles

Westbond FR is an IMO certified carpet tile range synonymous with quality and offers great warmth, comfort and acoustic benefits. Available in 144 colours, Westbond FR can be custom designed by flexing different colours together and is well suited to many marine environments including cabins, restaurants, offices and lounge/recreation areas.

• Fully compliant with IMO marine standards
• 50cm x 50cm tile format for easy installation and replacement
• Design flexibility to suit all interior design schemes
• Custom colours and designs
•Offers warmth and underfoot comfort

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Download the Westbond FR technical specification
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Flotex FR IMO Flocked Flooring

Flotex FR - IMO is a flocked floor covering designed to fully meet the requirements of IMO Resolution MSC 61(67): Annex 1: Part 2 and IMO Resolution A.653 (16) as amended by IMO Resolution MSC 61(67): Annex 1: Part 5

• Nylon 6.6 ensures high durability
• Hygienic
• Easy to clean; easy soil removal due to short nylon fibres
• Bacteriostatic
• Improved indoor air quality
• Slip resistant
• Custom design

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Download Flotex FR Technical Specification
Download IMO Declaration of Conformity for Flotex FR
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Flotex FR - Marine IMO flooring

Coral T32 FR Entrance Flooring

Coral T32 meets all the fire safety standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for products used in seagoing vessels.

Yarn and backing systems have been developed to meet the stringent smoke toxicity and low flame spread standards required to achieve the IMO "Wheelmark".

As a result, Coral T32 FR can be used with confidence in cruise liners, passenger ferries, charter boats and other seagoing vessels, in addition to offshore facilities where the "Wheelmark" classification is required.
View the Coral T32 FR range
Download the Coral T32 FR Technical Specification
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Coral T32 FR - IMO Compliant Entrance Flooring