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iGov Survey on Hard FM Services in the NHS

In order to ensure that we focus our efforts on the areas that help our public sector clients deliver their hard FM services, we partnered with BiP to undertake an iGov survey.

Over 50 Hospitals, NHS trusts and healthcare providers were included in this survey.

The survey explored:
• How important hard FM is within the NHS and healthcare
• The challenges faced when delivering hard FM services
• How organisations are currently managing Hard FM

The key findings are shown below.
To read the full report just click here
Forbo iGov survey FM

igov survey FM services 2019 UK
80% of respondents considered well-being a high priority for FM solutions

Importance of well-being

80% of respondents said that when considering a solution for hard FM services, well-being was a high priority,

Forbo understands the importance of health & wellbeing within the healthcare sector and our product portfolio is designed with these two factors in mind. A high standard of employee comfort and wellbeing means optimised productivity.

Read our whitepaper 'How the Design of the Workplace Influences well-being and Productivity'.
Forbo Flooring Office Whitepaper

Forbo has partnered with Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), an international centre which draws on 25 years of global research and practice, to identify which products in our portfolio can contribute to improving the quality of life for people with dementia. For more information visit:
Designing for Dementia

63% of respondents gave speed of installation a high priority

Minimising disruption

63% of respondents said that when considering a solution for hard FM services, speed of installation and minimised disruption was a high priority

That's why we've recently introduced our Fast Fit collection of genuinely adhesive-free products, perfect for the healthcare sector.

The range includes entrance products and interior flooring ranges in sheet, tile and plank format for maximum flexibility. Quick, easy and economical, this collection can reduce installation time by over 50% saving you valuable downtime.
To find out more visit
Forbo's Fast Fit collection

71% of respondents cited minimising slip risks as a high priority

Minimising slip risks

When asked specifically about health and safety issues surrounding floor coverings, 71% cited minimising slip risks.

Forbo offers three key collections to help keep staff, visitors and patients safe and sound. Firstly, there are our entrance system ranges of Coral and Nuway. They can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture entering a building helping to reduce slips. Forbo's Entrance Flooring Solutions

Our Step safety vinyl floor coverings have guaranteed lifetime slip resistant performance and offer safety solutions for a wide range of applications.
Forbo's Step Safety vinyl and wetroom coilection

Finally, our Fast Fit collection is adhesive-free so there are no lingering aromatics from the flooring installation.
Forbo's Fast Fit adhesive free collection

35% of respondents stated that sustainability was a high priority

How important is Sustainability?

The answer, according to our respondents is that 35% considered it a high priority in terms of hard FM solutions.

Forbo has an extensive range of policies and actions which help us in our mission of Creating Better Environments. We are also aware of our social responsibilities as one of a small number of companies in the UK who have SA8000 accreditation, This standard is one of the world's pre-eminent social standards and helps to protect workers along each step of the supply chain

To find out more, just click here Creating Better Environments