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Housing Blog

Practical tips and guidance on how flooring can help you control Covid 19 Click Here

  • Sanitising Flooring

    From Covid-19

    Surestep Laguna 181482 Greige
  • As we deal with the ever-changing landscape, Garry Bateman, Head of Technical Services at Forbo Flooring Systems, provides some practical advice on how you can safely clean and sanitise floor coverings within domestic, commercial and healthcare environments; the significance of which has evolved tenfold since the coronavirus outbreak. Read the full article

  • Design Collective

    Behind the "Living" Experience

    MIX Design Collective
  • A celebration of cutting-edge commercial interiors, for the latest MIX Design Collective event, we partnered with workspace and residential interior design consultants, Basha-Franklin, who meticulously designed the ‘Living’ experience. We chatted to Associate, Olivia Hrojevic, to find out more about the immersive space....Read the full article

  • Compact Living

    FX Magazine Roundable

    Allura Decibel 8WAU01 Pale Authentic Oak 3SL01 Mortar Slabstone
  • After teaming up with FX at the end of last year at our London Showroom in Clerkenwell, the magazine brought together experts from across architecture and design to consider the challenges and opportunities of compact living, and whether the concepts of ‘luxury’ and ‘space’ are forever intertwined .Read the full article

  • From the Ground Up

    Surface Regularity

    Installing sheet linoleum
  • The appearance, performance and durability of an installed floor covering will be determined to a large extent by the quality of the prepared subfloor and the conditions in which it is laid. Garry Bateman, our Technical Manager, discusses the importance of surface regularity in ensuring a flawless finish. read the full article

  • April 2020

    World Safety & Health Day

    Safestep R11 174922 & Surestep Wood 18802
  • As April marked the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, this blog takes an opportune moment to explore the topic of safety flooring – considering one third of all major workplace injuries are from slips and falls. Here we explain how to ensure you choose a sustainable and genuine safety flooring.
    read the full article

  • Global Recycling Day

    March 2020

    Global Recycling Day blog
  • On Global Recycling Day (18th March 2020), we look at why it is so crucial to recycle and what the flooring industry can do to help reduce unnecessary waste of natural resources. Read the full article

  • Keeping It Quiet

    PRS/BTR Sector

    Allura Decibel 8WAU01 Pale Authentic Oak 3SL01 Mortar Slabstone
  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities, whether that is at school, at work, at home or during leisure time. Getting the acoustic comfort right in PRS is therefore paramount, after all, unwanted noise pollution could lead to countless complaints, poor sleep quality and the risk of losing tenants. read the full article

  • Making a Statement

    PRS/BTR Sector

    Time Inc Forbo Flotex HemingwayXForbo
  • In today’s competitive economic environment, the PRS/BTR sector is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. In this blog Julie Haake, our Key Account Manager for the PRS & BTR sector takes a look at how the recent advancements in digital printing technologies will enable designers to push the boundaries. read the full article

  • Private Rental

    Sustainable Spaces in PRS

    Flax plants used in the production of Marmoleum
  • With the Private Rental Sector increasingly asking for more ‘green’ buildings, Julie Haake, our Key Account Manager for the PRS/BTR sector looks at how manufacturers are striving to do as much as possible to help designers, architects, contractors and property developers to make more responsible choices when it comes to interior building products.Read the full article here

  • Private Rental

    Improving Occupant Wellbeing

    Flotex flocked flooring in bedroom
  • On average we are spending around 90% of our time indoors, with 65 per cent of this time said to be spent at home. As part of our "Floored It" blog series Julie Haake, Key Account Manager for the Private Rental/Build to Rent Sector, looks at the various environmental factors which can have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants.
    read the full article

  • CO2 Neutral

    A Conscious Choice - March 2019

    Marmoleum Splash
  • With slow progress being made on the Paris climate agreement, Mark Bauer, Environmental Specialist at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains why we should all be striving to make a conscious choice when it comes to choosing building and interior products – as well as taking a closer look at the difference between carbon offsetting and carbon neutral manufacturing. Read the full article

  • Flocked Flooring

    The Proven Cleanability Benefits

    Flotex Colour Planks
  • With a combination of performance attributes that is hard to beat, flocked floor coverings have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, thanks to advances in technology. As part of our "Floored It" blog series, we look at the versatile floor covering and demonstrate how it offers an unrivalled cleanability compared to other constructions of flooring. Read the full article

  • iQ Accommodation

    Fly Forbo 2018/19

    iQ student accommodation Tessera Layout and Outline
  • We chat to last year’s recipient of the Highly Commended award, Lisa Green, Director of Maxwell Green Design Ltd, to find out more about the iQ Hammersmith project, where she injected a new lease of life into the student accommodation block with the help of our floor coverings.

    read the full blog article

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