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Bespoke Design Service

Our bespoke design services put you front and centre when it comes creating a unique interior.

Whether creating impactful entrances with your own logos, printing intricate cut-out motifs and images, or even creating your very own design, Forbo can guide you through the whole process.

To get a flavour of what we can offer: take a look at our Forbo Bespoke Design Brochure

A variety of our flooring solutions offer bespoke printing capabilities, so read on to find out more about what we can do for you.

Estonian Museum of National History - Eternal digital print
Hotel Le Normandy - France Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision

The perfect blend, offering the comfort and warmth of a carpet coupled with the durability and cleanability of a resilient floor covering, our Flotex flocked flooring is the perfect textile substrate for digital printing.

With over 70 million nylon fibres per m2, image resolution is as sharp as a pin and the possibilities are endless; from maps and logos to children's drawings, far off galaxies or deep ocean beds miles under the sea.

Digitally Printed Vinyl

Modern day digital printing capabilities mean that almost any image or design can be replicated on a variety of our vinyl flooring solutions, from our hard wearing Eternal general purpose vinyl, to our Step safety vinyl, all with the same durable surface protection layers to ensure product performance is retained.

Urgent Care Centre
Coral Logo Ammonite Hotel

Entrance Flooring Systems

Our Coral and Nuway entrance products make a lasting impression. Both can be cut to create inset logos or designs, while Coral can also be printed - perfect for your more intricate designs.

Marmoleum Aquajet

Thanks to the unique properties of Marmoleum, its cutting-edge manufacturing process and natural ingredients, Marmoleum is a CO2 neutral product*. Aquajet water cutting technology makes it possible to reproduce the most intricate designs using Marmoleum, supporting limitless creativity.

*The weighted average of our Marmoleum product range is CO2 neutral (cradle to gate) without offsetting.