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See how you can place an order with ForbOnline in 60 seconds!

With ForbOnline you really can access Any floor. Anytime. Anyplace.

In our quick demonstration video you can see how simple it is to check stock and place an order, all without picking up a phone!

Register for your free ForbOnline account today!

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Any floor.

With ForbOnline there are multiple ways to find the product you want.

You can search by direct input or by colour, gauge, length, width or delivery format.

All the information and imagery you need is brought together on one screen so you don’t have to flick through brochures or sample books to cross check details.

We’ve provided handy prompts too, alerting you to alternative product versions, appropriate flooring accessories and ‘add-ons’ you might want to consider.


ForbOnline is available 24/7 and accessible via any internet enabled device.

So, no more waiting for the Customer Service team to arrive at their desks in the morning, no more time consuming phone calls or being put on hold, you can now do everything yourself with just a few clicks of a mouse (or taps on the screen, if using a mobile phone or tablet!).

ForbOnline checking stock
ForbOnline anyplace


Provided you are using an internet enabled device, ForbOnline will give you instant access to your account whenever or wherever you need.

So if you're out of the office and need to check if a product is in stock or you're wanting to place an order over the weekend, with ForbOnline you can!

Want more information?

If you're after some more information on ForbOnline before registering, you can call your usual Customer Services contact.

They'll be more than happy to talk you through the system and help you register your ForbOnline account over the phone.

Register in under a minute!

Provided you are an existing account customer you can register for a ForbOnline today.

The only details we require are your Forbo Account Number and a few basic contact details.

Once registered, you'll receive your very own personal link to ForbOnline and you're ready to go!

Make your life easier today with ForbOnline.