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Nuway Connect

Nuway Connect’s highly versatile roll-up single sided entrance system makes it easy to shape on site, meaning it’s ideal for awkwardly shaped entrances.

Its wide choice of inserts allow the mat to be easily adapted to individual requirements. With 5 Coral Classic inserts, colour co-ordination is easy. Matching Coral Classic sheet product is used in the secondary matting zone.

• The three elements - Coral, bristles and Ultragrip rubber - are mix and matchable to help you create an entrance system precisely designed to meet your needs.

• Open construction Connect mats are rollable for easy cleaning



Nuway Connect

A flexible, single sided entrance mat, Nuway Connect lets you mix and match from a choice of four inserts.

For more information please download the EFS brochure

For samples of Nuway connect, please call 0800 731 2369

Nuway Connect

Where to use?

Location, level and type of traffic will dictate your choice of product. Nuway Connect suits very heavy traffic entrances, for example. For entrances where high point loading or intense traffic is common, Forbo’s Tuftiguard or Tuftiguard HD ranges might be more suitable.

Nuway Connect is suitable for very heavy traffic areas

Internal or external entrances

Matting sited outside will protect against soil and coarse foot borne dirt. Inside, it will protect against foot-borne moisture and fine dirt particles. Nuway Connect is suitable for internal and external entrances depending on choice of insert.

Nuway Connect


As a single sided mat, Nuway Connect cannot be reversed to allow both sides to be used, unlike our Tuftiguard ranges.

Nuway Connect is a single sided mat


With a wide choice of mixable inserts, Connect can be adapted to suit individual needs. This includes Ultragrip rubber, bristle and Coral textile inserts. Each insert can be replaced onsite helping to extend the product’s wear-life. Connect with Coral inserts enables you to match the rigid entrance system to Coral Classic sheet and tile products to create colour-coordinated entrance areas.

Nuway Cnnect is available in a wide choice of finishes

Moisture removal

Removing moisture from shoe soles is key to preventing individuals slipping on interior surfaces. Connect with Coral inserts remove more moisture than other Connect inserts.

Removing moisture is important to prevent slips


*Nuway Connect is guaranteed for 5 years, while installations by Forbo Entrance System Specialist Installers (FESSI's) come with an extended 7 year guarantee. For more information on our network of FESSI installers, please download our Forbo Entrance System Specialist Installer (FESSI) network

Nuway Connect guarantee

Technical & Environment

Technical Specifications

Document Download Centre

Here you can immediately download the following Nuway documents:
Nuway Connect Technical Specification
Nuway Connect closed construction Environmental datasheet
Nuway Connect open construction Environmental data sheet

Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Nuway, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link: Entrance Flooring Systems download centre

Technical specifications

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions Nuway entrance systems can be downloaded by clicking on the links on the right:

For complex and unusually designed entrance areas that require shaping on site, we recommend using a Forbo Entrance System Specialist Installer (FESSI). For details on our FESSI network of installers, please click here. Forbo Entrance System Specialist Installer (FESSI) network

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. To visit our full Installation and Floorcare section, please click here

Range options

Range options

All three elements of Nuway Connect, Ultragrip Rubber, Bristles and Coral Classic inserts can be mixed and matched to create the precise entrance system to meet your needs.

For more details of the variants available in our Nuway collection, please visit the Nuway section of our Product Portfolio.Just Click here

For samples of Nuway Connect, please call 0800 731 2369

Nuway Connect

Pick your insert

4 row bristle – for removal of coarse dirt. For interior and exterior use.

Ultragrip Rubber - for sure footing in multi directional entrances. For interior and exterior use. This insert has been tested using the pendulum (the HSE recommended test method) in accordance with BS7976-2 and the UK Slip Resistant Group Guidelines and offers a low slip risk in wet and dry conditions. It also offers increased underfoot comfort due to its 'pocketed' construction and has excellent fire rating properties.

Coral Classic - for removing moisture and fine dirt. For interior use only.

Nuway Connect

Mix and match your options

Every entrance has a unique environment so Connect allows you to mix and match inserts to suit your exact requirements. For areas with heavy soiling you may want to include bristle, but if the issue is mainly one of moisture, a mat that’s predominantly Coral Classic inserts may be the optimum one.

For guidance on the ideal mix, please contact our Entrance Flooring Systems Customer Service Department on 01773 740688

Nuway connect ultragrip

Choose your construction

Open – This format allows dirt to be collected in the matwell rather than the surface and is easily rollable for cleaning.

Closed – This format gives improved functionality of the entrance mat as there is a greater surface of inserts

Nuway Connect

Select your depth

The choice of height will largely be dependent on the depth of the matwell.

Due to the different construction of the 10mm depth product, there is a greater visibility of the aluminium carrier than on the other two heights

Nuway Connect

BS8300-2:2018 Section 14.2 states that both natural and artificial sources of lighting should be designed to avoid creating glare, pools of bright light and strong shadows. As with all aluminium matting systems of this type, in very brightly lit or illuminated areas,the strong contrast between light coloured aluminium scraper bars and dark wiper strips can sometimes create a strong visual contrast (and in extreme situations, a strobe effect) which should be prevented. To avoid disorientating pedestrians affected by this type of visual disturbance, consider using a less contrasting insert. If you are considering Connect for an exterior mat in an exposed entrance, we recommend using Ultragrip rubber or a combination of Ultragrip rubber and bristle for maximum slip resistance. Please contact our Entrance Flooring Systems customer service team on 01773 740 688 to ensure compatibility.

For details of Nuway frames and ramps, please visit our installation and floorcare section. Please click here